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  1. Lindsey Stirling Announces Tour in US

    Here's one
  2. 33 extra channels

    10 Red, white, blue, green mini trees. 40 ch used up and 5 spares
  3. Jim, is it possible to use a motion detector for input 1? If that is the case then that would be all I need. I host a xmas party every year and I change up the entrance for my guests every time. This year I'm planning a Hollywood red carpet premiere type of theme, I've already got red carpet and paparazzi sillouettes on order. I'm going to mount the sillouettes on thin plywood to strengthen them up and get a 8 pack of the 10w floods and mount them where the camera flash would be. I'm hoping that I could just mount a motion detector at the start of the carpet that when triggered would start a 30-45 second sequence of the 10w's rapidly and randomly flashing. Please tell me this is doable!
  4. Hi, I am thinking about placing a fog machine next to some controllers. It will be semi enclosed so there will be a concentrated amount of fog in the area. I am planning on putting it in the base of my psychotic tree ( that's what I call it ) Has anyone run into any concerns in regards to whether the fog is potentially bad for electronics?
  5. I am considering getting 3 of the 16 pixel string packages. Before I buy I am wondering if it's possible to have a horizontal matrix sandwiched between two vertical matrixs and have them work as one unit. The shape I'm thinking of is basically lower case " n " but with 90 deg corners. What is the length of a pixel string as I'd like to be able to fold it in half for a height of half the string ( if it's long enough and wouldn't look bad ). Do you think that pixels arranged in this configuration would show the effects well or is it back to the drawing board? Sorry for the multi question post but the questions kinda fit together in my drug induced opinion. Did i mention I'm still on painkillers? If I take enough of them I get my own personal light show!
  6. Custom matrix configuration question

    Thanks again Matt, do you think it would look good?
  7. New to pixel editor question

    I've been scanning the forums and watching the PE how tos online. From what I understand you can sequence in either PE or SE but not both. Currently I was using SE and SS for my sequences but I now want to be able to move my 12 CCR tree into PE and sequence there from now on. If I do this is there a way to keep my existing work or do I have to start all over? Or does the software just " know " what to do with it? I'm hoping for this answer lol.
  8. New to pixel editor question

    Thanks Matt! Very impressive response time too!
  9. Hi, I'm looking at incorporating a pixel matrix or two into the display this year. If I pay the upgrade fee can I just use the editor and then transplant the sequence into my existing S3 file or is it S4 or nothing. What happens to my existing S3 files if I switch to S4, can I just copyépaste or do I have to start all overÉ. My current license is As I have a 24CCR license as well I realize that I would have to upgrade that as well. Sorry for the punctuation, every once in awhile some accidentally pushes a couple keys on the board and all my question marks change to this ÉÉÉÉÉÉ lol.
  10. Thanks everyone, taking the leap to S4 today!
  11. The last couple of years we've been doing a haunted house in the backyard for halloween. On october 24 I was standing roughly 7ft off the ground trying to pull a huge tarp ( 50x50 or bigger ? ) over a 2x4 frame. The tarp, ladder and everything around me was soaked. When I gave the tarp a good tug it hooked on something and caused my body to go perfectly horizontal before gravity took over. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I fell on the lawn but I fell on the paving stone around my firepit instead. Long story short...dislocated and smashed right elbow, hairline fractures in my right forearm, and hairline fractured and bruised ribs. i'm on temporary disability now for the next 3-4 months and will need surgery as there's a whole bunch of bone fragments in my elbow joint that will need to be repaired or removed. I'm right handed of course so everything has become more interesting in life, you wouldn't believe how long it is taking to type this post,lol. The most interesting challenge so far has been putting my contact lenses in with only my left hand! i've had lots of offers from friends and well wishers to help set up the display but the part i'm concerned about is the take down in -30 in january, nobody is volunteering for that. My other dilemma was that my sequencing was not yet finished and there is no way i could do it with only my left hand lol. Due to this I decided to stay dark this year. I realize that I could set up and just run last years show but It just wouldn't be the same for me. I work in a line of work where everything is trying to kill you and therefore over the last 20 years I have developed a culture of safety on and off the job. Up until now I have never broken or dislocated anything or had any serious injuries. I let my guard down and paid the price, I was trying to move an object into a position myself that should require 3-4 people IMO. As I look into my backyard at a half built haunted house and into the front at a half setup light display I realize the consequences of letting my guard down and in the future I will stop and evaluate further before I execute... I'm already looking forwards to next year's haunted house and light display and you'll probably see me on here asking lots of stupid questions about S4 and the pixel editor, I've got time now, might as well make the switch and the jump! oilmoney, the one winged xmas angel
  12. Time to take the next step - need advice

    The CCP/CCB strands come with a controller, the green box Yes you will daisy chain from your CTB16PC's unless you wish to create a second network, personally I'd create a second network and I would get the high speed adapters ( the 500k red ones ) as well. Daisy chained or not that's still a lot of channels to control. I had lag on my 12 CCR ribbons until I went to high speed and now it performs flawlessly. On your regular network daisy chain 3 CCB/CCP controllers to your CTB16PC and then Create a second network ( aux A ) with 4 CCP controllers. Your computer won't just " see " the extra channels, you will need to add these controllers to your sequence editor, you need to " insert device below " before the computer can control them. Check out the youtube vids in this link... The pixel controllers are not needed for what you are trying to do You mention that you are planning on having 14 strings of CCP/CCB's, that means you are buying 7 sets, 2 strings per controller? Each strand actually is 157 channels if you account for the macro channels as well so that's 2198 channels from the CCP/CCB's plus your original 16Ch = 2214 channels total Yes I'd start with superstar at 24 CCR level. Advanced looks like it can do what you need it to, multiple networks and unlimited controllers but Pro comes with the pixel editor included so that's tempting as well Hope this helps, have a great weekend! oilmoney
  13. Sequence sharing

    post an email as well, I've got a cool one I can send...
  14. Your Christmas Work Area.

