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  1. I downloaded the newest version of LOR (v5.3.6) and everything changed! It is much clunkier than ever and am racking my brain how to figure things out. I am trying to add a fade to my motion effect and I cannot add to the end. I cannot click on the previous timing mark and click on down to make it have the same color as the motion I clicked on. I have to right click and add motion or another affect, what am I doing wrong. Did everything change so drastically, we have to relearn everything? The interface looks so archaic as well, looks like LOR is going backwards not forward. Please help!
  2. Awesome! Thanks! I knew it was there somewhere.
  3. I have been searching but cannot find any thread explaining how to create a group in S5. It was there before I downloaded and installed the production version. Did groups get taken out?
  4. I used S5 for last years show and did not have any issues! I had some questions that I asked Matt Brown and he was able to help me through things. I had some last minute channel changes and fixed them in one place which made the changes simple and less time consuming. Some of the new affects included in S5 are outstanding as I had many compliments from my viewers. Ready to begin programming for this years show.
  5. Does someone have the definition for Lines (Connected and Unconnected) as they relate to the Pixel editor? What is the difference and are they used for a pixel light string? Greg
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