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  1. I setup my holiday coro pixnode flakes in the PE to each have 100 pixels, 300 channels, 1 universe each, starting on channel 1. I have 4 of these in a row out of 1 alphapix 4 output. Test pattern works great, but when running a sequence, the first flake in the series works fine, the 2nd flake has only the first 20 pixels working, the 3rd flake has the last 80 pixels working, so if you put those two together you have a complete flake. The 4th flake the last 50 pixels work. Did I mess up setting these up in the pixel editor? The alphapix 4 has 4 outputs, up to 680 pixels each, So 4 universes is fine. And I setup the interface for the correct universes. Help much apreciated!
  2. I was going to download your file and see how it worked, but I can't even figure that out!
  3. this is my first time using the visualizer, and I am having trouble with it. My pixel tree turned out fine, and I can get it into Superstar. My flakes.....well I have 8, and i hand built each in visualizer. Took some time, and it's not exactly working. Having trouble with channel assignments, even though I just copied the original and ran the wizard for each. Then going to Superstar, the pixels are all out of order...sigh...thought the upgrade to pro and Superstar would make things easier. Not many tutorials for visualizer and Superstar.
  4. So I watched Andy's video for setup, but my pixel tree does nothing when the sequence runs. I can run the test pattern, get into the config and setup my strings, but nothing when run through the sequencer or my show. Pease Help???
  5. Having a similar issue....I can run the test pattern, get into the config and set up my strings. But LOR isn't outputting to board. Ideas?
  6. J1sys has the DR2 or DR4 that will output DMX from E1.31. Guess if I used a wireless client, and a DR2, I would then have wireless DMX....but then the cost would be about $100.
  7. Will LOR controllers accept E1.31 directly?
  8. This may be a silly question...but here goes. E1.31 is DMX over ethernet cable, so if I go out of the PC to a wireless switch, I can go from the wireless switch to a LOR controller if it is running in DMX mode? And also, if I broadcast it on wireless, then I could have a wireless receiver set as a client and then connect it to a LOR DC board also running in DMX mode??? Thoughts? Or will the LOR boards not accept E1.31 directly and require them be converted?
  9. You're right on track with my thinking there....unfortunately, LOR says there is no clock built into there board, or else it could just be programmed to start at the same time as my other controllers...that would be too easy right? Another issue I am thinking of, is that if I had a hiccup in my show computer, then that would make the timing off as well.... I may be back to using relays to switch the board power on, and set it to start when powered.....(sigh).....that or dish out the cash for light linkers or wireless DMX...
  10. I want to use a DC board in my display for a train. I don't want to spend the extra money on a wireless light linker when the board can store the sequence, and just needs an input to start the show. How about setting it for a 24 hour show and just starting it the first time? Thoughts?
  11. Train will be battery powered and moving. Seems like LOR should have put a clock on that board. Would open a lot of possibilities for it. Can load a sequence to run on it's own, but can't start on it's own.... Am sure they would like to sell me a light linker set for it. Guess I will have to figure out a way to switch it on remotely.
  12. I plan on using my 16 channel DC board for a train in my display. I want to save the sequence to it, and run it in standalone mode, but the manual only lists using a switch or run at power on as options for starting the sequence. Surely this board can be programmed to start at a certain time? I don't want to have to go out in the yard at 6 every night and push a switch. It will have batteries on board.
  13. Thanks! I stopped by your Facebook page. Like your cross on the roof. I was really looking for something like that when I found the satr I have. I may add a cross later on though. Thanks, and from the guy with the awesome snowmen!
  14. Agreed, those snowmen are great! Did you make them yourself?
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