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  1. The crank ghost is fairly waterproof except the motor - on that we simply added a small project box that limits exposure but still allows for proper cooling/airflow. We also use tulle which is significantly less absorbent (and in my opinion looks way better) than cheesecloth. Note: the tulle still does get wet and does not look very ethereal - so if you do get frequent rain i'd recommend adding a piece of thin black ABS (4' x 4') or similar material above the crank platform (if exposed) to minimize exposure. Hope that helps and thank you for the comments!
  2. Thanks guys- greatly appreciate the comments.
  3. Hi Guys, Neewby here, but wanted to post our 2014 display. Its a bit different than most as we went with more of a architectural illumination route to create mood lighting in sync with our "static" display. Subtle fades and color matching to different background music as well as control of pneumatic animations, foggers, LED spots, projectors, and motor driven effects. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks Brent The 2014 DC Cemetery <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/gMJIt_Uct1E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. We use a 110V dry contact relay from jameco. Part# is 175573. $6.95 last I checked and its as simple as taking the 2 wires from the push button (located in the remote or on the case of the fogger) and soldering them to pins 1 & 3. Run a 110V pigtail to pins 7 & 8. Plug in the 110V pigtail and your relay closes and the fogger fires. I recommend testing the wiring sequence prior to soldering by simply tapping the 2 remote/button wires together quickly. The fogger should start to spray on each tap.
  5. Im new to LOR and I think the scrubbing is a great idea. We run our 256 output animation show (google dc cemetery haunted house) using cubase and MIDI and its significantly easier to pause, enter data, and resume at the point you stoppen then the LOR software. We can also "draw" data in realtime while the show is playing which is another huge benefit. If LOR could integrate a "pause, record, and pen tool" even if its for one channel at a time I think this would be a huge improvement. Just thinking out loud here.
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