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  1. Thanks Jim. I appreciate the response and info.
  2. This year I plan on having several pixel props such as a nativity scene, snowmen, sleigh and deer and such. I want these props to be lit during my whole show. I do not want them to be sequenced to any music. Would this be best achieved by using animation sequences looped and running these as background sequences? I have never used background sequences so I am not familiar with them. Thanks, Eric
  3. I do not use a Pixcon but on a few of my controllers I run over 1200 pixels at 50% using one 350w power supply with no issues at all. Most of my runs are between 12-20 feet to the controller. Each of my pixels are rated at .6w I believe
  4. For years I never had much in the way of storage. A couple of years ago I bought a large ranch home that has a 3000 square foot basement. About half of the basement has become my storage area and work area. I feel blessed to finally have a little room.
  5. Yes correct. I usually scroll my text so hopefully it will be okay. If not I will more than likely just do without the song title until next year when I build a bigger one.
  6. Thanks for the detailed information Jim. My P10 is mainly just a tune to sign also and it is a 4x2 using a begalbone black. I had it in standalone mode last year but would like to add song title and such this year as part of the sequence. Good to know that everything ran smooth for you. I did notice while testing the p10 out today it appears as though I have one pixel going bad. It is at the very bottom of the panel and not sure that I feel like taking everything apart just to fix one pixel. Maybe a small piece of black tape for this year as I am considering adding more panels next year and enlarging the matrix. Thanks again, Eric
  7. For those of you who ran a P10 in your display using S5 how did the P10 perform in bridge mode? Last year I ran my P10 using Falcon pi and Xlights. Everything ran fine that way but I am wanting to use my P10 with S5. Was anything lagging while using this setup? I had issues running my P10 in bridge mode but found out the issue was with the version of fpp I was using. Today I did a fresh install of the newest version of fpp and everything tested great in bridge mode. Thanks in advance, Eric
  8. I don't know what the heck I was doing earlier but I got everything to work fine and S5 controlled the moving head just fine. I am looking forward to learning the ins and outs of dmx sequencing moving heads. I will have 4 cheaper version heads in my display this upcoming year and I hope to replace those next year with 230w versions. Matt is there any possibility of having a moving head prop in the future? Thanks, Eric
  9. Also I cannot get S5 to control the head via E131. I know the setup is correct because I had Xlights controlling the head with the same setup in 5 minutes. The head is running off of a Falcon serial port. I also have the control panel running.
  10. Does anyone have any tutorials on how to sequence dmx devices in S5? I have 9 dmx channels set up in S5 representing my moving heads. I allow dmx editing on each row for each channel. Anytime I change the intensity on a row (single channel) the intensities on all the other rows changes to that intensity. I am just not getting it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Eric
  11. I have tried it using a clipboard file but it is not working. I think Matt had mentioned a while back that this is an issue they are aware of I believe
  12. This is what I remember seeing from Matt. Not sure if this could be the issue although rgb would not really be the same as dmx
  13. Alan, I have other clipboard files that do work in S5. Those clipboards were made in S5 though by me. I thought I saw a post by Matt a while back about issues with the S5 clipboards not working when imported from Xlights. My hope is that Lor does a similar prop for moving heads like xlights or I would be satisfied to do the effects in xlights then import the lcb file into my S5 sequences.
  14. I loaded the clip board but it will not paste. I made a few effects in xlights for a moving head and exported an .lcb. The moving head has 8 channels. I made a dmx preview in S5 with 8 matching channels. The lcb file will not paste into the channels on the dmx preview. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is not possible?
  15. Absolutely. This would be a great feature. Keeping my fingers crossed that we see something in the near future.
  16. I asked the same question a while back and Matt said that we will see future effects added but for now documentation and a few other things were top on the list.
  17. I am wondering if there is a way to sequence them in xlights and then convert to a clipboard file back to Lor? Not sure if this is possible. Let me know how your progress goes Alan. Thanks
  18. Alan I have the newest release but It's been there for a while.
  19. To be honest this would be so much easier accomplished with Xlights. Xlights is set up for dmx moving heads and the effects can be controlled with one of my falcons off of the dmx port. Please don't take this as though I am bashing S5 which I am not. Maybe the developers will consider something for moving heads in S5.
  20. Can someone please tell me how to load a saved lcb clipboard file in S5? Thanks
  21. What version of LOR do you use to program the heads? I am using S5 and to be honest I'm just not getting how to accomplish this. Xlights makes it easy and they have a predefined moving head prop. In Xlights you add how many channels your head works on and you have sliders for each channel to change tilt, pan, color etc.
  22. Cool. I am considering getting a few of the 230w versions but I need to wait a little to make sure I have it in my budget.
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