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  1. I'd say you are right Orville. I live in Illinois and rarely get those types of rain storms although it can happen. I will keep what you have said in mind for sure and make a determination on what I should do. Thanks
  2. Yes, I do and yes I will set it up like that. Thanks
  3. Yes, my 5mm strobes say not to fade. All of my 5mm and Xenon strobes will be at 100% power. Thanks, Eric
  4. Thanks Orville. I have inside cameras under my eaves with no weatherproofing for 2 years now with no issues. My eaves are only about 8 feet off of the ground so maybe that helps with keeping the water away.
  5. These will be placed far back under my eaves so waterproofing should not be an issue. Thanks
  6. The units have a dipswitch on the back which when placed in dmx mode turns the sound sensor off. My concern with these units is the power they put out. There is no doubt they are super bright but I can always diffuse them by placing something in front of them if need be. Thanks
  7. This year I am adding 100 Xenon strobes and 12 100 count sets of 5mm strobes. I have never used strobes but love the way they look in some of the videos I have seen of them. With that said, I decided to add 2 of these https://www.audiosavings.com/american-dj-mega-flash-dmx-800-watt-compact-dmx-strobe-light-w-sound-sensor-49967 I hope they won't be too much as far as the strobe effect goes. I think they will give a really good effect but hope they don't overpower everything else. If any of you are using these, let me know what you think of them, please. Thanks, Eric
  8. Something to keep in mind is, there are bugs in Xlights too. I have downloaded several Xlights releases and always seem to find some bugs. In the past I was using Xlights and every time I rendered a sequence, Xlights would freeze. I doubt you will find the perfect software. Xlights is constantly changing and about every few weeks they usually have a new release. I still use Xlights for some things like my P10 panel and this year I will be using fpp and a Kulp controller for my indoor Christmas tree. But I decided not to make it my main software mainly because I am one that doesn't like a lot of change and LOR is what I am used to. Xlights has a community that help report and fix bugs. LOR, I assume, has a handful of people who work on the software side of things. I know at times it gets very frustrating for us when we have an issue and seems as though nobody cares because we are not getting responses in reference to our questions. I do not know what goes on behind the scenes so I try to keep an open mind. When I have had issues in times past, the LOR team always came through in the end and resolved the issue. I no longer have much in the way with LOR hardware except for one AC controller. When I used to be 100% LOR, anytime I had an issue with LOR hardware, I would send it in and 99% of the time they would fix it for free. All I am saying is, I have mainly had good experiences with LOR. There have been some bumps along the way but in the end, LOR came through.
  9. This has been an issue since 5.3.10. Last year about 2 weeks before my show was to begin all of my group props got archived along with all kinds of other issues. I did get things going and had a show. I too created a help desk ticket on this exact issue last November. I was told the newest release had taken care of the issue but obviously that isn't the case. I have not done any sequencing in quite some time. It doesn't appear that anyone (admins) are really paying any attention or maybe their mind is occupied on something else.
  10. The globes are 14" and not 16" as stated in the listing. That was a mistake on my part.
  11. To be clear, this is $100 for all the moving heads. Not $100 each. Thanks
  12. Price change on the moving heads. Now $100 plus shipping on the moving heads only.
  13. https://ibb.co/C8k2yKH https://ibb.co/c2305xD
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