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  1. I would love a copy as well , I also have a Star Spangled Banner by Madison rising sequence. if anyone would like. I am looking for a 16channell of God bless the USA by lee greenwood sequence. Hunter632@cox.net
  2. How do we share a 16 channel file or where do I go to get it.
  3. I am using 3.6.0 yes it happens at start of show, it loads player, schedule,initalizes everything fine. then i get the error every second. I went into verifer, and found it loads the shows but has a error 22 can not read shows. Something to do with the other error? I sent the files that you requested, Thanks so much for your help, this is getting frustrating. If I have to redo the one show (that took about 20 hours) I am going to be sick! The before show is a static show that runs when the main (star show) 4 min show is not running every half hour.
  4. HandleEvent Error: Subscript out of range,I am getting this error and the show will not start. I just purchased the software a couple of months ago and I am running windows7.I can play it manually fine.
  5. Ok i have three shows, I set the 1st show static to 530 to 7:00 no problem. Set the second show to 7:01 to 7:05 and I get a "start conflict"
  6. I am running this from a laptop,Version3.6.0 not sure where to find the license info from. There will be a single song every hour, before and after will be lights on. Example: first sequence starts at 530 till 7 then 2nd at 7:01to 7:05 then static to 7:59 ,8:00 to 8:04 1st sequence again and ETC. Thanks!
  7. Ok so i have 3 sequences, first one is lights on steady second is my music sequence for 4 mins. third sequence is lights on steady. I cannot seem to set the schedule editor to do the second sequence to run every hour. I keep getting start conflicts unless I put 5 mins between them. I would like to run about 30 seconds between them. Help! thanks in advance!
  8. How do I have the lights on (then the big show) then lights on again
  9. How do I have the lights stay on before and after the show? I am a newbie!
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