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  1. Hey y'all, I'm looking to pick up a few extra controllers for this season in case something goes wrong (which happened last year with a bad triac), and was wondering if anyone had some gen 3's or gen 2's sitting around that I could buy. PM me, or send me an email @ emailformycouponsandjunk@gmail.com (yes that is my email that I check actively). Thanks, GDesch
  2. Does anyone by any chance happen to do 5 channel drummers using drummers similar to those from Wire Frame D'Lites? Attached is a video of a 3 channel setup, where the arms alternate, I was wondering if anyone did a 5 channel setup with each arm having independence (this is how I thought of hooking them up, being a drummer I wanted them to have a true "rest" position). Either way, if someone has some sequences with drummers such as Mannheim's drummer boy that I could look at/steal timings from, I would be very appreciative.
  3. Howdy y'all, I am doing a 16x100 pixel tree with a 6 layer dumb rgb star this year, and am looking for any 16 string sequences anyone might be willing to share, preferably 16x50 which seems to be a "standard" size for a lot of people, which I can easily stretch using superstar. Any and all sequences would be appreciated. Artists who I am looking for particularly: Mannheim Steamroller Carpenters Micheal Buble TSO Ann Murray Mariah Carrey Pink Floyd I am also looking for the following specific songs Cant Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake Hot Chocolate by Tom Hanks from Polar Express Let It Go by Indina Menzel You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch My email for sending anything is emailformycouponsandjunk@gmail.com I would be happy to compensate in some way, or offer existing standard sequences I have to anyone who might want to poke through what I have collected over the years. Thanks, and have a wonderful safe lighting season, GDesch
  4. Howdy y'all, Been doing LOR for 5 years now, and am looking to add a smart pixel tree to my 2017 display, probably with 16 lines. My current setup is 10 controllers, mostly gen 3, but a few are gen 2. I guess I'm wondering what I will need in terms of network options, I am looking right now at a PixCon16 controller, but if a cheaper one would work, great! I also have heard I will need to change my network speed, and that gen 2 boards are not compatible with the 500k required speed for smart devices, I currently run my show with the black usb-rj45 adapter. Should I replace my gen 2 boards, or just run another LOR universe with the red high speed adapter? Does running another universe change how I will do programming/ visualizer? Also, I am looking at doing a "brians globe" topper, or to be specific a half globe, will I need another controller for this, or since I havent addressed all the pixels I can run with a PixCon16 can I run this off the same one? Will running off a different controller make programming easier? In terms of products, are Light-O-Rama store pixels the only pixels out there for this? Are they the most affordable? Most durable? I'm also soliciting opinions on design, attached is a picture I took today of what is currently up with my display, with basic paint drawings of the outsides of the proposed tree. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-TlpEtqEHdULVJ0LW1UZ0xMeTQ Sorry for the drive attachment, pic to large for forum's tiny attachment limit. Some info on the section, its roughly 17 feet tall, I am looking at my attachment point being below the "swirly" that will be replaced. I am wondering based off this, what should my spacing be? How should I make my strings face one way (I have seen rainyoregonchristmas's pvc jig) or should I use clips of somekind, and what as a backing? And how many pixel strings should I buy/use, one strand of 50 per "strand" or two daisy chained? Thank you to anyone who read this massive garble of text, and thank you further to anyone who responds!
  5. GDesch

    So just curious... who here is still old school?

    Old School. Dont want the frustration of CCRs . I have exactly 28 Inca bulbs in my whole show (1 inside each luminaria I got from a friend, he used them to give them the proper amount of draw so they could be dimmed, and I havent had the time to take them out and replace them with a LED plus a resistor [they each have 3 leds plus the one inca]). I dont know, with 144 channels, I dont want CCRs to steal the show (plus led strings are a lot cheaper).
  6. GDesch

    Non CCR assignments as CCR

    OOOOHHHHH!!!! I get it. So what I am wondering NOW, is how do I set specific props to specific rows? Sorry to be so needy
  7. GDesch

    Non CCR assignments as CCR

    What I mean is right now when I auto sequence, right now I am only sequencing a visualizer that has my mega tree in it. I can change the type of TCM effect done on the tree, which really leads to some great effects out of the tree. What I am wondering is if you can set different props I built in visualizer so they dont get put under a CCR/ TCM programmable effect, and some that do, if that makes any sense?
  8. GDesch

    Need help with mega tree.

    Nevermind, figured it out.
  9. Hi all, I purchased superstar sequencer for the interaction with visualizer and the auto sequencer (I know, I'm a lazy lazy man) . Anyways, I really like what it can do for my mega tree, with the sequencing effects. What I was wondering, is how do I set which prop is treated as a CCR in terms of having the ability to do effects (Ribbon Assignments to TCM)? I have 8 or so props, but I dont want all of them to have access to these transitions (because that would mean 150 more dollars I dont have in this years budget), plus I dont need it for more than 2 of my props (my mega tree and my mini tree array). My mega tree is RGBW, but with only basic light strings, and this was properly set up in visualizer as a basic 32 channel mega tree, if that helps. Thanks, GDesch
  10. I was wondering if anyone might have a schematic for the CTB16PCG2. A friend recently sold me a broken controller, and I want to fix it in time for this years display. If anyone knows how to get one of these plus maybe a pc board layout/ silkscreen, that would be GREAT!!! Thanks, GDesch
  11. Hey all, So I want to build a mega tree with the visualizer. My tree in real life will be 8 strands, with four colors on each strand, each color on each strand will be individually controlled, for a total of a 32 channel mega tree. How do I build this in visualizer, and have it be recognized as a mega tree prop (I also have superstar and want to use that for some auto sequencing). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Ok, so this year, I am adding a half a mega tree (it is backed against my house). It is going to be 8 strands, with 4 colors of lights per strands(Red, Green, Blue, and White), no this is not a rgb tree, these are just regular light strings. It will be controlled by 32 Channels, as I want each Strand to be individually controlled. I have Superstar, and would like to use the automatic sequencer for this, and this alone, I already have the rest of my sequencing done, I just want to add this feature. I was wondering how to add this as a feature to my visualizer, as a half tree, and what settings to use for the auto sequencer to get good results. If anyone could give me some info, it would be helpful. Thanks, GDesch
  13. GDesch

    List of Homes for Colorado

    Yep, that's the way I see it too! I wish more members from LOR were on there in Colorado though. And not all those displays are animated btw...
  14. GDesch

    Christmas lighting shirts

    I need one of these with manager or something on it...