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  1. oilmoney

    strobe light strings?

    Just ordered 20 sets of the 50ct. Considering the fail rate of the xenon strobes I've been using I think these will be a good investment in the long haul!
  2. oilmoney


    Did you change your controllers in the sequence editor to reflect the change? You can do this quickly in sequence editor/ tools/channel configuration/change controller. You put the tree on a new network but you haven't told S4 that yet? Also Red rs-485 adapter? make sure you go into network preferences or use the network config tool and see if Aux A is set to Comm 3. I've learned way too much about the HU ( Hardware Utility ) this year, the best way to see what Com port you're really using is to see the results yourself and leave the HU out of equation totally and go from there. From now on I will only be using the HU for testing networks. If you've already done all that and still no luck read this, it will tell you how to go into your device manager and confirm what ports you are using.
  3. oilmoney

    Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    That's awesome! thank you!
  4. oilmoney

    Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    Networks or controllers? I'm just curious how many channels and ELL's can be run off of one network.
  5. I second the idea of the 10w floods, get two kits! They're hands down my favorite part of my display, in this vid I've got 20 of them pointed at my house and 12 pointed at the street. Love them! Load more activity
  6. oilmoney

    No lights from Show player

    read this
  7. oilmoney

    Show Editor doesn't work properly

    Do you have anything in the shutdown tab? I think you need a sequence in there ( even a couple seconds of silence/darkness ), if you don't I'm guessing that's why it keeps playing your musical sequence over and over. Are you using your animations to " fill in " in between shows? If so then you should have two separate shows created to use in the scheduler. I don't think you can have it included with your musical unless that's part of your show. Once you've set your start times for your musical then it will always cancel the animation sequence and start the musical show.
  8. oilmoney

    Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    How many ELL networks do you run for that many houses?
  9. I'd run a show on demand just to be sure.
  10. This sounds like a network configuration issue. Just because the HU sees a port at a certain setting COM 4, COM 5 for example it does not mean that that is the port that your PC is actually using to send data. Ignore what the HU is telling you. Try this, open your device manager on your pc and open your port utility. Plug in your rs485 into the port that you're running your networks on one at a time. What port opens? If it's different than the COM you've assigned then go to network preferences and change it, don't use the hardware utility at all. Label the 485 adapter that you used for each port for next year to avoid confusion in the future. Condensed version: I'm on windows 7. Open control panel, choose hardware and sound, Under devices and printers choose device manager, choose ports, notice what is listed before you plug any of your network cords in. When you plug in your first network it will show up with a COM # assigned to it here, use that COM # in your network configuration. Do the same for you other network. Make sure you actually plug into each physical port on your pc that plan to run each network from and do them one at a time. Try the lights afterwards.
  11. Like we said before, ignore the HU, take the cord and RS-485 and plug it in while you have device manager/ports open. If it comes up as comm 5, change your network preferences to reflect this, it will save you tons of headaches.... here's how to do it...
  12. oilmoney

    Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    I'm now controlling lights on 5 homes in my hood this year, all of them are already talking about going bigger next year.
  13. Try this, open your device manager on your pc and open your port utility. Plug in your rs485 into the port that you're running your CCR's on. What port opens? If it's different than the COM 4 you've assigned then go to network preferences and change it, don't use the hardware utility at all. For some reason on my pc I was getting the same port regardless on which one I used, almost like it was reading the RS485. After you see which port it is, label your RS-485 accordingly.
  14. oilmoney

    My first year hanging with the big boys

    Welcome to the madness! those bushes are begging for net lights!
  15. I'm still having either network or computer problems. 3 networks @ 500k REG ( Com 4 ) , aux a ( Com 6 ), aux b ( Com 3 ), when I run the diagnostic tool I see this: Networks Comm Listener Port = 8837 Dasher Port = 0 List Networks = False Uses DMX = False X10 Port = 0 Regular = COM 4, Speed 500K Aux A = COM 6, Speed 500K Aux B = COM 3, Speed 500K newest S4 software I go into the port utility on windows and can see the ports show up as I plug them in, I have set them as so in the network preferences vs using the HU to identify which ports are for what. I think I've got S4 looking in the right place for my files: Registry: Shared AppPath = C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\ UserDataPath = F:\Lightorama\ AudioPath = F:\Lightorama\Audio\ NonAudioPath = F:\Lightorama\Sequences\ PostInstall = True PostInstallVer = 41 Reset = False Anyone see anything obvious? I am using 3 red 485 adapters, do I need to add drivers or firmware for them? LOR's site has firmware but It gives the impression that it's for only the USB-RS485 and SC485-RJ45 converters. I'm stumped and ready to cancel the show for this year. I'm now defragmenting my pc, not that i think it'll make a difference but running out of ideas to try. On the bright side I'm learning alot about this program and how stuff ties together. oil
  16. oilmoney

    Still having issues

    It seems like we're having roughly the same year, we got rain here yesterday which is pretty rare for December. I seem to be fine but another guy who does a large static display lost power for some of his display last night. Today I'll be back at it. My neighbor who has 5 small props in the show came up to me and said " we need more lights, Monday we're putting up more lights." After today I'll have lights flashing to some extent on 5 different properties in the hood. The neighbors are liking being part of it, sadly though there's always that one guy that doesn't like being near a display.............
  17. oilmoney

