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  1. Stupid stoopid question

    It's all identical 10w floods from LOR, same power supplies, controllers, everything. I was just checking to make sure that there wasn't a box unchecked or something that was creating conflicting data or inputs. You know me too well, I made them into 4, 4 flood firesticks lol!
  2. Stupid stoopid question

    When my last display was up ( 2015 ) I had 12 10w floods pointed at the street, they really popped and were bright. I was running some version of S3. I upgraded to S4 and added another 16 floods pointed outward and when I seen them in action it was blah. I am running S4 but still using the old way in SE instead of intensity files. By some chance of me switching to S4 and not using intensity files am I not utilizing the full potential of my lights? In the sequence it still shows that the intensity is set at 100% on the lights but they just seem so much dimmer now. Am I loosing my mind? I said it was a stoopid question...
  3. Celtic Carol - Lindsey Stirling

    I would love to see this please! oilmoney@shaw.ca
  4. Silly question but did you license the software for your computer, I understand that you've been doing this for awhile so I know you have a license. LOR allows multiple ports/computers off one license but maybe you have to do something to set that up on your new pc? Maybe the software thinks it's still in trial mode? Also double check that you've got your comm ports assigned, I had to do that on my same pc when I upgraded to S4. Just a few thoughts....
  5. Editing protected files

    Hi everyone, up until now I've never had a problem converting a file to AIFF from itunes and adding it to audacity. However one band, the tragically hip, have all their music protected. I can't convert to AIFF or drag and drop to audacity, same result for both saying it's a protected file. Any suggestions???
  6. Xmas tree fail...

    Cleanup only took 15 minutes. I got rid of the 1" and mounted my topper to the 1.5" . I've got 8, 1/4" , guy wires supporting it. Hopefully that's enough for this year, next year I'll scrap and start over....
  7. Xmas tree fail...

    I'm guessing 21ft
  8. Xmas tree fail...

    No but the suggestion is appreciated. I'm just going to try to make something usable for this year and then start fresh next year. I need a better factor of safety as the tree is in close proximity to the street.
  9. Xmas tree fail...

    Thanks, I'm just going to use 1.5 and 2" tubing this year lol. Rebuilding it today. Lucky for me I didn't have too many strings wrapped yet, it wasn't that bad of a mess to untangle....
  10. Xmas tree fail...

    I thought 1" EMT conduit would be stronger than this, I had 64 100ct strings up there, a topper, a flamingo, and two strings of strobes. Building it again today, just shorter this time!
  11. Changing my show next year to RGB

    For your floods I'd use this, you get 8 floods instead of 4...http://store.lightorama.com/10wrgbfl8pa.html You'd have to install it in a case and add the power supply or you can pay extra and go with this which has already done that for you. http://store.lightorama.com/10wrgbflplpa.html You're going to need another cat-5 cord to daisy chain this to your network. The RGB ribbon is a whole lot more decisions to make, smart RGB? dumb RGB? You should do alot of research before you pull the trigger on RGB strip, lots of options/choices there. How many channels do you wish to sequence in the future? Remember, each light of RGB is 3 channels, RGB lights cause your channels count to go up drastically! Good luck!
  12. DIY Extension Cords

    1000 cords isn't very messy when you use pre made short cords from a controller to your prop. I label and zip tie together bunches of cords for each prop. For example I have 12 4CH mini trees. R,W,B,G on each tree. I need 3 1602's controllers to accomodate these channels so they are positioned close to the props. I have 12 premade bunches of cords I use every year, for example tree 1 would be labeled: Tree 1 Red, tree one white, tree one blue, and tree one green. When i add channels to my display I always add the colors in that order so when I'm setting up i know what channel each color is without having to consult my binder. make a binder to make notes and keep track of everything that you do the previous year, it'll save so much time. I use a tote to store the cords in the offseason, it's labeled mini tree cords so when setup begins it's only one trip to the garage and the mini trees are quickly set up and plugged in and just like that you're 48 channels closer to getting up your display. Using and reusing the same short cords allows you to have network and power cords run all over your property instead of cords to props. My first year I had the stupid idea to place all the controllers by my house and run 64 CH worth of cords around my yard, it was a disaster and a real PITA when it was time to take everything down. In short, controllers with short runs of cord is the way to go. One last thing, SPT is good for connecting your lights to you controllers but make sure to always use a good heavy gauge extension cord for your power supply to your controllers. Good luck, 2 months 5 days until xmas!
  13. Lindsey Stirling Announces Tour in US

    Here's one
  14. 33 extra channels

    10 Red, white, blue, green mini trees. 40 ch used up and 5 spares