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    Using a shared sequence

    My suggestion is to run the LOR VERIFIER and it will tell you if you have channel conflicts. You can run for individual sequences for the entire show. I suggest the latter. Also helps out as you add / delete props between seasons, may catch an issue before you start pulling your hair out
  2. jwblazek

    Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    Hey JR The visualization would be great. Also, do you have a visualization for the giant C7/C9 bulbs from Boscoyo studios? jwblazek@aol.com Thanks! john
  3. Several neighbors have commented this year as I started putting up Halloween d├ęcor a couple of weeks ago, asking will I be doing my Christmas display again and in the same breath, what's new for this year. Also have 3 immediate neighbors asking to help put Christmas stuff up when I start. Sounds like a great deal to me!
  4. jwblazek

    Controller help

    Did you run the verifier on the entire show or just individual sequences?
  5. jwblazek

    How to print the channel configuration

    And now I recall how I was able to import into Excel. Open SE and the sequence you want the channel configuration from. Go to EDIT, EXPORT/Export Channel Configuration and place the file somewhere you can find it. Open your Excel and then OPEN the .LCC file you just exported. Excel will give you some warning message, say YES anyway and select .xml. Excel then imports your config file into something you can manipulate using the various EXCEL tools. Warning, file could be large if you have many RGB devices
  6. Hi JR Can I get a copy please? How do you do the lip syncing? jwblazek@aol.com
  7. jwblazek

    How to print the channel configuration

    I generate an Excel table and it does not take long at all to scroll through the channel config in SE to verify all is correct. I use the same general table every year, changing props / device as required for changes in display. I too laminate this and then use an eraseable fine tipped sharpie to mark up as I go alon
  8. jwblazek

    CCR Tree Down

    Mine uses unistruts as a cross member at the bottom and then again about 10' up. Between these I have 1.5" rigid conduit. From the Unistrut at the 10' mark, I have a single 1" pipe going to a 3' piece of Unistrut. From the Bottom to the top are 3/4" conduit, one for each string of lights. Adding 4 more this year to increase light density by 25%, from 12 CCB to 16CCB. Photo attached. I have more somewhere if requested. There was also an article I wrote on this construction in the Planet Christmas Magazine couple of issues ago Mega tree on set of saw horses.pdf
  9. Sure would APPRECIATE a copy. taking some of my previous years sequences and updating them. jwblazek@aol.com
  10. Be very grateful if I could get a copy. jwblazek@aol.com
  11. jwblazek

    Controller help

    Are you certain you don't have conflicting channels in background or animation? LOR has a slick tool to detect this. Run VERIFIER and then select the show you are having issues wit
  12. jwblazek

    Cut section of seqeunce out

    Thanks JR, was considering that but with so many channels and controllers, seemed like a lot of cutting and pasting. Was hoping to see some hidden feature in LOR that would allow me to do that, delete "columns"
  13. I started sequencing Pirates of the Caribbean for Halloween ( only 30 days till showtime) and am about 1/2 way through most of it, some controllers completed, when I decided that portions are just too long and too repetitive. Is there a means to take sections of the sequence, ie: from 2:00.01 - 2:30.00 and delete them or deo I need to edit the audio in Audacity or equivalent and re-sequence?
  14. Adding a lot of new items to my display this year such as 4 RGB 15' arches and 4 of the the Boscoyo Studio Singing RGB bulb faces. Since the faces are relatively complex in nature, I built additional templates but want to copy, import or merge these templates into existing sequences for further sequencing. Is there a way to do this?
  15. Yes, but adding 12 groups x 4 props x 150 RGB lights/prop = 600RGB channels et al, tedious and prone to errors
  16. Learn ssomething every year, the HARD PAINFUL way, thanks
  17. Wow, each Boscoyo RGB face has 3 50 RGB strings grouped into 11 groups. So I will need to recreate these 44 groups, OUCH !!
  18. I just completed about 9 hours work on a pretty detailed sequence using 4 RGB arches and SS. This AM around 3, I realized that I hadn't told the SW where the controllers would be located . I will have 4 arches, end to end with the controller between arches 2&3 with lengthy cords feeding the 4 arches. To keep the cords short as possible (still over 12'), I need the "controller location" to be between 1&2 and then again 3&4. As I went though the configuration and layout just now, I don't see a means to locate the controller which correlates to where Pixel # 1 is on each arch. Hence, unless there is a means to do this, I have to go through the sequence and swap the start and end points of each of 2 arches, a lengthy arduous task. Is there a way to ID Pixel1 in the config? I now see that going forward I need to keep all of Arch 1, for example, in a straight row, so I can do a quick group modify John
  19. jwblazek

    RGB Arches controller location

    Perfect, that was it Brian !
  20. jwblazek

    RGB Arches controller location

    l a bit confused on why I see so many "unattached" vectors. Can't seem to find which morph they are associated with and makes cleaning up and tweaking the sequ3ence tough. I am certain it was something with the new visualization template mapping. Scrolling down doesn't show any morphs below what is seen. Ideas where to look? Your support is phenomenal !
  21. jwblazek

    RGB Arches controller location

    Played with this a bit and found that the Morph vector was not in the grid( actually off the grid and into the morphing area) and did not extend across the associated arches from the original visualization defaulted by SS. Thanks for the support !
  22. jwblazek

    RGB Arches controller location

    Thanks Brian. First one works as expected, but the second visualization, only the first 2 arches work. Looked at DMX mapping and looks OK, but don't understand why the first one works and the second does not Now I need to work on understanding the smoothing effects. I used this in a couple of places using the default layout from SS. It was pretty cool, but now when mapped properly, not cool. Guess I need to work on radii and start stop pixels Thanks !
  23. jwblazek

    RGB Arches controller location

    OK, did a visualization and imported it. Guess I really misjudged what the default CCR mode visualization was as my sequence does not fill the arches. SO, I get some more practice as I rewrite my sequence. With the new visualization, each morph or smooth effect fills just under 1/2 of the arch
  24. jwblazek

    RGB Arches controller location

    Universe 1thru 4, 1 for each string of 50 RGB/150 pixels
  25. jwblazek

    RGB Arches controller location

    Correct, So in the visualization that popped up, 4 arches, top row of arches is 1 & 2, second row of arches is 3 & 4. What I will have on my lawn is 4 arches, in a row, 1,2,3 &4 with the Pixcon controller between 2&3 using E1. From what I understand, this will require a separate ENet cable from my switch to go to the display along with 3 RS485 cables for the 3 networks, Regular and AuxA & AuxB, the latter controlling 16 CCB strings through 8 controllers