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  1. Thanks for explaning what "macros" are, now I'll use four of them for..
  2. FDA approval, there are too many cheaply made Chinese lasers that output dangerous levels of infared light that is invisible to the human eye that can and or often lead to irreversible eye damage. Many of these laser devices lack the proper light filtration devices that block infared light.
  3. Where do you find these at? Look at the LOR site and no mention of them, was this a limited item?
  4. This is a real sign, it is not "Photoshop", this was taken at a county maintenance yard in South Dakota. Attached files
  5. With ebay, don't be afraid to ask questions, every vendor I dealt with was very cooperative. Ask about polarity and voltage if you are not sure. I use these LED light strips and they work very well. Also note that some waterproof strips can peel if bent too sharply.
  6. Far as waterproof strips go, if the strip is bent too sharp, the waterproofing can break off and expose the strip and LED's.
  7. I did what you explained with 12 VDC common positive LED strips and used the 16th channel to drive a strip of white LED's. The board I was talking about was to drive a RGB LED ropelight that came out several years ago. Without a decent 3 or 4 controller, the 120VDC common positive ropelight is useless. I don't need 16 channels to drive 30 ft of three channel ropelight. The controller just needs to interface LOR with a custom made opto-isolator relay board without having to go the "DMX" route to control a few channels of LED's. This should clear things up.
  8. Why did LOR discontinue the eight channel module boards they had back in 05? these interface boards would work great with all of the LED product that is available. If the output of the microcontroller can turn on an LED, you can control about anything and build about any solid state relay outputs including common positve outputs at 120 VDC while using opto-isolators.
  9. I've seen several shows that are free or for sale and is there a channel map that is used for this? Everyone uses a different setup and shows wouldn't be all that compatible with others setups. Just asking. Note, I am not interested in buying or selling shows.
  10. Light O Rama needs to make controllers available for different pixel modules and allow for user customization such as the number of pixels per controller and the type of pixel node that is being used. Example a user may only need 30 pixel nodes for a wire frame or to go around a window. In another location, 40 nodes or 10 nodes. Often pre-made pixel sets are either too long or too short and sometimes not useable for a given application.
  11. Be careful when ordering triacs, some of them are "non isolated" meaning that the tab is energized along with pin #2. LOR uses the "isolated triacs" meaning that the metal tab is NOT energized while it is powered up.
  12. Does anyone know what chip is used in D-light's firefli pixel strings?
  13. Same story with the other stuff I order from that side of the globe - the instructions are GOD AWFULL! (if you even get any) THE WORST BROKEN ENGLISH you could imagine. "Blue wire connector take power supply make go" Actual instructions, one from one of those hot air paper lanterns, "Wishing lighr rose slowly the sky, do not forget Wishing oh ----------.
  14. Any word that CCB's will be available this year?
  15. I used small livestock tags (sheep tags) on the dongle ends, if these don't fad on an animal, than a light controller should be no problem.
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