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  1. Anyone experience this issue and know how to correct it. I don't know if its my computer or the sequence or the editor. I've got certain sequence's out of dozens that I only have this issue with. I'm working with a new song i'm programming in the Editor. I like to use the PLAY FROM Selection so I don't have to go through the whole song 500 times. But every once in awhile you get a sequence that will work just fine and the timing will be dead on from the start of the song but once you select the PLAY FROM SELECTION from the PLAY RANGE and select a certain spot in your sequence you realize its like 2 seconds off. Now I can select the very beginning of the song and it will be dead on but if you select like anything after that, Your whole sequence is off and it will take days instead of hours to program a simple song. Any info would help,
  2. Here are songs I have for sequences to I can swap for. UFO Takeover, Spooky scary skeleton, Adams Family Beetlejuice, Bring Me to life, Creep, Ghostbusters, Grim Grinning ghost, Monster mash, NCIS, Radioactive, Boogieman, Running with the devil, Superstition, They don't scare me, This is Halloween, Thriller, Twilight zone,Wubbzy Halloween, Wytches Brew, Amazing grace, Aunt Bethany says grace, Carrol of the bells, Christmas in hollis, Christmas vacation drumroll, Dummer boy, Hippopatamas for Christmas, Wonderful time of the year, Jingle bell rock, Linus the meaning of Christmas, Moves like santa, Muppets Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Nuttrocker, Santas got a hot rod, Blue Christmas, Christmas Vacation, White Christmas, Too many Christmas Decorations, and Revenge of the sugar plum fairy.
  3. Looking to add fire to my display or fake fire that I can plug in to my L-O-R that I can synchronize. Kinda like something that I can outline my yard with. Kinda like a electric tiki torch that looks like its throwing flames that I can program. Anyone with any ideas please help.
  4. Kiplorenzo yeah that was the first thing I did when I got the two new ones but thanks for the info. Steven I will try to move the boxes today and see how that works out thanks for everything.
  5. Steven I did what you said about pulling the middle cat 5 in box #2 and put it in the right socket and my box #2 did not work. So it must be my right socket in box #2. If that's the case I should switch box#2 for box #3 since I want need the right socket in box #3 and see if that solves my problems. And how do I go abouts fixing the right socket in box#2
  6. How do I go about reseting the controller. The unit use to be #2 and I change the ID to #3 but like I said if I hook it straight up and works no problem its just not syncing with 1 and 2.
  7. My license is basic plus and I tested all of my cat 5 cables and they all work
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