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  1. I have no motivation to do that but would consider maybe doing just my matrix or something. I will give it another week or so to see how this virus thing plays out and then make a decision.
  2. I wish it was 900 strands but no, just 900 bulbs (9 strings of 100). I would be happy with 40 strings for sure but I am looking at about 20 strings and about 100 xenon strobes.
  3. I like that answer and I too will be running my LOR controllers off of a port on one of my many Falcons.
  4. My show has been 100% pixels for over 3 years now. This year I purchased 900 5mm strobes and 50 Xenon strobes. I will also be using 2 of the 230w moving heads this year so for the first time in over 3 years I will not be 100% pixels. I am looking forward to adding these new items. I still have a little money in my budget and I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase more strobes or pixels. My house is a 90 foot wide ranch so I have a lot of area to cover. I honestly have no idea if 900 5mm strobes will be even near enough to give my house that pop i'm looking for with the strobes. I haven't decided exactly where I will be putting the strobes but am considering placing them on my roof. For those of you who use 5mm strobes and Xenon strobes, how many do you have in your display? I have enough pixels but was considering replacing some of my old ones. I really want the strobes to flash and pop but would like to hear from you who use the strobes so I can get a better idea of how many I really need. Can you really have too many strobes lol. I am just looking for input before I make a decision on what I will be ordering. Thanks, Eric
  5. When making a preview and adding an item select Boscoyo studio and then you can download them into the preview. Once downloaded in the preview, click on the prop and then click customize light placement and this will show you the layout of the prop.
  6. This may be a problem with my laptop I was using. It does not appear to do it with my show computer
  7. I have one group that contains all of my props. I have noticed if I apply any of the above effects to the group it will take a super long time to apply the effects and the effects are super slow in the motion effects window. Once the effect finally renders it will be at normal speed and plays fine. I have tried the other motion effects on the group with no issues.
  8. For those of you who use video projection in your shows, what projectors are you using?
  9. It's easy in S5. Just download the xmodel file and under preview just click add item and choose to add xmodel. If the props were built with sub models in xlights, just add a group under the preview and all of the sub models will be there. You can download all of Gilbert engineering models on their website.
  10. Yes, that is basically what I want but did not think about adding several groups of the same prop with different arrangements. What I would like to see is a drop down menu on the prop in the sequencing grid and from that menu I could just select which arrangement I want rather than building several different groups. But your way will do exactly what I need to do.
  11. Arrangements are done at the prop level in S5. In the future, is there anyway to allow arrangements to be done at the effect level? It would be nice to change arrangements on a motion effect row without changing arragements on the prop itself. Say I select a time on a motion effect row, and there is a dropdown menu that allows me to change the arrangement to verticle stack, horizontal, or whatever only on the time I have selected. If this could be done, we would have more options for making effects. As it goes now, if we change the arrangement, it changes every effect on the motion row. I hope someone can understand what I am trying to say lol. Thanks
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