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  1. Is there a new link for this? this one does not work anymore. :-(
  2. 3.490000 3.490000 B 5.963000 5.963000 B 6.759000 6.759000 B 7.593000 7.593000 B 8.424000 8.424000 B 9.258000 9.258000 B 10.091000 10.091000 B 10.919000 10.919000 B This is what I get in the beat file.
  3. Using Joel's file. It will give me timing marks for Poly, and onset, but I get an eror when I try to run the beat. thanks Grinch. Joel's program is a huge help.
  4. Got it. Got one set of timings out of it, but then started getting an error. I sent you a PM. I am going to mess with it some more, maybe it is me... And thank you Mr Storms for starting this post. It is very helpful.
  5. Number found where operator expected at - line 1, near "txt 3" (do you need to predeclare txt?) Number found where operator expected at - line 1, near "3 1" (missing operator before 1?) This is what I get when I type it in. I am putting a space before and after the 3 and after the 1 and after the >>. Which one am I not seeing properly?
  6. Joel, THat is be cool. If you could, send to me as well. ehgilman@fibrant.com
  7. Ok, when I down load the script, where do I put it? and then, It has been a very long time since I missed with HTML or DOS. What are the commands? (syntax)? Thank you..
  8. Scratch tath. I didn't see that second video until now. I got it.
  9. Thank you. Now to watch it about 5 more times so I am not so dizzy 10 minute into it... Thank god for the pause button. I am going to try this one step at a time. Also How can I get this script?
  10. ehgilman

    checking show

    I had the same thing. When I rebuilt my machine, it worked great. My show machine is a Frankenstein. Any machines that I have collected from people that said they didn't work any more, and made one good machine. Made the wife happy cause I didn't have to spend any money on a PC and it freed up the house computer for her.
  11. ehgilman@fibrant.com Please and Thank you
  12. I have a red white and blue sequence that I am running in a show. I have it set for the week. If it does not give me any problems, I will just stick with what I have until after Christmas. The new job does not allow a lot of time to be messing with it. I need to get my sequences buttoned up and ready to go before Black Friday.
  13. I am pretty comfortable with it. I am old enough that I can say Trash 80 and know what it means. back in those days it was all command promps. lol
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