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  1. Have an LOR1600 that stopped working. Says No Communictations yet it is the first unit in the chain so the comm is passing thru it.. I did the UP/DOWN arrow reset, same thing.. Ideas? Thanks Rob
  2. Well in a nut shell.. The music to the show was broadcast on two seperate commerical radio stations and for operational reasons I wanted the play computer and audio at the station. My stations are just over 1.5 miles away from the mall where the show is. I used Cicso Aironet wifi bridge to create a wirless "network" between the two locations. I use these Wifi Bridges all the time for other projects. Then I used a USB server over that network to extend the computer USB port from the station to the mall. At the mall I then converted the USB into RS422 to the controllers. It worked great! Sync was perfect and I have some very tight timings. I will take some "behind the scenes" pics and post them.. Its pretty cool. Another issues was one of the radio stations is broadcasting in HD. HD radio cause the entire air product to be delayed 8.25 seconds. So we had to create two sets of each show. The ones that aired on the HD station had to have all the light ques deleyed 8.25second from the audio track... Makes your brain spin as a board op when the light que do not match the audio, but in a car with the radio on at teh mall they are perfect... Again thanks to all who shared ideas... We decided to do this in October of this year! Ha.. Rush order, rush build, rush programming.. The community response has been huge! Now well take 11 months and start on next year a little slower..
  3. Well thank you to all who have helped me with our October 1 decision to do something, rush order and build, programmed and installed in one month.. Wow, learned a lot. I will post complete videos of shows but here is a quick promo for the show. 85,000 lights up 30 feet in the air on a old movie theater.. Power company failed to get temp service to us because of Sandy so had to move a 45KW genset in for a month.. Love seening a 300 amp load hit a genset and then back off! That along created some for problems... Thanks everyone who gave me ideas and help.. PS the script computer is over 1.5 MILES away from the show! https://content.bitsontherun.com/previews/IJYkx2Az-RBCFdLWb
  4. Well might have bad Mini.. It will not get past "grabbing unit" on a fireware update.. It has current version on it, just tring to reset it... Urrrr.
  5. Thanks surf.. I think I'll try firmware today. Have already had on different sd cards.
  6. Just to clarify -- most of the show runs fine off the mini, just acts like a network issue and it is loosing a command here and there and issueing wrong command now and then.. Cables are OK.
  7. I have 194 channels, been running via computer fine for the last few months. Bought a mini director so no computer is needed. Load show on flash, plug mini into system and the show start to roll. About 30 shows on disk. 6 large shows and 20 or so :30 filler shows. PROBLEM: When running off mini director, random channels will turn on when they are not programmed to.. Also some channel will not turn off when they should. Tried different CAT5. Tried adding 9VDC power supply to mini and same thing.. Audio for all shows runs fine, just these random channel on/off/shimmer, etc commands.. I have tried both "Lock Step" on and off and seems to make no diffence. Comm speed on LOR software when creating disk is set to 57.6 Default. Any ideas?
  8. How many strings are you putting on these minis? Total bulb count? Im looking 3 color minis like this and needing to know what bulb count looks great...
  9. yes! I'm re-tweaking it to what I think will end up about 216 strings. 12 zones, 6 red, 6 gree, 6 white in each one of 12 zones.. 36 channels. Channel 1-6 and 9-14 used of each LOR to keep amps in check. 24 bundles to hook at top on 24 hooks. All plugs at bottom. Six strings on each channel
  10. I agree with that too.. I really prefer all plugs on the ground to may reasons including service.
  11. No.... we started to assemble today! Ha.. The strings are 21' and yes if they go all the way to the bottom would be 20.6. They will not go all the way to the bottom.. At least one maybe two feet up is where they will end. So I will have a 2' tail at the bottom to plug into controller. I'm not 100% sure if going end to end or all at the bottom. I like the bottom better because to me that seems a possible high fail point(male plug) and would be nice to have that on the ground and not 20 feet in the air. So not sure. I do see your point of having 5 stacked plugs at the bottom which could be a mess. If I went end to end that would give me 3 or 4 feet left to go to controller which would probably be a good idea. One cable end to label instead of 5. Oooo the joy... :-) ... Cannot wait to fire this baby up... You might be able to see it in CA.
  12. Not sure who to reply to here.. That everyone for input. Yes and no to first year. Yes first for supertree, but have been involved in theater production/technical for years, also have high experience to broadcast tower work. 700' towers. (Thought it would be cool to light one of those! ) The Supertree is coming with a 24 hook head and Darryl said I could get 12 strings per hook. So that is 288.. I planned 300 for fudge room, spares, etc. The lights are on there way so I do no thave the exact weight of a string yet, but what I could find they are about 1 lb each. So 300 pounds, without windload, snow or ice. Once the tree comes I was thinking (after I can see it) to add a bracket to it to allow a rigid pipe to be placed for extra load bearing.. Will need to decide that when it comes and I can see it. Gary - your questions 1,2,3 are right on. Wish it only took me that long to figure out! Ha. But yes you are pretty much right on. Strings are 21' long and will just come down once. On the ground it would be a string of the same color every 4". From what I read, 4" spread is the best. So with 3 colors there is going to be a string just over every 1.25" of a 10' diameter base, circumrference of 31'. Some play room worked in. All male ends on the ground. Thanks all for the input.. Its invaluable.
  13. Strands are 21', Tree will be about 19' 6". Bottom 12" of tree cannot be seen from ground. The lights I have tried were from 1000Bulbs and some others I got at a local store. They are OK, LED does not compare to Incandescent. and the type of feel I am tring to produce. The show is a commerical show and will only run 10 minutes out of an hour, so burn time is pretty low. The biggest issue is the startup cost. All LED's I have found are almost 3 times as expensive as incandescent. Yes they use a 1/10th of elecetric but inital cost compared to operational savings for me is not there. If this was my house and I wanted it to look OK the first year, better the second and killer the third I would use LED, but it has to be killer year 1 and still hit budget which we all know I am alrady over ! Year two and above as we slowly add things we will do LED. But the inital few Power Items will be incandesent. I am running some other LEDs on different items, just not the big boy. If you have any video of your LED tree I would love to see it, I like comparing # bulbs, etc and always looking for ideas.
  14. Santa -- I wsa going to use 48 channels but amps to high. Tree will pull about 105 amps. I am not using LED just becuase they are still so darn expensive and I really do not like the look of them. Plus 3 times the price. So my 4 controllers will be running around 27 amps each. Thanks DT. I want this show to just blow away the viewers. Your looks great, how many channels on your two megas? Rob
  15. Looking at a 20' Mega Tree with 300 strands of 100 bulb strings. 64 channels. 20 channels each for red, clear, green. Looked at LED but truthfully they are still too expensive and the colors are just not as bright. Looking at ChristmasLightShows mega crank up tree. With a ton of Guy points. Is that over kill? I want this tree to blow the socks off. Looks like it will be a 102 amps, about 27amps per controller. Any thoughts? To big, to small. etc..
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