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  1. Looking for wiring layout and / or visualizer files for GE Matrix-Arch-Spinner
  2. Seems like this should be feasible, haven't figured it out yet. I have 4 - 50 RGB arches that I just completed a new sequence for. I also have 4 -100 RGB circles (essentially two 50 RGB lights strings joined together) in my setup. Is there a simple means to scale the arches to circles? I have done many sequences for both props in previous years but seems that scaling tool should be able to do this and save a lot of time. Just can't figure out what parameters to plug in Thanks John
  3. I would be interested. Trying to learn S5 on a different computer, but know I will be with S4 for awhile. I helve the latest S4 Pro installed
  4. Been toying with S5, but not grasping it yet, so will stick with S4 for 2020 Changing up my display, adding pixels to the roofline. To facilitate, drew up a simple Visualizer file and have about 1/2 of my first song completed in Superstar. The RGG I had were CCB's on two of the old CBD100 controllers. Took a break, and decided to add some regular LED's in Visualizer to the roofline to simulate the icicles I will also have hanging. These are straight LED and will be controlled by a CTB 16 Saved the file in visualizer, reopened SS and tried to continue working on previous song. The programming grid in SS was set four rows of 50, top row far right string, bottom row far left string. As I drew in my first morph, noticed the rows have changed position, yet no row for the LED strings appeared in SS (didn't expect them to). Top row is now 3rd CCB string to the right, 2nd row is far left string, 3rd row is now far right string and bottom row is now 2nd string from right Since i didn't want this, went back to the visualizer, deleted the LED string, saved it, verified in Visualizer the 4 CCB strings are still in the right places. Went back to SS, visulaizer placement is still screwed up even after shutting SS down, relaoding SS and then reimporting the VIZ file Other than drawing a new Viz, how do I recover? Came up with a thought, wnet back to visualizer and selected SuperStar in the fixtures and "Forced" row position. Saved, reopened SS, opened the sequence, same ting, reimported the Viz file, same thing, rows are messed up
  5. Hey JR Thanks for the tutorial yesterday. Guilty ! I'm the guy requesting you do some in real-time, appreciate d it! John
  6. Unfamiliar with the Pixie controllers, so unaware of that feature. Guess I'll just plop down and draw up new .lee files. Curious, are S5 viz files backward compatible to S4? Still running S4, doubtful if I'll be S5 ready this year
  7. Count me in for next class JR, same time same station? -john jwblazek@aol.com
  8. Don't understand tho changing the Pixie settings can change a prop from dumb to smart RGB. Lets use a single string, for example. In Visualizer, if you look at the string properties, it will show 3 circuits, R,G,B. How can changing a controller setting change the sequence or prop properties from 3 circuits to 50? Or am I not hearing what your are saying?
  9. Hear what you guys are saying, but like the effects smart RGBs have in some effects on the trees, particularly outlines and ability to have a smaertstring that is perhaps partially outline and partially eyes be smart colors That's what I use on my 4 HC singing bulbs and really look fantastic
  10. Hey JR. Thanks again, I know how to do this, being lazy, hoping someone has already done this or LOR advertising their new trees with Smart RGB to offer a .lee JBJ
  11. JR, we have a disconnect here. My question is simple, is there an EASY way to change the stings in a .lee file from dumb to smart RGB? LOR's new singing trees are pretty cool IMO and the .lee file they have is for dumb RGB strings. I have a surplus of smart RBG strings I was going to use up and use the smart RGB features. Controller I will be using for these stings is the HC Alpha Pix16
  12. I built a PVC frame for my singing trees using 90 degree elbows for the top two corners and "Tees" for the bottom two corners with the short end of the tee connecting a cross member piece of PVC. I then drove two lengths of rebar in the ground and slipped the frames "tees" over the rebar, works great
  13. Correct, only 4 mouth movements. I plan on retiring my 4 HC trees, after using theme annually for the past 5 years. If you look at the prop settings of the Viz from LOR it is for RGB dumb nodes. I want to use smart pixels so I can change colors, just as I do with the 4 HC singing light bulbs I have. Trying to save work as LOR has the .lee already done, but set up for dumb RGB .
  14. Anxiously looking forward to retiring my old LED singing trees and using smart RGB singing trees as a replacement. Looks like LOR is selling them and the S5 SW has the opportunity to import from LOR the new Viz files. However, I believe the LOR files are for dumb RGB, not smart. Am I correct in that? In S5, visualizer is there an easy way to change from DUMB RGB to Smart RGB easily? Having to redraw all those fixtures is a lot of work
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