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  1. Ok, I found the missing PE prop. I hadn't noticed the additional slider on the right side of the screen. Because I have more channels than will fit on the screen there are two sliders, one will scroll through all my regular channels, and the additional one will scroll past those and show the PE prop w/ its attached channel tree. I was confused for a while as there is an .lid file like you said but I was not finding the PE prop.
  2. The first Pic is an example of a test Pixel tree I added to an older sequence that I'm not using. The second pic is a sequence I will use and the Pixel tree I programmed in Pixel Editor will be used also but I do not see the PE Prop added. I think I'm missing a step to get that to show up.
  3. Added a pixel tree in PE. Saved Intensity Data and went back into sequence. Pixel tree intensity data missing. Go back into PE and the tree is there as well as all the effects. Am I missing something?
  4. Thanks, this clears up why I'm just now seeing it. Upgraded to Win 10 and S4.
  5. Wow lights still sells the CTB16PC controllers partially assembled, meaning no soldering.
  6. When you created the sequence you may have not specified that it needed to be 16 channels. I believe it defaults to 8 channels. This is and easy fix. 1. Go into your sequence. 2. Go to the TOOLS drop down. 3. Select Channel Configuration 4. Add 8 more channels 5. You will now see 16 channels displayed in the Channel Configuration window. 6. Configure CH 9-16 as follows a. Name - (anything you like) b. Device Type - Light-O-Rama Controller c. Network - Regular d. Unit - 01 e. Circuit - 9 - 16 This is also helpful when you add more controllers in the future. You can just go in to your old sequences and add another unit with 16 more channels. Happy sequencing!
  7. Hey good luck with that. We're getting snow/rain mix this weekend and I still have to fix the tractor damage to my spiral tree. My hands will be cold.
  8. Well, that is a fair point, gfi and fused controllers and even fused led or Incan lights. Maybe it isn't really any safer, I was just a bit shocked is all.
  9. You're powering your controllers with SPT wire? There's no ground wire in SPT.
  10. I've used a few sequences created by others. I usually load up visualizer on one monitor, load the sequence on the other monitor ( having two monitors is a godsend), and my channel config and watch the entire thing. Sometimes things just "work out" and what doesn't look good gets copy and pasted to other channels, or completely changed.
  11. I've never used team viewer for this purpose, but I have used this app, like everyone else, it gets my vote, and thanks for the idea. I've grown tired of running in the house every time I want to make a change. Why didn't I think of this before?
  12. I make my own after having issues with cables being mislabeled from the vender. I bought patch cables that ended up being crossover. I've also invested in an "ideal cable tester" capable of testing cat, phone, and coax. Well worth the money. Hope you find the problem.
  13. Don't make the mistake I made before getting into LOR. I went out and bought a bunch of extension cords. Not only expensive, but they are darned heavy to pack away. Look into buying a spool of SPT-1 or SPT-2 wire and vampire plugs. It's way cheaper lighter and fully customizable. Edit; I should also add, that spt wire is only for hooking up your lights, not to be used for powering your controllers, that would be bad.
  14. As I don't have a firm grasp on RGB's, dumb or otherwise. Yet ( operative word being YET) I was looking for a simplified answer to how many RGB floods can operate independently of one another utilizing this board. Whilst attempting to avoid a lengthy and probably opinion biased discussion on how many TOTAL RGB floods can run given the design parameters of the CMB24D board. Ken, was kind enough to answer that "fer us simple minded folk"
  15. so how many independent RGB floods can this board run?
  16. Don you inadvertently solved an issue I was having with a new Laptop running Windows 8 I bought a new laptop yesterday to replace the one that died on opening night. Installed LOR, transferred all of my audio and sequences using the default LOR folders.Set up a show and ran into a series of issues. Some sequences played fine while others gave an error. Re-associated ALL of my media files and ran a test show. Everything seems to be working fine now. I think its worth noting that going from Windows 7 to 8 you may have to do this.
  17. I did actually end up swapping it around simply because all of my sequences are written for it to spin either up or down at any given time. Funny how something so simple can be over looked. But all in all for my opening night I saw peoples faces light up when that tree came on so it was well worth it
  18. http://youtu.be/cCya5OueXEk Almost didn't happen. I had a last minute fiasco with my show laptop that nearly put me in the loony bin. Its a raw iPhone video
  19. So, 14 hours and I realized I wrapped the tree backwards. My show starts tomorrow evening and now I have to swap all the SPT cords so it spirals in the right direction. Here's a preview. http://youtu.be/71wrGF3kHZg
  20. Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to this crazy family!
  21. Hmmmm I'm still on 3.10.12, I wonder if its a bug?
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