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  1. JR thanks, I got it! Go get better! No way to send the new year in on a sick note -Alan
  2. Dibble, tried sending you a message but says you can't receive any. If you could, I'd like a copy of the 4 tree faces as well along with the instructions please. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!! zingmoney8@yahoo.com -Alan
  3. Was thinking of hopping into Halloween this year. I was wondering if anyone by chance had any RGB sequences available to share (first year using them)? I was planning on using just the floods for xmas.
  4. if I could get a standard sequence as well, that'd be awesome zingmoney8@yahoo.com
  5. Sequencing sucks the life right out of ya! I tend to do them in 1 - 1.5 hour bursts a couple times a week so I don't go absolutely looney. I found that it helps quite a bit when you slowly work at it
  6. i'm in the same boat. Worked on the visualizer on a plane trip but that's about it. want to do new songs, but trying to figure out what to do is tough. I tend to try and get one or two new ones and rehash / mod old ones to work with the set-up.
  7. Will do. Can I create a strobe like effect with the 10W floods I bought? I'd imagine Shimmer or quick on and off to create the same effect, no?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Look forward to messing around with the floods
  9. https://youtu.be/CGGEX7mct2U
  10. Alright this gives me a much better idea, thanks! Can't seem to upload a picture via my phone due to size of it
  11. Oops, sorry. 8 floods @ 10W from LOR. House is a tan stucco, so I'm more curious how well it's going to work on it
  12. Looking for a little help on some sequences with RGB floods (I searched forums and everything that came up was closed topics). This is my first year with RGB floods, well RGB in general, and not really sure how to incorporate them with my show yet. Any ideas / sequences would be fantastic! Thanks in advance for your help zingmoney8@yahoo.com
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