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  1. Yes you are correct although it was a little hard to dissect your main computer is connected to your house network inside the house you have a CAT5/6 Ethernet connection to the same network in the garage you run Ethernet CAT5/6 from the garage outside and connect it to the E1.31 -> DMX bridge you can now connect multiple wires to the DMX bridge. They are CAT5/6 Ethernet connectors but now we are running DMX signals on these outputs you can connect LOR controllers to any of these outputs but they will need the LOR/DMX crossover you can connect any other DMX devices to any of these outputs no crossover needed you can even mix LOR and DMX devices on one output making sure that you crossover between DMX and LOR as to your questions 1) yes you can add any DMX device to any of the ports. (if you are mixing DMX and LOR on the SAME port you need to crossover) 2) yes you can have any number of E1.31 controllers on your network. Just add a switch in the garage or outside 3) once you are running E1.31 any device on your network can send the E1.31 commands. And yes if it was an external address I think It should work as well but I have never tried a public IP for E1.31 4) the two you listed seem to be fine. J1SYS products have been doing well for me although I do not have their bridge but I use their pixel controllers
  2. Same here. Used nodes and strips this year. No issues with nodes but a bunch with strips. Strips are harder to waterproof (nodes you really don't have to) and very sensitive. Before my show even starts I already had to replace parts of the strips mainly because I didn't tape down the wires coming off the strip enough and the movement of the wire broke the strip. Even though the strips seem like a good idea for long straight runs I think I will replace all with nodes for next year. For straight runs I just mount them on plastic banding.
  3. so you have an entec open connected to USB? if so first I would download the da_dmx utility or entecs own utility and make sure it is working. When doing this make sure all LOR stuff is shut down because only one piece of software can talk to the DMX dongle if that works you can try LOR. You need to have the control panel running otherwise dmx will not work make sure your network setup is correct. Device should be entec open. check in your control panel that the dmx listener connects and there are no error messages make sure control lights is on in scheduler
  4. if it is DMX you will need some sort of DMX Dongle or DMX Bridge as far as the fogger is concerned I use cheap standard fog machines and add a relay to them and control them with standard LOR channels. On/Off only of course but that's good enough for my Halloween display
  5. would love to see a copy of it as well if you don't mind. mike@starzen.com
  6. just to recap. I set up my tree in XLights similar to what liberty-lasers pdf shows. Physically i had 16 strings with 40 pixels starting at the bottom left going up then connected at the top coming down and back up and so on. In Xlights i created a model with 8 strings with 80 pixels and 2 strands each. In LOR i simply added 4 devices (4 universes) with 480 channels each. Then i converted them to RGB (640 RGB pixels) then in XLIghts i exported to LOR Clipboard. Loaded LOR clipboard in LOR and pasted into sequence.
  7. thanks for all the help. Last night i did a test and realized there was no issue at all. XLights exports the clipboard in the proper order to be pasted into LOR and all seemed to work fine
  8. looks interesting will take a look. Guess i need to do a test tonight. really not even sure how the channels need to be configured in lor
  9. I have it working in Nutcracker but I am not sure how to get it into S3. Nutcracker knows to number the channels properly based on the strings and strands but I am guessing if I simply paste the data from the clipboard file every second strand will be reversed in S3 ? my physical setup is 16 strings with 40 pixels each (up down up down, etc). I set up nutcracker with 8 strings and 2 strands each and it works fine in nutcracker. in LOR i can create 4 universes with 160 rgb channels but every other strand would be numbered incorrectly, no ? thanks for any help
  10. Adding an E1.31 pixel mega tree this year. Whats the best way to set up the channels in LOR so I can add them to my existing LOR and DMX channels the tree consists out of 16 strings with 40 pixels each. The strings are zig zag meaning I cant simply create 480 channels as the channel numbers start at the bottom go up and then come down and then up again Anything easier than having to create them manually ? I am not going to sequence the pixels in LOR probably but just need them to be there so I can import data from xlights/nutcracker to play any other tips are appreciated to get this set up correctly thanks Mike
  11. don731 google fog machine relay and you will find lots of posts on how to add a relay to a fog machine to control it in halloween forums essentially you are hooking up a 110V relay to do what the included remote switch does. You can buy a relay for a few bucks
  12. actually just read on that page The standard specifies that two independent 12 V rails (12 V2 for the 4 pin connector and 12 V1 for everything else) with independent overcurrent protection are needed to meet the power requirements. so it looks like the large connector only carries the V1 and V2 is on the 4 pin connector http://pcsupport.about.com/od/insidethepc/a/atx-pinout-4-pin-12v-psu.htm
  13. http://pinouts.ru/Power/atx_v2_pinout.shtml i am guessing the V1 and V2 would be the two yellow wires (pin 10 and 11) not sure about V3 but maybe that is the negative 12V
  14. i had one with a problem and found the the first resistor just before the first bad pixel had a bad solder joint. (you could see the joint cracked). After reflowing the solder joint it started working fine again
  15. found it. The first smd resistor had a broken solder joint. little reflow and it is working again
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