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  1. I'd like a copy……barradas77@yahoo.com…thx in advance.
  2. I'd like a copy……barradas77@yahoo.com…thx in advance.
  3. Well after all the lights are up, synced to Ron's tracks.....I get the news I may deploying don't know where and don't know exactly when...but must be there before jan but guess what........the kids and the neighbours love the lights.......I hate having to defer on how much it costs but worth it.....haha....I will post vids only have 8 songs edited and can't wait to do more but time for some family time lord knows I need it
  4. Thx everyone for the help...I pm ed you Ron.
  5. Thx alot guys for the great tips and I am excited and will try and do a clean install and do the best with what I have, the wife is excited to add green next year...and you are welcome it is an honor to serve this country and its people, I had always wanted to do something like this but never home and its really hard celebrating christmas on skype...and the USO visits help but its not the same...so when my daughter saw a show on youtube she was like daddy is our house going to look like that...I was at first like ummmm I dunno then my 19 month old sat down and just grinned ear to ear I was like yep...hahah my wife was like yes!!! So I am looking forward to getting to it but I dont think my wife should handle too much (accident prone).....and I just found 80 ft of incandescent icicles...HMMM...and Max I am stationed at Mcguire in NJ and was a mechanic now turned Air Traffic controller....and yes i am hooked...started collecting money folks owed me already to get more stp and plugs.
  6. First off this is an awesome site and glad I became a member, but I have the knot in the stomach feeling in that i may have bitten off more than I can chew and need to get some experienced members insight into if i went the best route for my first year of true lighting of my home. I have never been at home for christmas consistently since I am in the USAF and always seem to deploy around OCT every other year....but now that the drawdon has happened and the addition of two little ones and a wife who loves christmas I made the plunge...but I dont know if I got the right amount of stuff. Lets break down what I have Got the LOR 32 channel with advanced software upgrade....wife's philosophy buy what you need the first time I got led red and white led icicles from holiday lights express....awesome lights by the way....11 strands per color I also purchased 5 strands of red and 5 white c'6 for outline of roof I have various lights for lawn (ie 8 led snowflakes, 3 present boxes) 3 rope lights for the windows and garage and a merry christmas sign kinda small 30 36inch candy canes to line pathway and a few netlights for the 6 hedges 500ft of spt1 and vamp plugs My de lima is I dont know if I have enough lights to do a respectable roofline run with the c6's or enough icicles to look full. It looks a little thin and may need another 11 strand run and the budget is tapped out no more lights this year (wifespeak), I can affix a pic of the home I have no idea how to setup the lights...Help ......did I just buy this just as a static this year until I could get more lights for next year....the kids are counting on me HAHA. Any help greatly appreciated!
  7. From a total noob it seems like a great idea and I like the effect especially in the chase sequence.
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