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  1. Yes, that is basically what I want but did not think about adding several groups of the same prop with different arrangements. What I would like to see is a drop down menu on the prop in the sequencing grid and from that menu I could just select which arrangement I want rather than building several different groups. But your way will do exactly what I need to do.
  2. Arrangements are done at the prop level in S5. In the future, is there anyway to allow arrangements to be done at the effect level? It would be nice to change arrangements on a motion effect row without changing arragements on the prop itself. Say I select a time on a motion effect row, and there is a dropdown menu that allows me to change the arrangement to verticle stack, horizontal, or whatever only on the time I have selected. If this could be done, we would have more options for making effects. As it goes now, if we change the arrangement, it changes every effect on the motion row. I hope someone can understand what I am trying to say lol. Thanks
  3. I finally got my plexiglass domes in and as soon as I find a little time and the weather cooperates, I will begin this build. Hopefully I will have them both built no later than sometime in the next 4 weeks.
  4. Your profile shows you are running S4 but wanted to let you know that S5 now allows for xmodels to be imported to the preview.
  5. I imported an Xmodel and it imported fine. The model is a candy cane spinner. I will attach it with this post. The model has several 16 candy canes and 8 hearts. The motion effects has 8 separate hearts, all 8 hearts together, and 16 separate candy canes, and 16 candy canes together. When I try to make the hearts one color and the candy canes another color on the same timeline, the hearts never light up. If I do them on a different timeline they light up as they should along with the candy canes. Although the prop has 26 motion rows which define each element, the sequencer appears to apply the effects across the entire prop rather than the motion row selected. Feel free to try the prop out and let me know your results please. Maybe this is a bug. I am not sure. Thanks GE Candy Cane Spinner w Love.xmodel
  6. I'm liking the new effects Matt. Thanks for adding these
  7. Open your sequence, right click on the prop,(on left hand side of sequence) click add or modify motion effects. When the box comes up click add and then under subsection click custom. At this point you will be able to choose which pixels you want to use.
  8. I'll take a copy. Send to ebrown1972@nwcable.net please. Thanks
  9. I already read about error 7 and in verifier it will take you right to the error if you click on the information that is supplied by verifier instead of going to the LOR page. I'm just wondering why I am getting the error I am getting. I am wondering if simple show builder used to be in the X86 folder but is no longer there.
  10. I have upgraded to 5.3.14. Last year about 2 weeks before show time, I had several issues with the verifier. Tonight I created a play file for one of my sequences and verified the sequence. The only error I received was verifier error 7. Under the detail tab it shows C:\program Files (x86)Light-O-RamaSimpleShowBuilder.exe I did not use the simple show builder to test out the play file in verifier. Instead I just built a show under show editor. I am just wondering if this error should be of any concern? I am trying to get way ahead of the game this year and not have any unexpected issues. I am on the fence as to whether or not I stay with LOR as far as the software goes. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  11. I sent you a message. I would be willing to let you have 1 of the stars if you are willing to pay shiping and paypal fees. As I said before I am not looking to make any money. I've had people treat me well on here and I would like to return the favor.
  12. I believe I have 2 of those exact same stars that I will probably never use again. I would probably sell one cheap if you're thinking about buying one. The ones I have are in great shape. I just don't use stars on my tree anymore.
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