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    Eartha Kitt - Santa baby

    Never too early, planning sequences and layout for 2019 already. Had several requests this year to do Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt. I usually like to buy the CCR / CCB 16 string tree and build the rest of my display ( RGB arches, singing trees singing bulbs etc.) from it. Haven't been able to source / located that artist sequenced to CC yet, any ideas?
  2. jwblazek

    Eartha Kitt - Santa baby

    Yeah, looking at that route, but you are far faster than I JR. With singing trees, singing bulbs, multiple RGB arches and all the other props, it will take me week. By the way, excellent ceativity on the Red Baron and the inflatables !!! May want to consider what I do, a little rewiring and turn off the inflatable lights
  3. jwblazek

    Show on Demand

    Had some time before the partying started yesterday so tried doing only saves, and problem persisted. For the final show of the year, I had multiple shows to play at different times and rathe than struggling with Show on Demand, used the scheduler and all worked fine. I did try on last time around 2AM to do a show on demand, and same problem. Definitely a strange one I have not seen before and so elusive in attempting to fix
  4. jwblazek

    Show on Demand

    Season is almost over, and probably should have used show scheduler, but opted to use Show on Demand. Works, sort of. I enter the time to start and the time to stop and hit OK. The CP shows Schedule Loaded, Initializing LOR Networks, LOR Networks Initialized, Request for show on demand received and Show Player Initialized. I would have thought at this point LOR was happy and would start the show at the time I selected. But it does not. Nothing happens, no additional messages as the time comes and goes. I need to repeat the Show on Demand request again. Any ideas? And why would background start shortly after the main show? I would have expected it start first, but it starts in the exact same place, about 7 seconds into the main musical show. Background in my case are some static house, fence and tree outlines
  5. jwblazek

    Show on Demand

    Show just won't launch on first try. If I hit Show on Demand again, its fine. It also works with scheduler, but I prefer show on demand . It seems to work more reliably if I hit start as soon as possible rather than setting a time, so I do not believe it is a Save As issue, but Thanks JR
  6. jwblazek

    Controlling Inflatables

    Very valid point "TheDucks". Mine used to have the lights on the same cord but I separated the lights from the motor so I could still sync the inflatable lights to the music
  7. jwblazek

    Controlling Inflatables

    I have used my controllers to run inflatables for Christmas and Halloween. One change I make is in the Hardware Utility, change the channel function from LOR Standard to ON/OFF only. Been running this way for many years without an issue
  8. jwblazek

    Cannot read blob from intensity file

    Rebuilt LID files, remerged and then added to sequence, works fine now
  9. Ignoring the file directory & file names, <placed in < >, anyone know what this error means? Error with Sequence [Cannot read blob from intensity file <file name is here>blob length 150 at offset 40759212;read 84 bytes <then rest of file directory stuff> Never saw this one before Guess I'll try rebuilding the Intensity file. It is merged with another one as I have 2 props using SS for this particular sequence. Other sequences using these props work fine Hope its not my disk. Shows wouldn't start tonight so for heck of it looked at show name. There was a +6 after the .LSS so LOR couldn't find it I guess. Interesting, I ran Verifier as I have another issue trying to cope with, some background lights go off on occasion or start late. Already verified, manually and with verifier, that the background channels are not in any other sequences Happy Lighting !! John
  10. Having a real tough time trying to video tape (using a SLR) my display this year. Either blurry, over or underexposed and particular, the RED LED's blurring Have already disabled auto focus, using a WB of outdoor and using a tri pod Suggestion?
  11. Taking a lot longer than normal. Added 4 CCB strings to my mega (16 now) along with a new RGB star for the top and 4 singing C9 Bulbs. Work has been hampered by the smoke from the CampFire in No Cal and then the last several days of much needed rain. So for the heck of it this year, actually tracked my time and have just over 43 hours in it so far, not including sequence modifications for the new props. Estimating I have about 6 hours left, so total time will be close to 50 hours
  12. jwblazek