    Beat me to it...
  15. Newbie - First LOR - Mini Tree Question

    I've got the 42" trees too, I've got C6 LED's on mine, 4 channels each R,W,G,B 2 100ct strings for each color. I'm happy with them but I think the M6 would look good as well, here's a vid of mine in action. Welcome to the obsession!
  16. Hi, has anybody done this song and is willing to share? I think it'd be a great halloween song. oilmoney@shaw.ca
  17. While we were evacuated this spring I bought a Phantom 4 drone. My bro inlaw's family has a fairly large farming operation and invited me to make some footage if I wished to. Combines are great subjects to practice on as they are slow moving! One thing I learned is how electrical signals/interference affect the drone. 6 combines and 2 tractor's equipped with GPS plus at least 13 CB radios throughout all the equipment put out alot of interference! Sometimes as a result of this the quality of the footage suffered. Has anyone noticed anything when filming their displays with drones? What kind of potential interference should I expect? What sources? I'm guessing our FM transmitters ELL's might cause some issues but does the lights themselves affect it as well? Here's the vid if you want to take a look, turned out pretty cool for being my first real attempt at it.
  18. Can't film lights yet so I filmed combines!

    Thank you everyone for all the kind words! I plan on making a seeding video in the spring, it should be fun as well. I believe they are using 3 85ft seed drills to plant so it should make for good footage. When I was referring to my experience with electrical interference some of the things I encountered was the screen freezing up totally, pixellating ( if that is a word ) and choppy recorded footage. I filmed over the course of 3 days and every clip I made I could only use footage up until it froze or started skipping. By the time I was done snipping out all the pieces of usable footage the video was 17mins long so I had to edit it down to it's current length. The worst case I seen of interference was when I was flying directly above a combine. I let go of the controls, with this drone when you release the sticks the drone is supposed to hover in one spot but to my horror it kept moving! It was like it " grabbed " onto the combines GPS signal and was keeping pace with the combine! This happened in 2 separate incidents, I lost all control of the drone for roughly 15-20 seconds each time. There is a setting where you can tell the drone to follow the object but it wasn't enabled at the time. One thing I never took into consideration was that I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck while filming, I wonder if I would have moved away from the truck if it would have made a difference? I know that you need to be away from metallic objects I also found if you fly the drone too low to the ground at a fair distance you lose signal. They advertise a range of 5km with no obstructions but I've never flown more than roughly 1km away from me so far. I'm not going to post online how high I've had my drone but it was high enough to see the trails in the crops from passing deer, coyotes, wolves, moose etc. Hee hee....
  19. Sequences

    I'd love to check that out. Thank you! oilmoney@shaw.ca
  20. Obvious Newbie awaiting my LOR Starter Packagr

    Welcome to the addiction and thank you for your service. You mentioned that you have a big yard, If you decide you must have a display this year but you don't want to do anything too labor intensive then just set up in your yard, the more labor intensive house stuff can come next year or the year after. After a couple near misses on a ladder I decided that it wasn't worth it for me to put anything along my eaves or around my windows. I should have roughly around 60000 lights this year and the only thing that's on my house are 9 10w floods and 4 LED snowflakes and I have a small, crappy, yard....
  21. Looking for LED christmas lights

    I get mine from http://www.holiday-light-express.com/ good full wave lights, no complaints...
  22. So..who's feeling like Roger Ebert?

    Maybe instead of getting someone to look at what you've done already watch a borrowed sequence and see how their timings match up with the song. Also remember that as good or bad as it looks on the computer you'll never really know if you're happy with it or not until you see it for real on your display. I'd suggest just keep sequencing your show and don't expect it to be perfect right off the start, it is your first year after all. One of the reasons that most of us get our displays up early is to test everything and to tweak our sequences. I always find something I need to change up a bit and I'll be the first one to say that my sequencing isn't perfect. There is a learning curve to this. Another way to make sequencing easier is use view/waveform or you can slow down the audio a bit. Welcome to the addiction!
  23. Which led lights?

    The one thing that nobody has mentioned yet is " full wave ". If you want your light strings to be dimmable over a larger range then you need to buy full wave strings. Most of the vendors we buy from sell full wave, usually you'll see them advertising it on their front page. Most of the big box store lights run at 60hz ( half wave ). Full wave run at 120hz. The vendor I get my lights from is http://www.holiday-light-express.com/. Their stuff is full wave. You can dim them right down to 10-20% intensity and they are stable. Lights I bought from Canadian tire and Rona usually shut off around 70-80% intensity although the use of a snubber can help extend that range a bit. Search full wave in the forums, you'll see quite a discussion about it, snubbers as well...
  24. Anyone have a Viz file for a light Pole or fire stick ?

    It didn't, plans changed,lol