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  1. Sure would lie to add to my TSO sequences this year JR. Thanks ! jwblazek@aol.com
  2. Would love adding this to my TSO sequences JR. Thanks John
  3. Scenes

  4. HI JR, would appreciate a copy if still sharing jwblazek@aol.com Thanks ! John
  5. Copying a color in Superstar

    I have a sequence with a lot of animations in various images and colors, not of the standard palette wheel.. I want to modify a couple of them, slightly, as I am going from 12 to 16 strings. How do I repeat a custom color if it is not showing in the custom color screen of the palette? In other words, I want to select the skin color I have in the animation and paste it in a few more cells to enlarge the image. Can't figure out how to do / duplicate that color
  6. Copying a color in Superstar

    Awesome, Thanks James! So simple
  7. Copying a color in Superstar

    I am using superstar, trying to figure how to use the same color that I had used previously. Already used SS to go from 12 to 16 but some images / animations need to be tweaked
  8. Been surfing the web and their are indications that there is a way to change 12 string sequences to 16 string sequences. This would save a tremendous amount of work, is there aa way to do this? I have a ton of sequences with 12 strings but want to increase the density of my tree to 16 this year
  9. Thanks for all the replies. This is awesome, first attempt took just about a minute.
  10. How do you hide the annotation of the props and fixtures? It clutters up the screen and in some cases, makes it difficult / impossible to see
  11. Hiding Prop and Fixture annotations

    DOH !!!!!! Thanks so much john
  12. I have been playing with my Pixcon16 and after after several frustrating hours, finally have it configured and running. I started experimentation with the Pixel Editor but was seeing occasional random pixel flashes and some pixels remaining on at the end of a sequence. Since PE was new to me, figured I was doing something wrong so wrote a test sequence in SE. Seeing similar problems, some pixels reaming on. I tried different strings on different ports, same ting. Hardware test pattern appears to work Suggestions?
  13. Pixcon16 some pixels remain on

    Sorry for the long delay in responding. Adding a diode in series with each channel fixed the issue, Thanks !
  14. Pixcon16 some pixels remain on

    Interesting thought. Supply is at 12.1VDC and no adjustments available. Attempted to pull covers off supply, it is fully encapsulated in Si rubber Cables are tight
  15. Troubleshooting CCBs

    I have several bulbs on numerous CCB strings that have gone bad. I have decided to take the string with the most failed bulbs ( 3 as I recall) and use it as a host to repair the other strings. I will be tackling this in the coming weeks and think I have a novel idea for the splicing. The cut will be on an angle for both the host and the patient. I will place a large sleeve of heat shrink over the cable and then using short pieces of brass wire, insert it in each of the wires and then using a fine tipped soldering iron, sweat solder the wires. To insure waterproofing, I will use a couple of dabs of silicon rubber over the joints and then a more generous amount over the openings of the heat shrink, and then place the heat shrink across the splice and using a heat gun, shrink it down
  16. Controller Connectivity Problem

    Anybody know the part number, DigiKey, Jameco etc for the RJ 45 replacement connector?
  17. After hours of sequencing, I find it tedious to listen to short sections of a song over and over and try to match the beat of a sound or sound effect to the waveform. Then I came up with an idea. Using a dry erase marker, and slowing down playback as needed, I mark on the screen the start of the beat or sound. Then go back and fill in cell I want to react to the sound at my dry erase hash marks. I find it a lot faster. Is there a simpler way?
  18. Thanks Don. I use the beat wizard as well, but for that occasional set of footsteps or other non repetitive beat, I find it more work, unless I just need more practice
  19. I bought CCB's instead of CCR's as I perceived the ribbons to be fragile. AS I am writing sequences, and developing thoughts on how to make the tree, a thought occurred. Everything I have seen, sequences with graphics, use CCR's. With that said, what spacing do I need when I set up my CCB's ? Is this concept even feasible ?
  20. Using CCB instead of CCR

    Thanks Darryl, but IO am using CCB instead of CCR. I am going to try and expand on the suggestion made by
  21. Using CCB instead of CCR

    Thanks Jim ! Nice construction of your tree. Looking forward to construction start for the 2015 season soon. I like your idea of spitting the PVC, that solves the problem of bulbs/pixel alignment. BTW, I used something similar for framing of Coro Plast sheets. Instead of cutting all the way through, just cut a single slot. Use elbows in corners, either dog eared the Coro Plast or cut the elbows. Thanks again Jim
  22. Count me in. I am in San Jose, second season now. Did Halloween and Christmas last year and already starting plans for this year -john