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  1. So, here it is already November and....well....no mausoleum, fogger, 6.5' tall creepy guy - nothing! I didn't even get started, family and work kind of took a forefront this year. Oh well, maybe next year. Thank you all for the ideas and suggestions on the fog control. Hopefully, after Christmas, I can actually get something done on it. Matt
  2. cgreenfield Yes, I have the HolidayCoro 27 channel controller. I found a relatively inexpensive DMX light on Amazon that states it uses 4 channels. I haven't done a lot of research on it yet, I wanted to find out if it would work with my controller first.
  3. KStatefan and Dennis, yea, I'm not sure what I was doing when I said the ActiDongle was a controller. In my head I knew what I was trying to say, but after reading what I typed - not what I had in my head!!! The lesson here boys and girls: If it's late, your at work, tired and periodically are afflicted with rectal-cranial-inversion syndrome - wait until you get some sleep before you put something in writing!
  4. Slipperyclam, there may be a little bit of confusion here. The ActiDongle from HolidayCoro is what is called a "dumb" RGB controller. It will not control individual pixels or "smart" pixels. It will only control "dumb" RGB nodes/pixels. As was mentioned before, it will only control one DMX universe or 512 channels/170RGB channels. HolidayCoro does sell a "smart" pixel controller, it will also only control one DMX universe/512 channels/170RGB channels. If you want/need multiple "dumb" universe, you would need multiple ActiDongles or you can use the Sandevice and set up "smart" pixels to act as dumb ones and have multiple universe with a single controller. Dave at HolidayCoro is extremely knowledgeable and extremely helpful, just shoot him a message on his website and he'll go out of his way to help you out. Also, if you peruse through his site for videos and articles you will learn a ton of information. As far as a comparison between RayWu and LOR CCR, I cannot attest. I only have RGB stuff from HolidayCoro and am very pleased so far. They are very bright and the colors are pretty vivid, but as I said I do not have anything else to compare them with.
  5. I'm using the Holiday Coro Actidongle to run a 27 channel controller and three 3 channel controllers also from Holiday Coro using the S3 software. My question is: has anyone tried running any DMX stage type lights with this setup? I am looking at a couple of RGB DMX lights as well as a DMX UV light that I found for fairly cheap. I assume that I could just run a DMX 3-pin cable from the 27 channel controller to the first DMX light, set the address accordingly and sequence in LOR as regular channels set to DMX. Everything I'm using right now is set to RGB channels because that's all I'm using. The DMX lights I'm looking at use 4 channels, so I couldn't use the RGB option in LOR (right?)
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for all the info. I knew there was a way to do it, just couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm still a little confused on the actual wiring of the relay but I think if I got one to look at it would be pretty easy to figure out. Does anyone know if there is a relay that I could activate with 12vdc from a DC control board? Kevin, I really like your relay - nice, clean and well built. It is a little pricey but definitely a nice (almost) plug and play option. I would be very interested in a DMX version as I'm trying to limit the number of 110vac wiring running through my yard. Even one that could be controlled by a DC control board would be good. One question though - what is the rc plug/cable for? Will that handle 110v going through the relay to activate the fog pump?
  7. If this is here twice - sorry, I'm having computer issues!!! I'm designing a new prop for my Halloween display. Large mausoleum, fog machine, RGB lights, strobes and Death - a 6.5' tall animated grim reaper. I was originally going to control the fog machine via DMX but I can't find a DMX controlled machine small enough for this application. I'm thinking a 400w - 1000w fogger should be able to completely fill the mausoleum within very short order. I have heard there is a way to hack the timer/remote with a relay to control the machine. Does anyone know exactly how to wire this up to be controlled by either a standard 120v AC LOR channel or through a HolidayCoro DMX controller? I'm even willing to purchase a LOR DC controller if I have to. I'll have to purchase a ServoDog anyway to control the head movements - unless anyone knows a cheaper way to run two servo's through LOR?
