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  1. I am curious if there is a way to save the sequence where it will output in 2x speed? I can play the sequence in 2x speed but do not see a way to actually save it in 2x speed where it will actually play that fast. I have one song I would actually like to play it this fast. Thanks, Eric
  2. ebrown1972

    When Do You Start Decorating?

    I usually do the outline of my house and windows and ridge caps around the middle of September. The rest I put up in the middle of October. I only do a Christmas show. After getting everything up I do plenty of testing to make sure all is okay.
  3. ebrown1972

    New effects in S5

    I am just wondering when the official release of S5 comes will we see any new effects in the effect generator? I have not seen any talk of any new effects but I am very curious. Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this question. Thanks, Eric
  4. ebrown1972

    Controller location

    Thanks Brian. I wasn't sure how it all worked but that makes complete sense. It also makes it very simple.
  5. I have built a new tree this year. The location of the controller will be at the top left of the tree. In Superstar under layout I see an option for top for controllers. This is for ribbon controllers. I have a single RGB controller that will run the tree. My starting location for the tree is top left in preview in S5. What I am wanting to know is do I need to define my controller location in Superstar as top under layout? If so can I assume that Superstar starts at the top left position by default? I hope I made my question clear. Thanks, Eric
  6. I believe whenever loading large files the program is going to take a while. I only have a concern if lag is present when the lights are actually playing which I believe will not be the case this year.
  7. ebrown1972

    Independence day holiday projects

    I finished putting the nodes in my 33x50 tree strips. I am hoping to set it up outside this week but haven't felt like it due to the heat. I also scaled my 12 string tree sequences to 16 and will finish pushing those pixels soon. Im sure 16 will look much better than the 12. Been doing a little sequencing too.
  8. Thanks Brian. I don't expect anything to be done today. Happy 4TH. Also It shows 1200 nodes total for my matrix.
  9. I have noticed I only get this error when trying to import superstar effects on my 24x50 matrix which is a total of 1200 pixels which equals 3600 channels. My license version is for 24 ccr's which would be 3600 channels. The error is saying the visualization is 4800 channels which is not correct. Could this be a bug? Thanks
  10. Brian, I have the 24ccr version of Superstar. I have a 12 ccr tree, 2 mega spinners, a 24x50 matrix, several candy canes, wreaths, snowflakes and such. After the newest S5 release I am now getting the error "Your Superstar license level allows sequencing visualizations of 3750 channels or less. The current visualization has 4800 channels. Before I could sequence all of my elements separately and then import it into S5. Now it says I do not have enough channels. It has never been an issue until now. Now that everything is in one place I take it that those of us who have sequenced all of our elements separately will now have to upgrade Superstar? It looks like what I have done before I cannot do now. Please let us know. Thanks, Eric
  11. ebrown1972

    ACDC Thunderstruck Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Could I get a copy please James? ebrown1972@nwcable.net Thanks
  12. ebrown1972

    Auto Sequence Feature

    Nice work Brian. I can't wait to start playing around with this feature.
  13. ebrown1972

    Dependency Alert Flag

    Thanks and thanks for the suggestion. That will help out quite a bit.
  14. 5.0.22 RC1 Windows 7 Pro Version running E131 only When I first open a sequence that has a subsequence everything plays fine in the preview. After doing some sequencing I notice the subsequence will no longer play in the preview. If I save and then exit and reopen the sequence the subsequence will once again play just fine. I have not tested with the actual lights yet to see if if the subsequence is outputting to the lights.
  15. ebrown1972

    Falcon Pi Player

    Thanks Jim. I never even thought about creating the play files and I was only looking at the editing files. Thanks again, Eric