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  1. I will have something out soon, I am still figuring out how to use CamStudio for screen capture and looking for a better mic.
  2. Would love to put faces to these. just upload them with my link below. U will reoost when I am done. Matt faces. I will repost when I am done.
  3. I never thiught to do this song. Now would you use this for halloween or xmas? I never thiught to do this song. Now would you use this for halloween or xmas?
  4. Finished faces for Your a mean one Mr Grinch by Jim Carrey does anyone have a light sequence I can borrow?
  5. I have it in my dropbox link found below in my signature. Look in xmas 2013 folder. I am actually just starting to put lights to my faces, do you have lights done allready and could you email me your .lms so I could copy and paste different elements to my show. Matt
  6. Yes, it’s a long song and very difficult, lots of made up words. I am going as fast as I can, like a Seasick Crocodile. Matt
  7. Wayne K I have your voice over done but there is no email listed to send it. Can you send me your email.
  8. I am working on the Grinch both original and Jim Carry version, please send your .lms of these songs so I can incorporate them into my faces and put on my show tonight. Should have faces done in about two hours. Its 9am pacific time now 12/13/2013
  9. I finally got my show up and running, I will start working on everyone's requests. Please help by sending your .lms files back to me after youadd my faces to them. Next up is the grinch Then mariah carrey. All I want for christmas.
  10. Ok Hot chocolate is now ready to download. I used a member from the forums Hot Chocolate and added back up singers and tightened up the mouth movements on the main singer Tom Hanks. Matt
  11. I have updated post #1 to show a list of all my songs and all info you will need to find the sequences audio info, etc. PLEASE READ POST #1 BEFORE PM OR EMAILING ME, it should answer all your questions, and please send me your finished sequences after you have added my faces to it so I can incorporate it into my show, and I would love to see what you have done with you sequences. Matt
  12. I am going to start a new thread with the list at the first post. I wish I could just edit my first post on this thread but it wont let me, so it is hard to update a list of what I have.
  13. My hopes were to have people take my faces and do the light sequencing and upload them back to me so I could get help with the light sequencing, I did songs by request so I never had a light sequence done. Now I have faces but no lights. So please upload to me or share on this thread by posting your .lms with my faces attached, Liked Brian has done for us on post #240. Happy Holidays Matt
  14. Im sorry read post 242. I am trying to get my show up still I have 20 songs but only 5 working with my new lineup. As soon as I get that done I will work on sending out new faces before xmas. I just finidshed Christmas time is here Charlie Brown and Last Christmas by Wham You will find it in my dropbox link below
  15. In my link below for dropbox is everything to date except my show this year, I will update that soon. Last years is in xmas 2012 and has light sequencing and faces. This years are faces only, I am way behind and still sequencing this years songs to my new show. I screwed up and added way to many elements and am overwhelmed with glitches and sequencing in my new elements. Whole show now has red and green added to my all white and blue show of last year, RGB on all my eaves 8 shooting stars red and green ornaments in all my trees 4 channels of candy canes and a 14 channel merry christmas sign and 8 more controllers. What was I thinking.
  16. Your welcome, and thanks for that, you would be amazed at how many people or in a panic and are grabbing songs from me and forget to thank me. Make sure you check back just before thanksgiving I am converting my 2012 to 2013 added shooting stars Merry Christmas sign and RED and GREEN incans and DMX RGB dumbstring on my Eaves plus new songs, I should have them all done to 280+ channels for you to copy and paste from, and of course the Faces done. I will post on the forum every time I complete a sequence and upload it to dropbox. Matt
  17. I am a Realtor and this is my slow season, but I actually have two clients right now, which is great for buisness but is taking all my time I am trying to get to them, I have grinch pretty much done and will try to have these by Thanksgiving, i may be a couple of days late. Sorry but I have to feed my family. Matt
  18. Put your sequences in a folder and zip it, use 7zip its free. Then hit my upload link found below second link that says link to upload your sequences. then click on add files then hit upload, thats it. Matt Thats weird I dont know what happened. put them in a folder zip it and then upload it. I just did it and it works. Matt Make sure you keep folders under 50mb, I dont care if you have them in multiple folders. Matt
  19. Crud, your right you cant upload folders a zipped folder may work. Just make sure your name and avatar name or on the file.
  20. They are in line and on the list for being done before Thanksgiving. Please remember when you upload your songs that you want done, that you have to put them in a folder with your name on it. I have files all over my upload link with no name and no Idea what they go to. So please put them in a folder or I will delete them, and never get to them.
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