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  1. Is the Lor license for the software transferable?
  2. i had the same problem with my speakers I found that I needed to run the speakers thru an amplifier to boost the power to the speakers
  3. djg64

    lights and cords

    you can use SPT-1 or SPT-2 wire (Lamp Wire) to make your own extension cords you can purchase a plug called a vampire plug for the cord, there are people on this form that can direct you where to purchase the cord and the plugs. it is the cheapest way to go for the cords.
  4. djg64

    speaker help?

    thoes speakers will work but you have to run the speakers from a reciver.. I run a cable from my headphone plug on my computer to my reciver which supplies power to the speakers.
  5. i have the same trees (Not using do to one tree quit working) This is my first year with LOR also I am gonna take them apart because I am planning to add RGB DMX to my show next year
  6. This is my first year also I normally turned my lights on the day after thanksgiving. The wife talked me into starting the show last monday lol Reidsville NC here...I might have to stop by and check out your lights I have to make a trip to Salisbury the second week of Dec to pick up a puppy.
  7. anyone have this song sequence for 32 channels please?
  8. well lights are up and ran a few times thru the sequences to check the lighting working out good
  9. any suggestions on where to get some at?
  10. OK I am going to try my hand at DMX for next year. My question is if I purchase one of the 16 foot RGB light strips can I control all the different leds in the strip or will it all be one color I select?
  11. djg64

    copy music from cd?

    I have had no problems running mp3 format
  12. djg64

    copy music from cd?

    LOR software will use MP3 format
  13. djg64

    copy music from cd?

    try opening you dialog box for the CD drive double click the CD name so it will play it should open your media player then click the file tab and see if it will rip it then
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