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  1. We created a hack we call the "Deluminator" (inspired by Dumbledore's opening incantations from Harry Potter). We were lucky enough to have a big old sodium street light at the end of our cul de sac right in front of our house. Fortunately, it had a dusk to dawn sensor. Not wanting to get sued or cause permanent damage, my boys and I originally tried to hit the sensor with a variety of lasers to no avail, and then we came up with the solution. It was really simple after we thought about it... Our dusk-to-dawn sensor needed a night light on a timer. I just put a single, old school blue c7 at the end of an old single fake candle (like the kind you put in your windows at Christmas or Halloween) on top of a long pole that we painted matte black. we zip tied it to the post and it practically disappeared for all intents and purposes. We chose a blue light so it wouldn't be too distracting. After a couple of seasons we've kept it up all year long. Only mod I've made is putting dielectric grease in the socket to keep it from corroding. You could use a cane pole, PVC or an extra extend-a-pole with the screw-end like they sell at Home Depot with the shingle clips. It just so happened the screw end fit perfectly in our solo candelabra. If you have a spare channel, you can make it part of your show. Turn on that unit when you want to start your show. Or just use a cheapy $4 timer. Turn it off when show's over. Problem solved. Everyone happy. Good luck!
  2. I remember seeing your video for the first time on their site just a few weeks ago and then when I went to show my brother it was gone... are you telling me that you DIDN'T win?????? You had like 878 views (you have to go to the last page for your final entry), almost 2x the next one at 498 which was roughly 4x the rest of the pack... That's CRAZY!
  3. So it *IS* you! I loved your work with Deadmau5 and this is even better. I like the cleanliness and simplicity of your design and they way you play with color and darkness. Absolutely fantastic and brilliant. Did I mention I really like it? My brother and I stood outside in amazement with that same feeling we had the first time we watched the Wizards in Winter video on youtube... Love your style. Keep up the great work.
  4. Those were two of the songs I was hoping to be able to find as well... any luck?
  5. Love your taste in music... Are you the one that did the Moar Ghosts'n'Stuff for the LOR contest? Either way, yay or nay, I've been trying to find that one... care to share the DeadMau5?
  6. OMG, my son just got cast in his middle school's production of Willy Wonka, and of course, they LOVE dub step, I would be the coolest, sickest dad ever if I could play this at their harvest festival dance... any chance you'd share? I'd be forever in your debt!
  7. Did you ever get an answer to this? In the fall of 2011 I bought 12 Gen3's and 4 CTB16s with motion sensors and never got around to setting them up with the fun and stress of getting a massive light show up and running. It was kinda low on my list of things to do, you know? But now, I'm trying to setup a rig to do some non-Christmas-y stuff and I find out its not going to work. It looks like the simplest way is to just use a basic switch on the line, but now that I've seen the PDFs of the new products I'd like to get one of those snazzy LED displays, etc. Any one out there know of a follow-on "upgrade" for the CTB16?
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