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  1. With all my spare time, decided to bite the bullet and start playing with S5 after 10+ years with S4,3,2 etc. Was able to import an Xmodel from Gilbert engineering into S5, but how Do I go about selecting and assigning pixel strings?
  2. Matt The info Alan provided worked great. I have things to learn yet I guess in the old visualizer. Only a handful of props were highlighted blue but I circumvented that by hitting Ctrl A which then highlighted them blue and I was able to move them. I was using Superstar in S4, not PE. The file I created was in visualizer, a .lee file, attached here. None of the SS sequencing was brought over to the S5 sequence when I opened it unless I am missing something, quite possible, a real newbie in S5
  3. Thanks Alan, that sure was easy!! However, it exposed another issue for me. The first sequence I am working on is one of mine from 2019 which had several SS props sequenced. Works great in S4 but I do not see the sequence information in S5 nor does it playback. What step am I missing here?
  4. So, decided this would be an opportune time to switch from S4 to S5. I have S4 & S5 Pro, opened a S4 sequence in S5 ,opened the visualizer file from S4, seems to have worked (no errors) but when I platy a sequence, much of the preview is missing. Additionally, the preview that is displayed is distorted, scrunched in "Y" and expanded in X If I go to the Preview TAB on the right, it seems to open and display properly. Are their ZOOM or scaling I can do to the S5 display screen to show the full visualizer? Running 5.4.2 PRO thanks ! John
  5. Thanks Jim, really don't want you to have to load S4. Approaching this systematically, about 1/2 done now. Can't seem to get my hands around difference between force column/row in prop and how that interacts with force column/row in fixture (or vice versa) and how they interact
  6. I have been playing with the Force Superstar Row Column, taking note that in my Horizontal SS, the rows and column designations are reversed in visualizer. I tried setting this for both prop and fixture. Only /real effect I see is if I physically move a fixture to a different part of the visualizer screen, it moves in SS. But if I leave it in its new position, the fixtures do not look like the prop I want
  7. For simpler props, Mega trees, arches, hoops etc, it seems pretty straight forward to get the visualizer mapped to the pixel strings into the sequencing grid. I am working on a new prop from Gilbert engineering, that has the following pixel count: Outer Ring 72 Ring 2 24 Ring 3 24 Ring 4 24 Ring 5 24 Ring 6 24 Ring 7 24 Ring 8 24 Ring 9 24 Ring 10 12 Tree outline 101 Ornament Outline 102 Eyes open 38 Eyes Closed 10 O Mouth 18 Upper Lip 17 Mid Lip 20 Lower Mouth 29 I can't figure out the logistics in getting SS to have 18 rows of lengths from 10 to 102. SS merges rows from one prop into another. How does this mapping work?
  8. Greg, won't t me upload the file. Here is a link https://delivery.shopifyapps.com/-/3597ab2309e85571/74e4375b160e05e4
  9. OK, decided to just suit down and tackle this prop of about 611 pixels: Outer Ring 72 Ring 2 24 Ring 3 24 Ring 4 24 Ring 5 24 Ring 6 24 Ring 7 24 Ring 8 24 Ring 9 24 Ring 10 12 Tree outline 101 Ornament Outline 102 Eyes open 38 Eyes Closed 10 O Mouth 18 Upper Lip 17 Mid Lip 20 Lower Mouth 29 Get REALLY confused on assigning universes and stop / start pixel numbers so it appears in a logical means in SS. Example, I set 50 of the 72 pixels in the outer ring to universe 1. DO I draw 72 pixels or 50? (My strings are 50). First go around, drew 72 and assigned them. Seemed to be so-so until started getting into the inner rings and was getting conflict messages when importing into SS, shared pixels. Tried numerous times then tried right of outer ring at 50 and assigned univ 1. Then drew the other 22 pixels in and assigned them univ 1, starting pixel of 151. Just drew this, saved and imported into SS. 1 - 50 appeared OK, "clockwise" as I put them in. 51 thru 72 appeared CCW and I couldn't reverse them in SS. Missing something fundamental, assistance is appreciated! Idea of relative complexity of prop is shown in attached jpg (actually couldn't do that now either. File is 136KB and when I try to drop it here, says file is too big saying I can only load 0mB John
  10. Would be a great add for this year, I would like a copy sent to jwblazek@aol.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share Thanks in advance! Do you have the rings or hoops for this or arches? I will be sequencing those shortly and be happy to share with you JR john
  11. A couple of years ago, I built the Coro singing bulbs and the "quartet" have been a big hit with those that have seen my show. Recently saw a clever idea where someone had take the Coro singing bulb and put a white sheet over it, turned off the outline and base and used it as ghosts, looks pretty cool. So decided I'd attempt this for new props for Halloween. The Xmas props, I have mapped, left eye, right eye, blink, 5 moth movements, outline, base etc. into groups that made sequencing easy. For the ghosts, I want to use different parts of the 5 mouths for grimacing, teeth baring and only a handful of the 10 pixels used for each eye for pointed eye, slanted etc. Easiest means to accomplish this, new visualizer for prop?
  12. Hey JR !! Can I get a copy of the singing trees for Underneath the Xmas Tree? I will not share Sent you PM as well Thanks john
  13. Toying with S5 on another PC, not certain if/when I'll make the switch. I was able to get the prop into S5. Is there a way to get this visualizer from S5 to S4?
  14. Agreed, but prop has hundreds of pixels intertwined in the props features, hoping someone else has already done the legwork I have downloaded the xlights file and have it in xlights but can't figure out how to export into LOR or import into LOR
  15. Gilbert Engineering has a really cool new prop, Hattitude Triune. Anyone have a visualizer file yet willing to share?
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