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  1. I like the idea of capping off lights, I have some black shrink tubing used on electrical wires I believe this will work. Thanks
  2. I am doing faces of Alvin and the Chipmonks, how does one make lights shorter to accomidate the mouths? Can I cit regular Christmas lights and wire a power cord, talking about the 1/4 round lights 120 volts, or can I do this to LED lights. I posted this question before but forgot where Sorry don
  3. I was wondering if a person could cut a set of lights( not LED) to make shorter, I am working on faces, and need various lengths. These would be 120 volt lights.
  4. I know about the auto seq. with the super star, but can it do regular light?
  5. Well, another year ends, this was my 2nd year and enjoyed it, I was in Fergus Fall, MN for a visit and went to Jim Saul house he had an awesome display. What I would like to know is is there a program in which would convert the music to the LOR programs so I don't have to sit for weeks programing the songs to music. I know this is the fun part but it is very time comsuming, I have 11 songs this year, thinking of starting for next year. Don
  6. Don't know where to put this, but I just purchaced a new computer, so I want to move my LOR to it, I had my halloween lights on the old one and working, so I thought I could download LOR on the new one and it would work but I was wrong. I have it loaded, i can program, but when i want to run my seq. it will not work. Now the LED on the controler is blinking, so there is power, When i try to get a comm in the Hardware it will not work. The computer is very powerful, I also wanted it for games so it fast and lots of memory. I think the problem is with the comm port. Does any one have an idea, Christmas is close Don
  7. I have LOR installed, I keep the computer in the basement far away from the laptop, I will try it again Thanks
  8. I am thinking of getting a second computer to free up my lap top, I would like to use the same email address. What will I have to do? I was going to use and older one, with winxp, but it would not let me use my email to register it. So now that I decided to get a new computer with 'Win 7 I will have to register with LOR.
  9. I would like to give a great thanks for all the help with my black out problem, I had to restore the computer 2 time before i got it to work. Now I can enjoy the forum again. Thanks
  10. I am still having the problem, blacked out, only see one inch of screen, Computer people don't seem to think it is my computer, sorry, but I am glad to hear others are having the same problem. I hope some one figures it out, I am new at this and was enjoying reading the forums. Please feel free to email me seeing how I can't read the post I would like to get back to forum asap. Thanks
  11. I check out on youtube and I can watch videos, also I have this problem only in this forum I will check it out further thank everyone
  12. Ha Ha, I don't drink, no I am serious, when i check out subjects, the screen goes black except about 1 inch of the screen at the bottom. I can read about a line at a time.
  13. Every time I want to check out the forum I am blacked out?
  14. I am new at this, just starting this year, I have a simple Halloween for this year, but hay I like the witches, where did you get the moviable faces and servo's?
  15. I am pretty new at this, i am working on a Holloween lights, I want to use Purple people eater song and can't get it downloaded, I have it on CD, in my computer, also from I tunes and it will not work. Any Ideas
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