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  1. I submitted a request through the contact us section on the website and was Paul said they would be on sale November 11. Not sure i can wait that long. Still looking
  2. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience and I have made my decision to go with LEDs. I couldn't get around that feeling in my gut that I was taking a short cut and would end up with something less than impressive and upgrade next year to LEDs and just have a ton of icans sitting aroudn with nothing to do with them. I keep looking at Novelty Lights and LED Holiday lighting as they seem to have the best price for lights right now. Average is $13 a string for 70 count C6 strings. Any other suggestions or sales on the horizon coming up that anybody can share?
  3. Since I have little or no experience with LED's how many diodes are in a C6? I assume just one with M5 or M6 but are there more in C6 or is just a different housing?
  4. Thanks for the hug!! I started the second thread because the first one was titled LED's and I was worried that some people may not open or respond to my question on Ican's so I broadened my approach. Just trying to get as many opinions as I can as I don't want to spend more than I have to and certainly do not want to spend a bunch and be dissappointed with the final product. Who would have ever thought that Christmas lights could be so stressful!! Yup did it to myself when I bought that first controller.
  5. I am working to finalize my light selection for a 20' mega tree. I am planning on 32 strings of R, W, and G on sixteen channels each going straight to the ground. I am thinkig of using 100 light mini lights for each strand which would give me 9600 lights on the tree. I have read that some people are using C6 LED lights which are bigger and just want to hear what people think about this choice? Will it look full or will it be less than impressive? I understand the power and energy efficiency arguments and this is about a 30 Amp tree which I can support with dedicated circuits. I am concerned with the look of the tree and want to hear your thoughts. As always thanks to everyone for sharing and providing your input....this is a great hobby and a lot of great people help us newer people along and I for one appreciate it!
  6. I completely agree that you need to factor in the cost difference in operation but at only 10,000 lights on the tree it would be less than $100 to operate at full power for six hours a day the entire season meaning my payback is close to seven years or the useful life of the LED lights which makes it a break even. Don't get me wrong I want to move towards LED's and was hoping to make the jump with this tree as it helps with power requirements but I just cant justify the expense right now. With after Christmas sales or pre-buy it could make sense so there is alway next year to upgrade. Any thoughts on the look of the tree?
  7. Wow! That is a great tree and looks great...35' is outside of my first attempt but could be a goal in a few years. Spent some more time looking at millions of websites that sell lights and found some traditional incandescent lights that will match up with the length I need for the tree. 20' tall with about a 7' radius and I am looking at doing 3 colors (R, W, G) on sixteen channels each. This upgrade has to include controllers and all new lights so I have to keep the budget in mind as we go. What do you think about using standard mini-lights with this size tree and 32 strands per color?
  8. Building my first mega tree this year and am looking at using LED lights as they match the length I need for my tree. 70 count LED lights on 4-in. spacing. So when I start looking at lights I see M5 and M6 which both look like traditional incandescent lights and I understand that M6 are just oversized M5 lights. My understanding is about 1mm in length. I also see the 5mm conical LED lights which seem to be a favorite as they provide good 360 degree viewing. My question to everyone is what are you using and why? What are you recommendations? Do I need to stay with M5 or M6 lights or are the 5mm just fine?
  9. Thanks for the quick response. I did not adjust the antenna length at all. When I calculate do I use the entire length from the transmitter or just the exposed length. I am on 105.9 and was afraid to cut it in the event I have to change channels in the future but will definitely take a look.
  10. First year LOR setup and I am using the whole house FM transmitter instead of outside speakers. I am running my show using the MP3 show time director which has its own case that also houses the FM transmitter. This box is mounted with in 3 feet of one of my controllers. I have installed the antenna extension and have this mounted vertica,l secured to my gutter downspout. Range is ok for what I need but I am getting static on reception even directly in front of my house which is only 75 feet away. Is this just what I should expect from this whole house device (read the forums after purchasing it) or have I done something wrong? Very little documentation with the device and nothing about mounting the antenna. Am I getting interference? Should it not be mounted on the aluminum gutter?
  11. Thanks to everyone for the help. Seems like I need to start with the Visualizer and layout what I have and then assemble into a channel configuration and then build from there. I like the idea of sequencing and then testing to see how it looks as I have been worried how it would look. I am sure I will have lots of questions to come but I am off and running now and have spent time this evening running through the Visualizer tutorial and that looks fairly straight forward but we will see how it goes after I start putting lights up. This is really a great group of people!
  12. Just getting started and trying to use borrowed sequences for the first year and I will need to modify them to fit my display. With so many tools and things to use I am struggling on where to start. Is it better to build a visulaizer platform to review my sequenece once created to get a feel for how to layout my channels or do you find it better to build a sequence based on a paper layout of my display? Just need to figure out where to spend what little time I have left to get up and running for my first year. Controllers have not arrived yet so I am just working from the free download software and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of control I could do if I had time. Help!
  13. Thanks for the quick help on numbering, I haven't downloaded the software yet as I am waiting for my summer sale purchase to get processed but think I will just getbthe free download. I was worried that renumbering would be difficult but it doesn't sound like an issue. Thanks for the links to the sequences and the information on how to use premade sequences. I am sure I will have additional questions as I read more. Looking forward to the LOR madness as christmas lights have become an annual tradition for me and my two sons. Tried the 4 channel controller in a box but found Planet Christmas last year and here we are embarking on our first year and the boys are already talking about next year. Thanks again for all the help.
  14. This will be my first year with LOR and I have been reading the forums for tips and ran across a thread that discussed setting up channels using the standard set up. If I do not have more than two controllers do I just assign higher number channels to my existing 32 channels? I am planning on having mini trees (thanks to Planet Christmas magazine) and for example on the Master controller layout these are several channels beyond what I have. Since I am just getting started, extremely late from what I understand, I will need to download a few sequences and need to know how this works. Thanks to everyone who shares their experience and helps us new guys get started. James
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