    CB100D Seals leaking

    WARNING !!!!! Just looked into this problem and using a dial caliper determined that the o-ring seal is not making any contact with the lid, hence the issue ! Appears the recessed area of the lid is too deep. I am going to use tape and then a zip lock baggie and hang boxes vertically
  13. jwblazek

    CB100D Seals leaking

    Put up my Mega tree, the 8 CB100D controllers all talked and worked fine on the bench. Had our first LONG OVERDUE rain and guess what got affected? 4 of the 8 CB100D's had water inside. None of the cases are cracked, the grommets for the CAT5 cables are all intact and pliable. Anyone else have this issue and what was there fix? I'm thinking of an easy way out, putting a couple of wraps of green electrical tape around the seam and cover the 8 screws
  14. Ignore this post, my error. Don't see how to delete a post
  15. I don't think there is, but is there a means to import a .LMS file into Superstar? I purchased a sequence years ago that has LOR Legacy format of a mega tree that I'd like to put into SS and edit
  16. jwblazek

    Import a .LMS ?

    That's what I thought but was hoping I could so I could edit the mega tree in SS Thanks Brian
  17. I have over 9,500 feet. To simplify storage and use, I have most in groups of 8 ty-wrapped with a different color ty-wrap or series of ty-wraps to help identify. The Ty-wraps are about 3' apart. Specifically, made just over 1,200 feet this year. Most of my controllers are in a dedicated shed I made just behind my fence. I have a handful of controllers for smart pixels etc. adjacent the props
  18. Looking for the Beach Boys Little Saint Nick sequence for singing trees, bulbs etc. Anyone have it to share? Just completed 4 RGB arches for same along with lots of other props
  19. This will be my 3rd year for many of my cosmic color devices and am curious as how others are seeing the reliability. I have my CCB's mounted in Boscoyo Studio plastic strips which are then ty-wrapped to 1/2" conduit so there is no strain on the bulb housing or wires. Last year, I had to replace 5 bulbs. Just got through testing my bulbs this afternoon and I have 3 more bad bulbs. Almost all only lose 1 of the 3 LED's. I sacrificed one string and am using it for spare bulbs, albeit a pain as their are 8 wires that need to be cut & spliced, per bulb Also leery / concerned on the Cosmic Color Pixels. Have had 200 in Halloween decorations and just added 200 more to my Mega Star for this year. Already have 2 intermittent This year the Mega tree will have 16 strings of 50, Given that they aren't on all that long, usually from Thanksgiving till New Years Day, maybe 6 hours per evening (HIGH) adds up to only 648 hours, not a lot by any means for a LED. AND the intensity is modulated as is the duty cycle. Wondering if we a re seeing transients from the controllers causing the issues
  20. jwblazek

    Verifier is Fast

    Just updated my LOR SW TO 4.4.0 and ran the verifier on a single sequence. It took a small fraction of the time that it did with the previous version. Was this sped up or is something amiss?
  21. jwblazek

    Inserting a .LEE file into an exisitng .LEE

    Dang your good Jim, great memory !! Never thought of a double click there ! Thanks a bunch !!
  22. OK, may be brain fade or stress as the lighting season is 1 week away and with the terrible smoke from the California fires, have not been able to put up many lights or props ANYWAY, I am finally getting around to using the visualizer for the more complex props and have one set up that contains 4 Singing Trees and 4 Singing Bulbs. I now want to put my 4 RGB arch visualization into this visualization but cannot figure out how to import it as import is asking for fixture or prop files, not a .LEE Can this be accomplished or do I need to draw 4 arches and configure them in the existing .LEE file? John
  23. jwblazek

    Inserting a .LEE file into an exisitng .LEE

    Thanks Jim. I would have thought it would / should be easy, but I do not see any means to export from Visualizer. What am I missing?
  24. jwblazek

    Drummer Boy Pentatonix Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    I would like a copy, thanks in advance ! jwblazek@aol.com
  25. jwblazek

    Relocating Text

    Was not a bug, some spurious misplaced pixels which I can delete now. Many thanks for all the help . Could not find them the last 2 nights due to long hours as I try to get my sequences complete at night and [props up during the day in time for the show start on Thanksgiving evening John