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  1. Thanks for all the positive responses! For the questions Yes! Not in the particular show that I posted. Me and my boss are working on a show right now that is requiring us to purchase LOR. We are buying the Advanced Software Version and a kit. Thanks Don! Actually it was for our church's pre-service that led into the Christmas eve services (6) with about 2k + attending We shot this video the day before, we just wanted an empty room
  2. http://vimeo.com/34174365 This is a show I programmed for my church's Christmas Eve, Pre-service. Song:TSO's christmas eve sarajevo Programmed on a Hog 500 Fixtures: 6 Robe Spot 250XT , 6 Robe Wash 575XT, 2 Mac 500's, 4 Elation Opti, 40 String lit Christmas Tree's Total of 842 channels of DMX used. 3 universes. Enjoy!!
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