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  1. Gah! I am assembling my CTB16PC. (card assembled) and I am frustrated because the strain relief doesn't line up with rubber grommets on the bottom of the box. I cannot feed the cables properly through to the board. I am thinking LOR has messed up and the card is mounted in the wrong enclosure. Here's what it looks like. Any ideas, because I swear there is not enough room in here for me to work. All my pig tails are hitting the metal side of the card and I cannot work around that.
  2. NM, I put the wrong audio file in.... My own stupid fault....
  3. I am not using DMX and there would be 7 total controllers (6 - 16 channel controllers plus 1 RGB controller) Should I be using DMX? RGB is new to me this year. This is my 4th year doing a show and I feel like a newbie all over again.... Oh, and not to mention I am soooo way behind this year. I usually start in August.... BTW, it is ok to tell me to do more research on the LOR site if the info is there.I don't want to be asking dumb questions.... :-) I just am for some reason struggling to find it...
  4. Hello, Maybe I am just completely blind and not seeing it, but I am trying to figure out which version of the sequence editor I need to run 6 controllers plus 8 dumb RGB floods. Can anyone tell me? Thank you!
  5. Hey there, Looking to buy my first package here. I live in an apartment where they hold a balcony decorating contest every year for Christmas. I am determined to win this year.... My question pertains to power. I am looking at doing maybe 32 channels - 2 controllers. I see that the PRO version comes in a 15 amp controller or a 30 amp controller. The Residential comes only in 30 amp. My breakers are 15 amps a piece and powering two 30 amp controllers would require (this is a guess on my part) running extension cords from the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen to get enough power without tripping breakers. However, 15 amp controllers while easier, I fear they won't have enough power to run my show. The lights I have are standard mini-lights, 100 to a string. If I use the standard 100 lights minis, I would have about 24 channels with a single string on them in addition to 8 channels that would control stars and other misc. lights, albeit less than 100 lights. Could I run a show like this on a 2 PRO 15 amp controllers? Or do I need to buy LED's instead. If I do LED's my setup would be similar, but I would obviously be drawing much less power. Or do I just need to buy the 30 amp controllers and run extension cords all over my apartment? Any help is appreciated! Ryan
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