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  1. Thank you Brian...and thank you for the YouTube vids! Great explanations on the capabilities of the software!
  2. I have a pixel matrix consisting of 250 strands. I have never used SS before and have started watching some of the YouTube tutorials (very helpful by the way!). The problem I'm running into is I cannot seem to get all 250 strands to play any sort of scene or morph or instant sequence. It seems to limit the sequencing to the first 24 rows. Is there a way to do this, or is SS v5.3.6 limited to how many strands you can sequence at one time? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. I will give VirtualDub a try when I get some time....hopefully this week. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I'm running v5.3.6 Pro and am having a problem with an AVI file. It's the first time I've tried working with one, so the problem could certainly be something I did wrong. I downloaded a video from YouTube in .mp4 format and then converted it to .avi. When I try to insert it as a motion effect, I get an error "Unable to read frames from this file". Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Sorry it took me so long to update this. I received an email from Disney thanking me for my interest in using their images. Long story short, they said no.
  6. Our 16 pixel trees are 8 strands of 50 pixels each The matrix is 250 strands of 50 pixels each The new tunnel will consist of 30 arches with 73 pixels per arch. If my math is correct, that would be 63,720 channels. If there is a better way to design our network, I'm all ears. I'm am not an expert in this by any means. Love this forum, thank you!
  7. Thank you all for the quick responses. Perhaps we don't have things set up in the most efficient manner, so any assistance there would be GREATLY appreciated. Here is what we have: We have 16 (8) strand pixel trees, each running a Pixie16. These are set up with 4 trees per network for a total of 4 networks. We have a 250 strand pixel matrix using 8 Pixe16's set up on 8 networks. We plan on adding a 30 arch tunnel that runs 73 pixels on each arch and were assuming this would run on 4 Pixie's and 4 networks. Again.....thank you!
  8. Hello! We are planning on expanding our light display this year (isn't everyone 🙂) and we've run into a problem. From what I can tell, LOR is limited to 16 networks. Is that true? If so, we need one more network and I'm not sure how we'd go about doing that. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Email is bighornhiker@gmail.com Thank you!
  10. Email is bighornhiker@gmail.com Thank you!
  11. Hello, we are seriously behind with our display (for a number of reasons) and are hoping you kind folks can provide us with an audio file or two that is a mix/mashup of various Christmas songs, or even a custom mix? Just the audio is all we'd need, we should be able to do the sequencing off of it. Email address is bighornhiker@gmail.com Thank you!
  12. Thank you all for the responses. This isn't actually for personal use per se. I work for a local government and every year a light display is put on for the citizens. This year, we have a pixel matrix and would like to display various images, etc. We don't charge to view the display, so I know we meet that criteria, but I'd rather not put a lot of work into sequencing and then be told to shut it off by Disney lawyers. I did find where to go to request permission, so I submitted a request. However, a response can take 6-8 weeks, so even if I get permission, it might be too late for this year.
  13. We have a pixel matrix to include in a Christmas display this year. I cannot seem to find anything that states I would, or would not, be allowed to display pictures of items such as Disney or Sesame Street characters on it. I'd also like to post short clips from different movies. Anyone know for sure? Thank you!
  14. Thank you so much. I believe it will make sense after I’ve had some time to re-read your response a few times and process it. 😀 I will not be able to work on anything this weekend but hope to get back at it next week sometime. If I have additional questions regarding this when I do get back to it, would you mind if I contacted you directly? Thank you again!
  15. I need to create a model/preview for a pixel matrix that has 256 strands with 50 nodes each. The controllers are Pixie 16d's and as I understand it, when creating a model, you choose "Separate Unit ID for each RGB string". I have done this for the trees in the display and that worked ok, however, when I try to do the same for the matrix, I get an error stating "Invalid LOR unit id on row 113" (I have a attached a screenshot) If I uncheck the "Separate Unit ID for each RGB string" box, I can create the model. I would appreciate any help as I know the model and channels must be absolutely
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