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  1. We saw this originally 6 years ago making the first version of the tree that only had 24 CCR's. When we doubled the tree to 48 CCR's we had terrible performance even with the high speed option . Separating the tree with 4 high speed networks solved the problem. Now if we go down to 3 controllers at 16 ribbons each will there be an issue? I know we use different unit ID's for each of our 48 ribbons. And the 5 networks for the tree are dedicated to the tree. That turns out to be a good thing in our situation but we still need to assign those ID's to the correct network. Looks like lots of work.
  2. Thanks for being nice! I have to do some measuring to pin down the distance from the center of the tree to the center ring. It just fits with a set of controllers 90 Degrees apart. I have a picture from the start of setup I'm trying to attach from drop box but it's not working as an attachment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ceqpc326c8eycad/2018-10-22 17.51.19.jpg?dl=0
  3. I've looked at the 12 mega tree bundles. I would need 4 of them if I'm reading things correctly to get my 48 ribbons. But with our current visualization, there are only 12 ribbons on an Aux network. That isn't that big of a concern with the old CCR's as I have 6 CCR controllers in a separate enclosure with one power supply and I daisy chain two enclosures together for the 12 ribbons per network. I have 8 enclosures fixed to the middle of the tree for the 48 ribbons. If I'm able to assign the unit ID to match the old CCR ID in the pixie controller that would help and then I would assign the 4 Aux networks we currently use to the 4 new pixie controllers and everything else should be transparent to the software. We haven't taken the plunge to version 5 yet but we are considering it. Our channel config is HUGE! with 50- 16 channel controllers, 11-4 channel controllers, 2 pixel controllers, 50-CCR Controllers, 91 LED Floods, and 2 servo Dogs.
  4. Looking at budgeting for this year and saw the original CCR's look to be obsolete. We have a very large megatree that has 24 columns (360 degree tree) with 48 CCR's. There also is a ball on top using 2 strands of bullet pixels at 50 lights per strand on the top of the tree. Each column is Approximately 40' tall with two CCR's that start in the middle of the column and extend to the top and bottom of the tree. The columns are numbered 1 through 24 top and 1-24 bot. I have an original CCR controller for each tree segment and have 12 CCR's on one Aux network. because we were told that was the maximum we could have on one network. We are using the high speed networks for this tree. The current configuration follows: Pixel Network Base ID Resolution Unit ID Mode Channel Mode | Name 1 | Aux A | 01 | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | 01 Top CCP (Globe) 1 | Aux A | 02 | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | 02 TopMid CCP (Globe) 1 | Aux A | 03 | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | 03 BotMid CCP (Globe) 1 | Aux A | 04 | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | 03 Bot CCP (Globe) 1 | Aux B | 05-10 | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | MT1 Top #01-12 (Tree) 1 | Aux C | 11 -1C | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | MT1 Top #13-24 (Tree) 1 | Aux D | 1D -28 | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | MT1 Bot #01-12 (Tree) 1 | Aux E | 29 -34 | 50 Pixels | Normal Mode | Triples | MT1 Bot #13-24 (Tree) Without having a pixie controller available to me, I'm wondering if it's possible to duplicate the networks and ID's that currently exist. We have over 20 songs in our system and not looking forward to having to resequence the songs which would be miserable. Most are done in Superstar, but there are some that are a combination of Superstar and manual edits in version 4 of the sequence editor.
  5. That's great and I use that but it is useless for bring in a stand alone sequence into a large file.I can make the placeholders in the master file and then copy the channels. No different than copying a channel into a new track....
  6. OK, since there is no clean way to merge sequences, would it be possible to select a channel's properties from one sequence and copy that channel's properties into and then paste it into a second sequence? That means copying the Channel Name, Color, Device Type, Network, Unit, and Circuit? At least that would help speed up things rather than having to manually set each value which is painfully slow. I would even be OK with adding the devices/channels in the new sequence and then be able to just copy the channel name and color. Just a thought. Greg
  7. Has there been any updates to this problem over the last 3 years? I created a "Stand Alone" sequence using 12-16 channel controllers for a new display. I would like to merge this configuration to the end of the master configuration which is HUGE containing 32-16 Channel Controllers, 48-CCR's and about 80 RGB Floods.
  8. I have a new HP Pavilion All-in-One running windows 10 Home 64-bit edition. 8 GB ram Trying to install the latest version of LOR and I keep getting the following error: Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {303994BA-6487-47AE-AF1D-7AF6088EEBDB} HRESULT: 0x800736FD I've tried running the install as admin and still will not install. This is a first time install of the software. Any suggestions?
  9. I have a similar issue. We are building a new display of Whoville this year that using 10 -16 channel controllers. I've created a separate config file for it as it only uses the regular network. Our show config uses 9 networks and I don't have all the dongles in our workshop so if put these channels into our show config, SE will not run. Besides, it takes forever to update SE with the new channels using SE. We have 48 CCR's plus 28 - 16 Channel controllers and 75 RGB spots in our current show config. Looking for a better way. It's taking me an average of 1:43 to add one channel to the config file. BTW, don't know why my version in signature is incorrect, but we're using the PRO 4.3.14
  10. I already have 3 monitors. I'm anxious to try out the floating windows! Thanks!
  11. I have a large grid and switching the screen resolution to 2400 x 1600 makes it much easier to select pixels. However when I do that the bottom half of the grid disappears and there are no scroll bars that show up. Is that possible?
  12. This would be an awesome capability and would make it much easier and efficient to manage/program using scene mode and then copy and paste the fx from ribbon to ribbon. Maybe something to consider. I find it easy to miss scenes when there may be hundreds of them in one sequence.
  13. I managed to create a visualization of our mega tree this year. It has the 8 row globe on top and then 24 CCR's on the top and then 24 CCR's on the bottom. The ribbons are center fed from the middle of the tree. The top is set edge to center and the bottom is set center to edge in the visualizer. I'm trying to create an instant sequence of a portion of the song but it only sequences the top ring and the globe. It ignores the bottom half of the tree. Any Suggestion? I have a sup and visualizer file to send as they are too big to post. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwbrgtqq80hxg1l/SS_megatree.JPG?dl=0
  14. It's a Not for Profit organization called Making Spirits Bright. Last year was our 3rd year and we raised 35 tons of food for the county food bank which is about 5 months worth...just an FYI about who we are. We also have an attitude that nothing cannot be accomplished if it isn't thought of first. You-tube search for Making Spirits Bright and you can find us. As far as the extensions go, we originally were going to use cat5 cable that that turned out to be way to brittle and unreliable when we started crimping the ends. So now we are using 18/4 OAS CMR/CL3R shielded cable. The ends are now perfect. We are using Digi-Key connectors. WM1127CT-ND Male Terminal WM1125CT-ND Female Terminal WM1847-ND 3MM 4POS Single Row Receptacle WM1857-ND 3MM 4POS Single Row Plug Male Terminals go into the Plug and the Female Terminals go into the receptacle. Pin1-Red Pin2-Green Pin3-Black Pin4-White We talked about putting some type of platform for the controllers in the middle of the tree but getting to it in case of emergency would very difficult. The outside ring at that point is about 12' in diameter and even with a bucket lift, getting between the CCR's wouldn't be feasible. Finally screwed around with the superstar and got the visualization to import correctly. Grids are very tiny so programming will be a challenge.
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