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  1. I would Like a copy also efleenor@grandecom.net Thank You
  2. Mike C. I have been around here since 2005. I had to reset my stuff awhile ago. I tried explaining to my Professor that I needed to be late for class but she was not having it.Summer sale here I come. I am planning a spiral tree this year and that is what the controller is for. My class load is so heavy I would not have time to do anything with it. Thank YOU for the Welcome.
  3. Hello I think it was a great sale and gave a lot of people chance to buy at reduced pricing. I did not have a chance for the mad dash. I had to be in class during the sale. I hope to have another chance at the summer sale.Congradulations to everyone that took the opportunity for the sale.
  4. I have one and have found out on a few occassion with low output it was in the computer. If you have not reboot the computer. Also the attenna can be off just enough to limit the distance and I mean just a fraction either in the hieght or a fraction left or right. They are a pain to get them to work then once you get it in it is great. It is the one piece I hate hooking up to the display.
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