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  1. Can you use the PixCon to control CCB's?? I may have misplaced my controllers in our move!
  2. So we've gotten this far. Has anyone figured out how to make your desktop screen go black after the sequence has finished playing? Our sequence is just one part of our show and I don't want the desktop shown during the other pieces? Please and thank you for your help!
  3. Brian, we have used superstar to program most of our shows, CCR's and CCB's. I am adding 8 floods this year. Can I program them through super star?
  4. Brian, Are you going to be running both trees in your show this year? If so do you have any video of both of them running at the same time? Thanks, Jon
  5. Will you have these new sequences for sale on Superstar Lights this year?
  6. Brian, I am making my tree the same as yours on Superstar. My question is where did you start with your first string and how does that have to align with the globe for everything to match up with your sequences? Thanks, Jon
  7. If there is anyone out there that is looking to sell a seqence they have made please post here. I would like to add something new to my show this year but with having a newborn and knee surgery I will be lucky just to get setup. I know about Superstar lights and Frantronics. Thank you for the help.
  8. Brian, are you using pixel's from LOR? Also do you have any day time photo's of your tree that you could share? Thanks, Jon
  9. I have 2 new CTB32's and I can't get them to connect to the hardware utlity, the LED light keeps flashing. I have a LOR160 that works just fine. Any idea's?
  10. So why does everyone seem to use 12 CCR's for there trees? I was going to use 8. Any thoughts
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