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    I am having a mid-life crisis, I am addicted to blinking lights and sequencing them to songs that I Love, and thanks to my kids, I now sequence songs I hate.
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    bought the basic package and 32 channel from you. Then I got stupid and kept buying and buying. Have no idea how many active channels I have or how many lights.....Its alot.
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  1. Could I get a copy of sound of silence Thank you
  2. Jtomason may have this sequence as well. I did the faces to this if you would like it. Matt Stuart AKA matt faces studog86@hotmail.com
  3. I apologize for being out of the game, life is extremely hectic, and I inherited a boat load of mice that ate through half of my shows lights. I am just getting done repairing my xmas faces and hope to get back to putting out some face sequences soon. Matt
  4. Would love Tuba O? Can you help me understand what you mean by this, and by the way, thank you for all of your hard work on makinf lor to papagayo and other apps, I try to donate when ever I can. Matt Faces.
  5. I have been inundated with work kids and three businesses, yes PowerJam is my wife and I. I apologize for not keeping up on this thread, I will do my best to put up new songs for Xmas, but as for Halloween I am still putting up my show and way behind......sorry.
  6. We cannot speak about audio mp3 on this forum. Email me directly with any questions. None of my links have audio included.
  7. Thank u for sending me help guys...and girls. At the bottom of all my posts is a link to my dropbox account. There you will find all my sequences, email me for audio info. Would love to do that song with is o fortuna intro. I will look into doing this song.
  8. I just went to walmart and bought the cheap incan lights. 100 count strings, had to cut some down to 50 for the mouth. I actually like how the incans look better than the LED when it comes to mouth movements. They Fade on and off instead of flicker like the LEDs do. Matt
  9. Thank u for sending me help guys...and girls. At the bottom of all my posts is a link to my dropbox account. There you will find all my sequences, email me for audio info.
  10. Still working on the new job, we had some changes lately and I hope to become full time with Pay, Instead of 60 hours a week with part time pay. This should free up some time, to sequence. First song will be uma thurman Fall Out Boys. Does anyone have a light sequence to this song so I can use it. I have been stuck with too many songs that I have done faces to but cant find the time to light sequence them. Matt
  11. Sure send it to me email. studog86@hotmail.com. I will take a look at it for you in Papagayo, do you want me to clean it up if it needs it, Or do you want me to leave it as is?
  12. You will have to email me directly with this question email is below this post. Setting up a new ccr mega tree and dont have time yet for new songs. I hoPE TO SEND out a few new ones after thanksgiving.
  13. I do what ever songs are most requested on this forum, and then I hope to get help on doing the light portion of the sequence.
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