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  1. The attached pics are from one of my controllers that I could not get my hardware utility to recognize this year. I opened the box back up and found a burned electrical smell and some residue. It worked great last year; not sure what happened. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to fix it, or do I need to send it to LOR and have them fix it? I really need this controller. The burned connector is from circuit 12. When I disassembled the circuit board from the box, the back side burn appears to be closest to circuit 13.
  2. HVACR, One of the connectors went out on one of my controllers last year, so I tried to use the phone line jacks, and the controller began to smoke. No idea why, but I decided to stay away from using them. vern
  3. Thank you for the info. I was still unable to recover the file so I had to reaccomplish the sequence. vern
  4. I was working on a sequence earlier today. I saved the sequence and closed my laptop, but the battery died when I opened it back up. When I went to open the sequence up in the sequence editor, it gives me the following error: Error Loading Sequence & Invalid Document Structure. Any ideas? LOR version 3.12.4
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