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  1. I have used these for 4 years now with no issues at all. They hold up to very high winds too.
  2. I do not have any of the U tube style ones so I cannot comment on the brightness of them. The ones I have do appear to be very bright. If you want super bright ones go with these https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/684069-REG/American_DJ_MEGA_FLASH_DMX_Mega_Flash_DMX_800W.html lol. I a will actually be using 2 of these this year in my show along with several 5mm strobes.
  3. I have these https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/collections/c9-strobe-lights in Xenon and these https://www.ajsoutletstore.com/shop-7 So far both seem okay
  4. Thanks very much Jim. Greatly appreciated
  5. So exactly where is the on/off setting in the HU utility? It has been a long time since I have done anything with AC controllers. Thanks, Eric
  6. Nevermind my earlier response. I don't think I read the question correctly
  7. Yes, you can assuming you are talking about the props order in the sequencer. If so, move each prop where you want them to be in the sequencer. Once you have them where you want them, click on the sequence, scroll down to grid configuration, then click export. You can then import the grid configuration you just saved to every sequence you build and everything will be in the order you placed them in.
  8. Have you clicked control lights in the top right corner of the sequencer? A little more info may help. What type of controller are you using, (AC or a pixel controller)?
  9. I purchased my P10 items from diyledexpress but purchased my beaglebones and a few other P10 items from wiredwatts. CFOL is great also. I only use my P10 for a tune to sign but I do have a 24x50 matrix. The main things is, have fun with whatever you decide to build.
  10. It's already here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpvi0YqXvYx0fQ0Y3bG70YA/videos?view_as=subscriber
  11. It will take it a long time to render. Each time I open one of my sequences that contains a movie effect it takes a long time to open. Once a play file is created, the sequence will play normal in the show and should not have any delay in playing.
  12. I have everything I am using this year physically built and will be testing soon. I will also begin sequencing soon. Lots of work left to do but still plenty of time.
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