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  1. [Admin Edit] - Sorry Audio was located on this share. It has been removed. You may share sequences, but not audio.
  2. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    Heh Heh! I was not aware the Minions had done a rendition of this. Just googled and found the YouTube video. Hillarious! May I get a copy of this sequence too please? wizard@wizlights.com Thanks in advance!
  3. Pink Floyd Time

    I probably won't use it in my show, but being a HUGE Floyd fan, I'd like a copy anyway please! wizard@wizlights.com
  4. Sugar Plum Fairy- remix

    Ooh, Ooh, over here, me too please! wizard@wizlights.com Who's the artist(s) or orchestra?
  5. I have a utility that I wrote for v4 of sequencer that does global search-replace of RGB colors. I plan to update it for v5, although not till after Christmas. v5's files are COMPLETELY different. I will have to rewrite all whole utility suite.
  6. Woo-Hoo! I'm thrilled to see support for the play/pause and stop keys have been added to the 5.08 beta! Thanks! Uh, hate to be greedy, but... Could you have FFWD increase the play speed, RWD slow it, SKIP-NEXT jump maybe 30 seconds or so ahead, and PREV jump 30 seconds back?
  7. Ok, So I just started working with the beta, I got started a few days ago with 5.0.6. When I load my old S4 sequences, it informs me that quite a few of my channels are being archived. At first, I thought this was just channels which did not have a corresponding prop in the ver 4 visualizer file. I have about a dozen of those that for various reasons I never put into the old visualizer. Example: Channels that control non-visual things such as the motor on the mirror ball, or that supplies 120V power to all the low-voltage power supplies so I can cut them off when the show isn't running. However, on closer inspection, I have found that it DID archive quite a few channels from my old files that were in ver 4 visualizer, including but not limited to the first 50, and last 50 pixels of a 600 pixel strip (DMX across 4 universes). I suspect this may be a bug. 1) What are the requirements for a channel to be properly recognized and NOT get archived? Does it just need to be in the old visualizer (.lee) file? Anything else? If I go back and add EVERYTHING to my old visualizer files, can I avoid archiving? 2) Would someone please elaborate on the process to salvage or recover an archived channel? I downloaded and viewed the "Expo 2017- Traditional Lights" powerpoint PDF which mentions this only briefly on slide 36.
  8. I have been playing with X-Mouse and have configured it to translate the pressing of the media keys on media center keyboards and remotes into the necessary keystrokes to control playback in the sequence editor. The idea being that I can stand in the yard watching the show as I make final adjustments and tweaks, and by pressing the buttons on my infrared media center remote, to pause, play, rewind, fast-forward, etc. thru the sequence. Much like you might do while listening to a song in Windows Media Player on a media center PC. My solution works, more or less, but it could potentially work better if the sequence editor supported this directly. The same idea could be applied to the show player as well.
  9. Merge two SE files

    I am working on a suite of utilities for manipulating sequence files. I was planning to announce a call for alpha testers soon. Amongst the utilities is one to split a sequence, and only keep selected channels, and another to merge sequences. Also in the suite is a util to perform a smart apply of a channel configuration, a util for sparkle effects, an RGB color changer, one that does polyphonic transcription, and more. So this is a little premature, as the utility suite is not ready for the public yet, but if you are interested in alpha or beta testing them, message me on this forum or email me at dev.utilorama@wizlights.com.
  10. Visualizer via LAN

    OK, so I see that this is not officially supported. Nonetheless, I would like to try and get it to work, but so far have been unsuccessful. I would consider myself to be pretty adept at computers, LOR, and networking. Perhaps someone can tell me what I've overlooked... The machine that plays the shows is an old Dell Laptop in the garage, on the LAN at I'd like to be able to open the visualizer on my main desktop machine in the bedroom to just check the status every now and then. It's at address The whole network is hard wired. The ethernet does pass thru 3 switches between the garage and bedroom, but note that I said switches, not routers, and no NAT or other translation is taking place. The machines can directly ping each other, share files, and run remote desktop without a problem. The entire LAN is gigabit. Control Visualizer is turned on in the LOR control panel and in the Sequence Editor on the laptop. I added a windows firewall rule on the bedroom machine to allow UDP port 30303 through and to send it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\Visualizer.exe. Windows firewall normally allows all outbound traffic without restriction, but after not being able to get it to work, I added an outbound rule on the laptop specifically allowing UDP port 30303 through. LOR software is version 3.1.12 Visualizer works fine locally, on the laptop. But remotely, on the bedroom machine, nothing happens. Suggestions???
  11. Reverse channel creation order

    nmiller: I have written a little utility I call the "Universe Creator" which I use to create channel configs for pixel strips on a DMX pixelnet controller. I can do them in RGB order, GRB order, BRG order, etc. and can do them in forward or reverse order. Alas, the utility program is very much "alpha" software and very quirky, so I can't share it (yet, I have plans to eventually). If you give me all the details, I will generate a channel config for you.
  12. Visualizer Matrix Wizard

    Mike, I mean no disresprect to you, and I don't wanna tick you off! -- Especially being as I must now apologize because I isolated the problem. The non-functioning scrollbar was being caused by Stardock Windowblinds. Turned that off, and the scrollbar worked fine. Still, the first time I ran it, I had no clue all those options were over there to the right. I certainly had no problem stretching and resizing the window once I realized that's what I needed to do. Perhaps initially open the window a bit bigger, and/or open it centered? Oh, and when I said 20 years, that's just how long I did it professionally. I actually got my start back in 1972 on a DEC PDP-8. Over the years I had an original Altair, Imsai, a TRS-80 model I serial #000016, a TRS-80 Coco serial #000004, Commodores, Heathkits, NCRs, TIs, Kaypros, Osbornes, early IBM PCs, Compaqs, Lisa, Macs, NeXt...
  13. Visualizer Matrix Wizard

    Hmmm, not the least bit intuitive. First time I ran it I had no idea there was other stuff over to the right. And "the way it works" is no excuse for the scrollbar not to work. I was a software engineer and senior developer for 20 years. Retired/disabled now, but still do a lot of development as a hobby. May I respectfully request that you reconsider this.
  14. When creating a matrix of DMX smart RGB Pixels in the visualizer, the option to "create the minimum number of fixtures" creates FULL universes of 170 pixels. (The other 2 options are even less desirable). I am trying to create a flag which is 48 X 24 pixels, and is evenly divided into 8 universes of 144 pixels each. (which allows it to be easily split into 4 pieces for storage) In the fixture properties for the universes it creates, the number of pixels is locked and cannot be selected or edited. This is not a problem in the Matrix Wizard of the Preview editor of the Pixel editor - it allows the user to specify the number or universes and/or the number of pixels per universe. Can something like the one in Pixel editor be added to Visualizer?
  15. Bug: Horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the matrix wizard does not work. Have to stretch the window out horizontally to get to the properties, including the OK button. Version 4.0.14 Verified on 2 different computers. Computer 1: Generic clone desktop, i7-960 processor, 12 Gig RAM, Windows 8.1, 256 Gig SSD + 1 Gig HDD + 4 Gig NAS. Computer 2: Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop, heavily upgraded, T9600 processor, 4 Gig Ram, Windows 8.1, 160 Gig SSD. See Also: Post in Open Beta General Comments regarding Visualizer Matrix Wizard