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  1. If I don't go dark this year: retiring or converting my 4 old Holiday Coro singing trees from LED's to smart pixels. Then using the 8 - 10 LED strings each from the trees (about 40 strings of 75), cover a multitude of shrubs and bushes in the front yard Still considering moving heads, bought a cheap one last year to play with, lots of work in programming IMO unless someone found a "shortcut" Debating whether to expand my 16 x 50 mega tree (lots of work in scaling though) or adding a second mega
  2. I made some changes to several props I sequence in SS and then export to SE as intensity files. I have several sequence from previous years with these files merged. How do I update the SS files in the SE? If I were to export to an existing SE that has the intensity files, will they overwrite the old one?? If not, how do I delete the old merged files from an exising sequence? And, how many SS files can be merged together? I have 4 SS using 4 props I need to merge into existing SE's? I have merged two in the past without issue Thanks in advance
  3. Certain this is simple, but how do you remove the audio track from a sequence (in this case a .SUP) prior to sharing the sequence? I tried setting up a blank audio file in audacity and loading it but sequence wouldn't run
  4. Hey JR....Can I get a copy? If I can complete this in time, I'll shoot you a copy of the 4 hoops for this in return Thanks John
  5. Ok simple question, but I forgot the answer Adding some new SS sequences to this years Halloween sequences, using same SE as last year and merging the files for the intensity data. Finished the SS and noticed I picked a different length audio track than the SE (DOH !!!). How do I look up which audio is attached to the SE? It's easy with the SS, but can't seem to find it for the SE
  6. Sure would like a copy of this, would almost finish my Halloween sequencing for the year Thanks JR John jwblazek@aol.com
  7. Using intensity files. Other than keeping me happy, can I have say universe 15 on one IP and 15 on another IP, two different controllers?
  8. Adding a lot of new hardware and pixels this year, requiring me to renumber some of my old E31 fixture addresses. Do I need to go to each of my fixtures and reset the universes there and then re-merge intensity files in SS and then export to SE? I do not see a means to change universes once the SE has been merged with the SS intensities. Is there an easier way to do all this?
  9. Works as advertised, Thanks Brian ! Forgot all about that little intensity choice at the bottom of the scaling pull down. Thanks! John
  10. Is it possible to reduce the overall intensity of a specific feature (morph, scene, smooth effect) ? Would like to really use some features of some props as a dimly lit background rather than having them off. I do not see a means to do that
  11. Sure would like a copy of this, would almost finish my Halloween sequencing for the year Thanks John jwblazek@aol.com
  12. I am going from a 16x50 tree to a 50x16 matrix. Attempts in SS result in unmapped morphs, fetures, scenes etc. What am I missing?
  13. Hi Bob Looks like it might work, assuming I would merge / intersect my vertical sequence with a blank horizontal one? I ran intereSEction, but don't see how to load the SS sequence. The pull down in the red or green rectangle has either MyMatrix as default and a blank when I pull it down. Hitting the blank, crashes the program Thanks john
  14. Considering putting up a 16x50 horizontal matrix, essentially my 16 x 50 Mega Tree, horizontally but with parallel rows. I know S4 Superstar can handle that, the question I have is, is there a means to rotate a sequence that was made vertically to work on a horizontal matrix?
  15. No clue what the problem was. Did notice that in SE, I could not control use the "Control Lights" switch in the play tab, would not accept a check mark. Tried loading / unloading LOR numerous times. It finally worked on the 3rd of 4th try. I did notice that the input pup featurette " Magic Toy" does not work as stated. In the interactive group tab, it says if any sequences from this group were already playing, they will immediately stop. I do not see this happening, they play for the duration / length of their animation sequence along with any new sequence selected from the input pup. I only have 3 set up at the moment, and could get all 3 running at the same time. Is their an option switch I am missing other than the Interactive Group "Choose a Type" option?
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