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  1. Is anyone else out there having problems with large channel counts? I have just one mega tree 360 RGB channels with a total of 4320 DMX channels. I have been working on just one song (The chipmunk song) about 70% complete, currently it is 299Mb. The software has stopped working numerous times losing work every time. Saving this work is a 5 minute plus chore that may or may not be successful. My computer is more than capable, no other problems - videos and games run perfect. My main question is WHY can't LOR effectively handle this especially since it is well within the parameters of the software. Use of other software is not an option.
  2. We all have our preferences and I cannot justify the cost to purchase Madrix when there are other options (not trying to debate the pros and cons here). I have used LSP running large channel counts of sequences (that I did not create) and it has performed flawlessly. I have been using LOR S3 3.8.0 to sequence and use X-lights to convert LOR to X-lights protocol and run my show. I renewed my license and down just loaded 3.9.0 and that's when the freezing started also there is a notable decrease in performance with 3.9.0, maybe a bug??? Switching over from LOR and learning new will be my challenge - which is why I began this topic to see if anyone else is experiencing this problem as I would rather continue using LOR. It has the features I need and I was hoping that I could continue using LOR. I have some time to learn new if required for next years show. I have 26 universes this year and next year I will have more universes, RGB pixel lights take you to a whole new level. I do wish you all the best with your contest - I hope you win.
  3. Madrix though can handle it is waaaaaay to expensive I have been using LOR for years and thought that LOR would keep up with the competition - but I guess not! I guess I will change over to Light Show Pro though I will have to learn the programing that software has kept up with the large channel counts that most of us are going to. Thanks for the input.
  4. Using LOR 3.9.0 - have Win 7 I5 core - 8 gig mem - 500 gig HD. I have high channel count 8240 RGB channels, One sequence 2:21 is currently a 410 MB file. I am about 2/3's complete sequencing this song, The program freezes randomly - Windows displays "Program not responding searching for a cure(?)" and then shuts down. When saving this file it can take up to 10 minutes. Any suggestions or is this just inherent of the software? With channel counts going higher and higher each year one would think that LOR would keep up with the way sequencing is moving. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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