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  1. "I would like a copy sent to coopercraige@yahoo.com" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  2. Has anyone sequenced this one ? thanks, Craig
  3. thanks for the feedback...... also wondering where the projectors are located ? didn't notice them in any video
  4. Had to ask the experts. I've seen the video projections, specifically on a gable end of garage. So triangle shaped video. The video looks cutoff cleanly along the edges with nothing spilling over displaying on the roof. How is that done? or is it just not visible where the 16:9 spills over the side ? thanks, Craig
  5. Here is the listing.................. Power: 3W (3*1W) Materials: Aluminum Voltage: AC/DC 12V; AC/DC 85-265V Lumens: 300-330 LM Beam Angle: 60 Degree Color: Warm white(2600-2800k); Cool white(6300-7000k); Waterproof Rating: IP65 Size: 43x65x89mm Connecting Wire Length: 30cm Life Span: 100000 Hours Approval CE/RoHS approved Low heat, no UV or IR light radiation. Environmental-friendly and energy saving.
  6. Not actually a LOR question but I've apparently been educated and don't know why. Hoping some electronic experts here can help out. Just finishing a landscape project and purchased some small 3W LED spots on ebay for $6 sans power supply. from China of course, and marked AC DC 12v. I assumed that just meant plug it in to AC, convert it down to DC 12V like I'm used to doing with electronics. I had a landscaping power supply, 300W that I thought put out 12VDC until I metered it. It's 12VAC. The lights work fine on AC and that's my point of confusion. I know I have 5M LED strands that are 120VAC and an RGB star that's either 5VDC or 12VDC, I forget which. I had no idea that an LED could operate on either type of voltage. How is that possible? Craig
  7. Was considering taking an existing sequence and inserting an empty row every third pixel. Then copy the adjacent row either up or down one to fill in. Still leaves about 14 of the 240 left over. Just a thought. Really wanted a slightly shorter tree and the extra pixels were interesting.
  8. Was considering the 4M / 60 pixel / M - 2812 lights and was wondering if anyone else was considering ? Too much work to adapt existing 16 string 150 pixel sequences ? thanks, Craig
  9. The spinning presented some challenges when you factor in gravity working against you rather than for you
  10. The spinning presented some challenges when you factor in gravity working against you rather than for you
  11. Well... nothing new about upside down trees...i think they originated for small apartments where they take less floor space. My sunroom lends itself to the vertical so that was easy. My daughter offered "why not make it spin so you can see all the decorations". And there you have a 360° zero footprint Christmas tree.
  12. My bad, I should have given my wife kudos for the decorating. It's a tropical themed tree with glass bulbs with sand from various beaches we have visited. Also quite a few collected sea shells glued around white lights. Parrots and fishing nets round out some of the unique decor.
  13. Thought I would share my addition to this year's display. Focused more indoors this year and the thought process was about a year in the making. So here is a video of my elevated, upside down, spinning Christmas tree. The beam in the sunroom is about 15' off the floor. Steel cable, a couple pulleys, separate electrical for the motor and lights and like most everything else, twice as much work as i had anticipated. Needless to say, it generated a lot of responses from "wow, that's really cool" to "why the h#!! did you do that?". http://youtu.be/OTKOmCn_GhY
  14. Was wondering if anyone uses 16 ribbons for a flag on the 4th as well as a tree at Christmas?
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