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  1. Just tried it again and it worked this time
  2. This morning I tried downloading the newest version of S5 but when I clicked on the link nothing was happening. I tried both links with the same result. Thanks
  3. ebrown1972

    Timer for mini director and light show

    Yap, That's how
  4. What I do is very simple. I drill a hole on both sides of the part that sticks out on the back of the boxes that are used to fit against a pole. I then take a zip tie and push it through the drilled holes and around a piece of rebar that has been driven into the ground. It is a very clean look and very simple.
  5. ebrown1972

    1 pixel on CCR turning on randomly

    I had a very similar problem in the past. I had a few pixels that would stay on after the show was done. I was using an extension cord that I learned was not grounding correctly. Changed the extension cord and problem was corrected. I know it's not the exact issue you are having but might be worth looking into if you are using any extension cords. Let us know if you figure it out please. Good luck
  6. ebrown1972

    Timer for mini director and light show

    I once used the mini director and that has been sometime ago. If my memory serves me correctly I wired the director with it's own power supply and used an old lamp timer to control when the mini director would come on which would start the show. There is a simple way to do it. I just don't remember exactly how I did it.
  7. ebrown1972

    Worst customer service ever!

    Light O Rama hands down best customer service I have ever seen!
  8. After seeing the design made by default of the blade spinner I contacted boscoyo studios and requested something similar. They came up with the mega spinner based off of default's design. You may want to look at it if you want one for this year.
  9. ebrown1972

    Early Christmas Gone Wrong for Dying Boy

    I have been in law enforcement for 18 years. I deal with the type of people we are talking about in this story on a daily basis. As far as kids acting out and getting into trouble I would say that 90% if not more are following in the footsteps of their parents. The majority of people I deal with have children who end up just like the parents and have many dealings with the police. IMHO parentage has everything to do with whether or not the children will be nothing but trouble later in life. Children learn from what they see and what their parents do. Now that's not to say that every child who is raised properly by their parents turn out good. Unfortunately that isn't always the case. I am also not saying that all kids who have bad parents turn out like their parents. There are a few who make something of their life and break the mold. But the truth of it is those are very few and far between. Broken homes do not help the situation either and there are far more broken homes than in times past. I did not come from a broken home. I was blessed with the parents I had but I had a reverent fear of my father. I knew if I did something wrong I had to answer to him and he almost always brought something with him (a belt if needed). Anyway we will all have different opinions as to why people do what they do. There will always be good and there will always be bad. The bad for me is what I call job security. Thanks, Eric
  10. ebrown1972

    Wizards of winter band

    Thanks for the links Orville. They seem to sound pretty good. I guess I will know December the 19th which is my birthday. I look forward to a good show. Thanks again, Eric
  11. ebrown1972

    Wizards of winter band

    Yes, that is the correct band. That is about the only video I could find of them. Hopefully it will be a good show
  12. ebrown1972

    Wizards of winter band

    Has anyone seen the Wizards of Winter band in concert before? Apparently some former members of TSO now play in this band. I bought tickets to a show in December to see them. Just wondering if anyone else has seen them and what you thought. Thanks, Eric
  13. Right click on master bedroom and then click enable the channel if I remember correctly
  14. ebrown1972

    Trans Siberian Orchestra 2018 Tour Dates

    I looked at their tour dates and what I do not understand is how is it that they do 2 shows on the same night at the same time at 2 different places? Enlighten me.
  15. I am curious if there is a way to save the sequence where it will output in 2x speed? I can play the sequence in 2x speed but do not see a way to actually save it in 2x speed where it will actually play that fast. I have one song I would actually like to play it this fast. Thanks, Eric