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  1. Check the unit ID, you may have two controllers with the same number or check that the first controller is not defined as unit 00. When the LED stops blinking and stays on this tell you that there is communication from the computer to the controller.
  2. Problem solved, From some try and test i figuere out that the problem is on the LED Screen, when i take of the screen the controllers start to work fine. Finally with the support from the Light-O-Rama help desk, we are figure out that all the crontollers have installed 2 comm chips and to work fine just have to remove the comm chip on the main board (8 pin dip chip) and the controller start to work fine with the LED display.
  3. We already check all the cables. The cables work fine with the CTB16D controllers, we even test the cables placing the CTB32LDg3 controller in the middle and put 3 CTB16d at the end and the hardware utility still only recognize the 9 CTB16d controllers
  4. I need urgent help, I'm building a control for a Christmas mega tree. I'm using 9 CTB16D and 9 CTB32LDg3 (firts time using this conroller). I have already armed and connected all the conrollers but the problem I have is with the new CTB32LDg3, the computer does not recognize the controllers and not join the LOR network with the CTB16D. i already assign a different address to each one but still get the message that they have no communication. Could someone give me some suggestions of where you can be the problem. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. I had not search for that option in the play menu Always searching for a serious problem and then realize that the solution is simple Thanks for the help
  6. Hi all, I have a problem with the visualizer and it does not simulate anything, there is no communication between the visualizer and the sequence editor. Configure my computer to work locally ( with the default port and nothing, I change the port and does not work. Probe settings changing my network adapter does not work, finally disable the windows firewall and antivirus thinking that might be blocking the port but the result is the same I could not use the visualizer. Currently I have installed the LOR S3 3.7.0 (installed yesterday thinking I could solve the problem). OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit LOR 3.7.0
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