  8. o.k. so this is only my second year running LOR. I ran my show last year from my desktop. This year I wanted to move everything over to a laptop to run the show. I've loaded LOR software onto it and tried to download my sequences from last year onto a CD to transfer them onto the new laptop but I don't know how. I know this may sound pretty stupid to most everyone here, but I have CID (computer intelligence deficiency) So my question is: how can I transfer all of my existing sequences from one PC to another and will I be still be able to make changes to those sequences? Also, all of my music files for those sequences were imported into LOR from Itunes. Do I need to have Itunes on my laptop for the music to continue playing in LOR?
  9. Thanks guys! That was an easy fix. One question though about the constant bit rate thing, how do you know if a song/sound bite has been converted to a constant bit rate? I converted one song to mp3 and a sound bite to a wav format last night. One thing I noticed immediately is that I could get the wave file so show at the top of the sequence. That is something I couldn't do with my other mp3 files I used from Windows Media Player before. I just experimented a little, but another problem I was having with my completed sequences is that when I tried to stop/start the sequence somewhere other than the beginning of the song the timing would be off. I suspect this is because they do not have a constant bit rate? With the two files I converted in iTunes last night the timing seemed to stay consistant no matter where I stopped/started the sequence. Again, I only experimented a little. I have five song/sound sequences completed for Halloween already, if they do not have a constant bit rate will I have to completely re-do them? When I play them from the very beginning, the timing is fine. I only notice it getting off if I stop/start somewhere else. Thanks again for all of the help.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm having trouble using anything from iTunes. I'm new to LOR and all of my sequences up to now have been MP3 downloads. I have most of my music in iTunes and for some reason, when I try to start a new sequence using anything from there it won't work. When I try to open the file in LOR it just say's the folder is empty. I was thinking it was because of the different operating systems, but there has to be a way to make it work. (I hope!) I've even tried converting my stuff in iTunes to Windows Media Player w/o any success. I'm not overly computer literate, so I know this sounds like a stupid question but does anyone know how to use iTunes files in LOR? Thanks.
  11. Well, I already pulled the trigger on the CTB 16PC. I wanted to take advantage of the sale!!! That being said, I'm in Denver but would definately be interested in seeing the software being used by someone who knows what their doing. It sounds like your lighting is similar to what I have in mind. Nothing terribly elaborate, just some LED floods and a couple of strobes for general lighting/effects. I do plan on growing every year though and would like to also start a Christmas show. Thanks for the info.
  12. To all, thanks for the info. In response to scubado, yes my plan was to have sound eminating from the prop itself. I have a vision of a grim reaper speaking and thought that if his voice came from multiple speakers/locations throughout my graveyard that it would make the prop less convincing. One thing I had in mind was to use an individual prop controller that has a pre-programmed routine on it (i.e. movement/sound/fog) that would be "triggered" by a command from the LOR controler. I do have to admit that I don't completely understand everything you guys are talking about, like I said I'm very new and worst of all not very computer literate! I did order the 16 CTB PC the other day but after spending several hours on this forum, I'm beginning to wonder if I bit off more than I can chew. I played music for years, so I understand that aspect and have a basic understanding of lighting/electrical/show production but haven't ever really done any computer programming. Watching half a dozen or so of the LOR instructional videos it didn't seem overly impossible. Again, thanks for all the info!
  13. Hello all! So I'm working on future Halloween setups and I'm very interested in the LOR system (I haven't bought one yet) but I'm confused about something. I will have 3-5 props in my graveyard display that I want to control as part of the show. The props will have a combination of lighting, sound and motion. The motion will be by pneumatic, linear motor and windshield wiper motors. I want sound to eminate from some of the props like it is actually talking/screaming/groaning. There will be an overall graveyard soundtrack playing pretty much full time. I don't know how to get this to happen. I've looked at all of the "prop controllers" such as is found on frightprops.com and Hauntbots.com and they all appear to be DC. Is there a way to control my props by just using the LOR system and if so how? Would it be better to have the props operated by a pre-programmed controller w/sound that is triggered by the LOR system and if so how? I'm 99.9% convinced that LOR is the way to go but I'd like to know for sure if this can be done. I know this is probably a very simple question for most of you, but I'm pretty new to "show" controllers. Any info would help. Thanks, Matt
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