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  1. I recently purchased a used cbt16 g3 controller and I want to run it off of a serial port on my falcon in dmx mode. I no longer have any usb adapters and am in need of one so I can set the ID of the controller to whatever I want making it easier to determine dmx addressing. If you have one and are willing to part with it please let me know. I do not want to pay the shipping that LOR wants for such a small device. I can do paypal. Thanks, Eric
  2. I would use Falcon Christmas controllers. I have a few props at a distance of 25 feet away from the controller controlling 400 pixels (12V) with no power injection. Mind you, I do not run my pixels at 100% power. This prop is set at 50% and I have no issues at all. Falcon is arguably the best pixel controller made as far as how many pixels per port, expansion, and things of that nature.
  3. How and what do most of you use to make driveway arches? I am considering doing this next year. Please provide a description of your driveway arches and photos if you have them please. Thanks
  4. I just sent you what I have via email you have as your username.
  5. My background sequence never turns off not even for a fraction. Not sure why some would and not others
  6. Thanks for the update.
  7. Verified has worked on every sequence that I have used this year in 5.3.10. Whether or not it is accurate is another story.
  8. I am running 5.3.10 and when I try to verify a single show verifier will tell me it cannot be found. Funny thing is my show runs fine. I see yours does not. When the play files are created they can be located in the lorinternal folder. There are many issues with 5.3.10 and I currently have 2 help tickets relating to similar issues. Many people have said if LOR doesn't get things straightened out they may be going with a different software.
  9. For those of you who have used the 5mm led strobe strings and the c9 led strobe strings, which do you prefer and why? I am 100% pixels but am considering getting an AC controller so I can run some strobe strings or C9 strobes unless any of you know of some good pixel strobes that give a great effect. Also when the strobe strings or c9 strobes go on sale, what is a good price to pay for them? Anyone who has experience with both I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Eric
  10. Did you create new play files this year? If you are trying to use your old play files it will not work. You will need to play a show on demand so S5 can create the play files. It will take a while to do so also.
  11. There are other issues with S5 5.3.10 too. Such as, all of my subsequences that I have used for the last 4 years do not play correctly in the latest version. When I run the verifier I get no warning or errors. When the sequence plays it acts as though the data is all over the place on the props that use the subsequences. If I delete the subsequence and add effects on those channels everything will play fine. I opened a help ticket and was told this issue would go to engineering but have not heard anything as of yet. Also I have a matrix that has 4 strings of 300 pixels each (1200 pixels total) with 5 folds in each string. If I purchase matrix lms sequences for the matrix everything will play from the sequencer fine but not in the show. When creating the play files I get over 6000 warnings. The warnings are related to how my physical matrix is made (4 strings of 300 pixels). LOR is setup to only use 170 pixels (1 universe) per port but I have a Falcon controller that can use a lot more than 1 universe per port so my guess is the verifier sees the carryover of channels and throws out all of the warnings which causes about a 10 minute delay between sequences. I opened a ticket on this issue too but have not heard anything. So there are some other issues that need addressed also.
  12. Got up this morning and my pixel tree had a bad pixel in one of the strings. Got that fixed in near 50 mph winds. After getting that done I noticed my 4 x 8 foot matrix had blown off of the house. Luckily it just fell flat on its face and fell on the ground. It is only mounted off of the ground about 6 inches. Looked over at santa and the sleigh and the sleigh was leaning bad and one of the deer had fallen over. Got everything back up and all tested fine. Winds should start to subside after it gets dark. I usually run my lights starting tonight. I just don't tell anyone I do that. Oh, and most of my pixel icicles have blow up onto the roof and are now laying flat on the roof. I will probably get on the roof later and push them off. Fun times for sure
  13. Same here as far as wind goes. Up to 60 mph gusts. Most of my stuff is staked down with rebar already. Guess time will tell
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