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  1. can some one help me i need to up load a pictureon here , and i do not see a way to attach it.
  2. The 3 16 ch controllers are Residential .
  3. If all else fails i will do that, but i have put in a lot of hours in to building and puting it together and i would like to see it stay together so i dont feel like i had wasted all those hour for nothing. I know stupid ! LOL
  4. Oh sorry about that , i forgot that the RBG controller , i bought that from a LOR destribitor Creative Light Display. its a CMB 16d in a weatherprof box with a fan controled DC power supply . and the ribbons are a singe RBG stip about 16 ft with a weatherprof connection . as for the tree no stand what i was refering to was the sequence to the song . Sorry for that mix up . I live in Texas out side of DFW area. thanks.
  5. I have the following lightshow that i need to sell. 3 - 16 ch controllers , 1 RBG DC controller w/ 5 ribbons and wireing , 2 ccd w/ ribbon , 4 lg (6'x5') singing faces , with all the necessary accessories ( cat 5 cords, usb controller and ext cord ) and 10 different Christmas and Halloween sond already sequence for the singing faces and other lights including a 5 RBG ribbon tree that dances with the lights. A COMEPLETE LIGHT SHOW ! I know how much i spent on it and how much time and labor i have put into it. but i have no ideal how much i should sell it for ! So if any one is interested or have any in put on this PLEASE help. Last year was a very bad year for my famialy and my self, we had to move out of our Lg home that had a lg property , to a much smaller house at the end of a very long and small street out side of city limits . So no more plase to put up light show any more. Also all the controllers were bought back in 2013 and are in good working condition. I know how the forum has all ways been a very supportive community. helping each other out , so i could use some in put. Thanks Paul
  6. I need to sell my set up . Is their a place on the form to do this or are we not aloud to ? dont what to get in trouble in here. Please advise. thanks paul
  7. Matt I just uploaded theonly singing faces that I have done .you can check it out use it or pass a long if you like Its the only one thats out their with singing faces. "Santa baby". paul
  8. Thanks matt i was able to download what the fox says . I was wondering , it says that that was saved by a older LOR and some things may not be able to be saved . What is that all about , do I need to change any thing or will it be ok ? paul
  9. Nov 21 at 2:29 PM I tried to down load it off of drop box , but had trouble. I have singing faces with 16 ch for lights , 5 rgb tree, and 2 ccd ( not sure how many channels that is ) I would thank full if you would send me the down load link . thanks paul No one else is having problems, what is your error that you are receiving. Matt Nov 21 at 5:40 PM Me It is probably user error, LOL I just got Drop box and im not familiar with it. Every time I click the drop box link you put up it sends me to a empty page. Well not all empty , It has a drop box loga Nov 21 at 6:25 PM
  10. Ok im a idit got it fixed lol thanks
  11. I have my LO rama software on my laptop for running my shows, but i would like to have it on my desktop computer to do my sequenceing . How do i put it on my desktop ? i tried and it said i didnt have the rights to do so . lol can i get some help?
  12. how do i go about installing light-o-rama software on my main computer ? I tried to install it just like i did on my laptop, but it said that there was a error because i have already installed it on my laptop i would guess. So how do i install it on my main computer? Any help would be great.
  13. I followed the guide all the way thru to #6 Thats were i am having problem. IT's problely some thing simple, but im lost on this . Any help would be great. A tutorial video would be great, but have'nt found one yet.
  14. I have the same problem . Did you ever get an anwser, on what to do?
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