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  1. send em I am currently working on lights and hot chocolate by tomhanks. Just uploaded coca cola and amazing grace https://www.dropbox....an9c/IKpmlXTW03 Please send any thing to me that you would like faces put too. studog86@gmail.com
  2. What error are you getting? I have had acouple people now download with know problems email me directly if u still cant get it. Studog86@gmail.com Matt I have 8. Channel faces 4 faces 32 channels total.
  3. Drummer boy by the tokens is done, the vixen file has it completed with lights, the lights are not sequenced in the .lms filee but the signing voices are there with a second track of my old sequence that you could use. I am almost done putting mouths to lights by ellie goulding, keep checking my dropbox for updates, and feel free to use any of the signing faces files I have. I especially like the sandstorm remix that I have done with faces, it is in the new years folder. Here is link to dropbox, enjoy, and thank you everyone for all your help. Matt. https://www.dropbox....an9c/IKpmlXTW03 Please send any thing to me that you would like faces put too. studog86@gmail.com
  4. I will try to make a video soon but if you have any questions I know that program up and down I could walk you through any of it. funny thing with my papagayo to lor is I had to use 24 fps on papagayo to make it work with LOR, although everyone swears up and down that you have to set it to 25 fps. Maybe its because I am using lor S2 not s3. Matt Here is my email studog86@gmail.com Here is my dropbox account https://www.dropbox....an9c/IKpmlXTW03 send anything you want singing faces too. Also delete any groups you may have if you are using LOR s3 i only have s2, and it will error out if you have groups like ccr's. Also I will have the ability for you to upload to dropbox in a few hours but remember you will be sharing that .lms with everyone else that watches this post. If you dont want to share send it to my email. Matt
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to give back to this great community that this forum has. I am actually getting pretty good at Papagayo and am able to sequence using faces to a song in under 4 hours. So if you have any sequences out there that you would like to add signing faces too, send them my way and I will try to get it done before xmas and or Halloween. I will not share your sequence with anyone except for the singing face tracks, but I would like to be able to incorporate your sequence in to my show. I still haven't mastered LOR, and I need more songs for this year. Look at my signature below every post I have and you will find my email, and a link to download sequences and a link to upload your sequence. You will have to email me directly for information on what Audio I used. Again this is completely free, I am just asking that I be able to incorporate your sequence into my show. Here is a list of what I have so far. Halloween sequences: Addams Family Beetlejuice Creep (clean version) By Scala Love this song and has light sequence Grim Grinning Ghosts by bare naked ladies Ghost Busters Twilight Zone the original TV version Wubbzy halloween Montage mix Halloween Bring Me To Life Light em Up by Fall Out Boys (Very cool song) I want Candy by Bow Wow Wow Live and Let Die by Paul Mcartney Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold O fortuna Radioactive Running with the Devil by Van Halen This is Halloween Tubular Hell by Van Helsing (lead singer of Twisted Sister) Wytches Brew Christmas Sequences: Amazing Grace techno Christmas Time Is Here Again Charlie Brown christmas coca cola Holidays are coming by Julie Sangers Drummer Boy by The Tokens Its the most wonderful Time Of The Year by Andy Williams Jingle Bell Rock by Randy Travis Music Box Dancer techno Rudolph by Alan Jackson Too Many Christmas Decorations Guy by Real Men Of Genius commercial Lights by Ellie Golding Silent Night by Sinead O'conner (edited shortened.) Last Christmas by Wham 12 Days of christmas by SNC Straight No Chasers Santa And I Know It (Parody of Sexy and I know it) mixed with original song. Miscellaneous sequences: What The Fox Says by Yvis (popular song) Blurred Lines Sandstorm Vs. Gigi Ill fly With You. Starships Happy Holidays Still to come: Toy Sack 12 beers of Christmas by bob and doug mckenzie Joy to the World Grinch old and Jim Carrey version and many more. Please remember you may have to nag a little and remind me of songs you want done, I have a lot on my plate with my show and all that is going on in my life and I misplace emails and requests often. I am working as fast as I can. Matt A.K.A. Matt's Faces [Admin Edit at request of OP - 12/05/2013]
  6. I have emailed you about purchasing some sequences. Matt
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