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  1. Use choroplast its the stuff they make real estate signs with. You can get this at Lowes and or at any printing place that sell real estate signs. I was able to buy 4 4x8 sheets for under 100 bucks. Not only is it waterproof but you are not pinned down to where you put the holes. With peg board you will still have to drill the hole out to fit your bulb, plus the choro really holds the bulb in tight. I have a problem with the amount of lights in each channel. you have to get as close as you can to 25 50 or 100. Any extra you can wrap up in the back and cover with a black plastic bag so it will not glow through the back and out the sides. The one channel with 108 would mean 16 extra bulbs. My outline was 200 but you don't have a outline, this I would recommend, it just makes it look so much better in the long run you could just hook that up to your eye lid that doesn't blink, if you have an issue with the amount of channels you are trying to use. This would make your face a 7 channel face. Mine is a 9 channel face I like to shut off the outline seperately in some cases and I have pink bows on mine that I turn on when I need a girl singer. Hope this helps. Check out some of my newer sequences in the link below and you will see in my animation my 9 channel faces. Matt
  2. Tubular Hell has been fixed, I guess there was a problem with the mp3 its working now. Matt
  3. Please put your sequences in a folder with your name on it when uploading so I may keep things organized. Matt My uploads should be limitless in size, I dont know why it would fail. You dont have to make it for my setup, I can just copy and paste from what you have. Thanks for the help. Matt
  4. The only thing I can think of is Papagayo does weird things when you try sequence a song longer than 1 minute. You have to cut your song in thirds and paste them together after exporting to LOR. This could be what happened to this song to much information for the antiquated program to handle. I wish I had better news.
  5. TOFER26 I could not bring up the .pgo with audio did you use papagayo or the papagayo mod? It seems like the timing is stretched when I tried to load into LOR, did you set papapgayo mod to 25 fps when you did breakdown, because I noticed it was running at 30fps. LOR is 25 fps or lips will not match up. .
  6. Again please send me your sequences by using the upload link below or email me directly, I will not share you light sequence but I have exhausted myself by doing all these requests for faces and I have not even started to put the light portion of the sequence together, (plus I am not that great at the light portion of sequencing, faces yes.) Please contribute so I may continue to take requests
  7. Actually Tofer took a crack at this I have his Papagayo files and I am going to see what I can do with it tonight. I might have this by tomorrow. Matt
  8. No I have not seen either of these songs, I dont think I have time this year to get to those. Do you have the light sequence done to them. I dont have enough time to do the faces for everyone and then go back and do the light portions as well, so I usually give priority to those sequences that allready have the light sequence part done. Matt Sorry Tofer just finally got caught up in my emails, I am averaging 25 a day now from this forum alone. i will run it tonight and see what I can do for you. I would love to see this up and running for Halloween. What Does The Fox Say.
  9. Still answering emails and finishing Blurred Lines, but from what you have sent it has been very helpful, thank you Tofer26 Email my directly about audio info. Email is found below and I am going to do both versions of Mr Grinch, they line up pretty close so I can do both at the same time. Matt
  10. Ok first half of Blurred Lines Faces are done somebody needs to get started on the light portion. I cleaned up the song as best as I could, it sounds pretty good.
  11. Thanks Tofer. Tubular Bells by Van Helsing is done. I edited the song to add the intro by none other then Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and the founder of Van Helsing. Please email me about the edited song. I dont know who sent me this request, but I did the song thinking I had a light sequence to cut and paste from. To my surprise the .lms was blank, so please could someone help me with a light sequence for this song and any of the other ones that I have done for the past two months. Matt
  12. Which one the fox or radioactive. I still haven't figured out the Radioactive video. Speaking of Radioactive have you finished the light sequence part?
  13. Ohhhk now I understand. First off you need papagayo to LOR.exe you will find that at http://itsmebob.com/SD.html, click on the green bird and it will download for you (I had to go through 10 threads to figure that one out). Watch his videos found next to the link he explains how to transfer them over to your LOR clipboard. Someday I am going to video myself doing an entire song, I hate my voice and I am stagefright so it wont be pretty, but so many people want to know how I get the lips lined up so well. I am thinking of doing a really simple short song like Jingle Bells. I hope to have it out by next week. Matt
  14. that song is hysterical, dont know if it is appropriate for anything but New Years. If you do the light part I will do the faces.
  15. Thank You....what song should I do next? Hells Bells, mj smooth criminal, Devil Went Down To Georgia.Anyone. Yes once I finish Halloween next week I will start on xmas.
  16. Did you find any sequences you liked. Matt
  17. If you follow my dropbox link below I have about 20 sequences for the quartet faces. I was interested in Hells bells and smooth criminal. I use Papagayo and set my timing to .04. Matt I would like to see this one Robin Matt
  18. Wytches Brew is done. Now what do I do? Please send me your finished sequences done to my faces, I am running out of time to do the light part I would really appreciate the help so I can copy and paste what you have. I will not share your part. Matt
  19. Here it is Bring Me To Life by Calvin and Matt, and RADIOACTIVE BY me Matt. You'll find them in the dropbox link below. Enjoy. Email directly about which audio I used. Matt
  20. Fine, I just should have listened to the song before I watched the video, Lame. Ill have it by this weekend. I still have to finish Bring Me To Life, and Wytches Brew, first. I need someone to find me Hells Bells and Devil went down to Georgia. Email me about the Audio. studog86@hotmail.com
  21. Just finished the long version of This Is Halloween, I had to fix the audio because it was in two mono channels so I cleaned it up a bit. You can find the light sequence part in a different thread on this forum. Up next Bring Me To Life and I am still working on wytches brew. Matt
  22. Sorry I have not started xmas yet. I will get working on hot chocolate when I finish Halloween. I would love a copy of hot chocolate as well Keith. Could you elaborate, the video and sequences are in the same directory. Not sure what you mean by dead end.
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