    Still having issues

    Ya, I stopped everything to figure out what was wrong, I felt that there was no use in putting up more of the display until I knew it would work. I'll be trying to get as much done as i can today to go live tonight! Yesterday was my first chance to really see how the 28 10w floods pointed at the street look with the rest of my display. I love the floods, favorite part of my display!
  18. oilmoney

    Still having issues

    I went through each controller today, found a dead CMB24D ( these seem to die way too often ) and one controller at the end of my aux A network. It showed power, seen the network but wouldn't turn on lights. I disconnected the cat5 to this controller and tried my show again and voila! Everything ran great, I still have my CCR's out of the show, going to add them tomorrow to see if I get any lag. The other thing I discovered was that my newest CTB16PCs ( the new bigger enclosure ones ) arrived with Gen 2 firmware on them. I had ordered 6 of them and currently had 4 in my display. I didn't recall flashing them with new firmware so I grabbed an unused new controller and checked it out, yeppers, CTB16PCG2-V1.06 was on each new controller, I updated to CTB16PCG3-V1.09. I'm surprised they arrived like this, you'd think a PCG-3 board would have firmware that is made for the board. I've never had to update firmware right out of the box before, lesson learned! Thanks for all your help and suggestions guys, fingers crossed I think I might finally have this thing beat!
  19. oilmoney

    Still having issues

    Hi JR, I've got 12 CCR's, roughly 20 CTB16PCs, 6 CMB24D's , a couple CCP's. Everything is gen 3 or newer. I kept the install the same way I did because it has worked flawlessly like that since I got into this hobby so why mess with a good thing right?
  20. oilmoney

    Still having issues

    Sorry guys, flustered. HU sees every network and controller, I set the ports and coms accordingly, sometimes some lights come on, sometimes not. Make network changes and open the sequence again and changes haven't taken hold after rebooting the pc. Try show on demand and get port open failure messages, recheck network settings and some networks not showing assigned ports at all. i've given up on having a full display this year, removing my CCR tree as my laptop can't handle running it and just trying to throw some type of product out there for the people. Sorry for not being descriptive, ready to set my display on fire.....that'd be cool for one show anyways....
  21. I just went through this and maybe it's not the right answer but this is what worked for me. Go to your port settings in windows and see what port are in use, you can google to find out how to navigate there for your type of windows. I then cleared all my ports using something similar to this. https://superuser.com/questions/408976/how-do-i-clean-up-com-ports-in-use After I did that I went to my port settings again and plugged in my first network cable and adapter to the port I wished to use, when I did that the new port came up and I wrote that down and wrote that number on the rs-485 adapter that was plugged into that port. I modified the network preferences to reflect these changes and now it appears to work. Fingers crossed. If you now always use the same rs-485 adapter in the same port nothing should change. Not promising that it works but it appears to have worked for me. oilmoney
  22. oilmoney

    More erratic CCR problems

    I would split the CCR's into two separate networks.
  23. oilmoney

    Up and (kind of) running!!

    You can leave them on, most of us leave our entire display powered up once we have the show schedule set. You're not using much power on standby. You're not going to hurt your CCB's by running them. Why are you running them? for light while you work outside or is it a novelty of having your lights now? Welcome to the addiction! oilmoney
  24. Over the past week or so I've been trying to figure out what's going on with my display. The HU sees all the controllers, it turns them on/off manually ( the lights ) but when I try to run the lights using SE or a show I get nothing. My PC was giving me conflicting info so I eliminated it today by buying a laptop exclusively for the display. I loaded up the newest version of S4, I activated the software ( 40 CCR level, the license shows in the top bar of SE ) using the same key that I used on my PC, I set up my ports for both networks, changed them in the network preferences ( COM 3 and 4, 500k using the red adapter ) , I put all the sequences and audio where they belong, created a brand new sequence by copying/pasting from my existing sequences and tried it out and still no lights. I even set up my laptop in the garage which eliminated roughly 50ft of network cables for both networks. Tomorrow I'm going to check controller by controller to see if I can find something obvious. What kind of problem does water normally cause? I've never had an issue with it as it usually stays frozen up here. Would one bad controller screw the whole network or multiple networks? I'm guessing not. What are your opinions of my network ( 26 controllers on REG and 7 on aux B ) if the HU can see them all? I don't have the means to test it. How about compressing sequences? Do I need to do that for S4 to work? I'm guessing not as the display worked flawlessly during Halloween. When I tried to play my show I had the tray open, blue light on, listener listening. One thing I notice that since the new S4 install I no longer have the " lights off" tab in the top of SE, tried dragging the tabs to expose it but no luck. Do I need to contact LOR for a new software key? If I remember correctly we are allowed to install on 4 or 5 computers right? I'm also going to check all my firmware but I think if some firmware was wrong then it would just be limited to that controller. To top things off when I tried to use the 12 CCR medley from forum user caffeine it wouldn't load up on my laptop or pc anymore, if anyone has it I'm now really desparate to get a copy of that as he did such a good job sequencing the CCR tree it's the whole reason I sequenced the song for my display. Edit: A kind member sent this to me, thank you! As I was planning to go live dec 8 I'm starting to get a little desperate now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm working nightshift so I have time to plan my next attack on this before waking up tomorrow afternoon to resume troubleshooting. As always thanks in advance! oilmoney
  25. oilmoney

    What should I try next?

    Just thought of something, does the firmware for the rs-485 come with S4 or do you have to load it? I just realized I never loaded it on the new pc. Fingers crossed.