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  1. I have always mounted my boscoyo snowflakes on the side of my house. I am considering moving them to the roof. For those of you that have snowflakes on your roof, how did you mount them? If you can provide pics of them that would be great. Thanks.
  2. From what I have seen on the forums this may be a bug that has not been fixed yet. You might want to open a ticket on the help desk.
  3. Why do so many people not like using multicast? I run over 11,000 pixels in my display using 5 Falcon controllers, all set on multicast with never a single issue. I'm just curious. Thanks
  4. Try this. Open Superstar like you normally would in S5. Insert your sequence. After inserting the sequence, go to file and click save as (in Superstar). Rename the sequence. Put a 1 or something at the end of the name and click save. Next go to edit and click select all. After clicking select all, click tools. Then click on move or scale selected effects. Your destination width should be 16. Leave that the same. Change your destination height to 100. If it is on 50 it will need to be changed to 100. Let us know if that works.
  5. Thanks for all of the replies everyone. My biggest fear is if I don't do one I will regret it. I guess I know what the answer to my question is with that comment. I may not add any new songs this year. I will just need to tweak the ones I already have done and add the new elements. I'm sure the spirit in me will come back around the sooner it gets. I just know in this hobby you cannot wait until the last minute to do things. Thanks again. I appreciate it.
  6. I have done a show for the last 7 years. I started preparing for this year but my mind and heart just isn't quite there. Physically I have everything built for this year that I had planned on adding. I have not sequenced anything for this year. I am seriously considering taking this year off. It might feel nice not having people parked outside my house and blocking my driveway lol. For those of you who have taken time off from your shows, were you glad you did? Did you regret it? I am trying to decide what to do and am having a hard time figuring out which way to go. Thanks, Eric
  7. Okay I am way behind on the game this year. Last year I created play back files under the file tab I believe. Has create play back been moved? I don't see it under the file tab anymore. Thanks
  8. Open the sequence and click sequence at top of sequencer. Click on manage archived props. From there you can check each one that you want and then click on add to preview. Those props will now be added to the preview
  9. This video talks about the beagle bone black
  10. I use a beagle bone black with Fpp. I cannot remember the exact steps as its been a while since I did it. Check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCby1v6Kbi8AHMkV2yMyF1MQ He has a lot of videos on it.
  11. You can also run the LOR 16 channel controller off of one of the serial ports on the Falcon controller as long you are running the 16 channel controller as dmx. There should be plenty of videos on this. Just google it.
  12. I have a 95 mustang with a 331 stroker that is set up for the drag strip that I race on occasion. I tinker with it quite a bit. I have played with the car so much this year that I have just started working on my lights. So I am behind on the light game and need to get working.
  13. Can I get a copy please? ebrown1972@nwcable.net Thanks
  14. After doing some testing I really like the look and movements of the default singing faces. I am building another 1200 pixel matrix for this purpose. I have yet to test the singing faces in real life. Has anyone tested them on a matrix or a tree and if so what did you think? The viewing distance for my matrix will be about 70 feet away. Spacing for my matrix is 1.9 inches. Also it seems like a lot of pixels just to have 3 singing faces but I figured that when the faces are not singing I can always put some effects on the matrix.
  15. Brian, When you say make a preview of are you referring to making a preview in S5 sequencer? Also can you please explain what you mean by sometimes the image is simply one square? I did watch the tutorial but I don't recall anything being said about one square. Thanks, Eric
  16. Alan, A tutorial would be great. I am wanting to make a boscoyo singing bulb. I tried my hand at it not long ago but the end result didn't turn out so well. Thanks for your help. Eric
  17. Alan, When importing an online prop such as a boscoyo singing face (singing bulb) I have no option of changing the arrangement after importing. If I import the online singing trees (LOR) it gives me that option. Give it a shot if you don't mind and you will see what I am talking about. Thanks, Eric
  18. Phil that is correct but you cannot change arrangement with a custom prop
  19. I have noticed that if I make a custom prop, S5 does not give me an option to select any kind of arrangement under group prop definition. I am curious as to why this is? I am sure there is a reason for this. Can someone please explain that for me? Thanks, Eric
  20. Nice work again default. Default is the brain behind the original pixel spinner!
  21. What is the easiest way to make the eyes blink when doing auto sequence on the singing faces?
  22. Does LOR sell the singing trees without the pixels and controllers? I am in need of the trees only. Thanks, Eric
  23. Did you guys try this yet? I would like to know a way to make this work also. Please advise if you figure it out. Thanks
  24. Brian, Thanks for adding this. This is really cool. Now I have different plans for some of my lights this year
  25. Hello. Not sure if this is a bug or an issue with my sequence. I have a sequence that was created in version 5.2xx. It played fine in that version. In the latest release, 5.3.0, it will not load. All of the effects from the sequence will play when clicked on. I can even add superstar effects and such but I never have the option to play the sequence. The status indicator will just spin. This is the only sequence I have found that will not play. When I exit, I get the attached message.
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