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  1. Where did you place your controller? Im in the process of setting up my house with e682 and Im worried about the signal going to each strand.
  2. I have a LOR doogle with a LED-CON2. I reverses the wires as needed and hooked it up but when i make a sequence the wrong colors always show, I was going crazy and I read someone was saying they test there channels with Lightx. So I installed and it worked perfectly. Each channel is assigned to the right channel. r=1 g=2 b=3 but I cant figure out why LOR wont play the right squence? Any help?
  3. I just purchased my first LOR. I had a cheap store brand with 4 channels before. Regarding wiring for the lights. Does anyone recommend anything special for the power cords. So there are not so many cords and plugs? I was thinking about rewiring to have a thinner extension cord? Is this a crazy idea and to much work? Or does everyone just buy tons of extension cords?
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