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  1. Email is bighornhiker@gmail.com Thank you!
  2. Email is bighornhiker@gmail.com Thank you!
  3. Hello, we are seriously behind with our display (for a number of reasons) and are hoping you kind folks can provide us with an audio file or two that is a mix/mashup of various Christmas songs, or even a custom mix? Just the audio is all we'd need, we should be able to do the sequencing off of it. Email address is bighornhiker@gmail.com Thank you!
  4. Thank you all for the responses. This isn't actually for personal use per se. I work for a local government and every year a light display is put on for the citizens. This year, we have a pixel matrix and would like to display various images, etc. We don't charge to view the display, so I know we meet that criteria, but I'd rather not put a lot of work into sequencing and then be told to shut it off by Disney lawyers. I did find where to go to request permission, so I submitted a request. However, a response can take 6-8 weeks, so even if I get permission, it might be too late for this year. Here's the link in case others are interested. http://disneypermissions.force.com/WelcomeIntakePage
  5. We have a pixel matrix to include in a Christmas display this year. I cannot seem to find anything that states I would, or would not, be allowed to display pictures of items such as Disney or Sesame Street characters on it. I'd also like to post short clips from different movies. Anyone know for sure? Thank you!
  6. Thank you so much. I believe it will make sense after I’ve had some time to re-read your response a few times and process it. 😀 I will not be able to work on anything this weekend but hope to get back at it next week sometime. If I have additional questions regarding this when I do get back to it, would you mind if I contacted you directly? Thank you again!
  7. I need to create a model/preview for a pixel matrix that has 256 strands with 50 nodes each. The controllers are Pixie 16d's and as I understand it, when creating a model, you choose "Separate Unit ID for each RGB string". I have done this for the trees in the display and that worked ok, however, when I try to do the same for the matrix, I get an error stating "Invalid LOR unit id on row 113" (I have a attached a screenshot) If I uncheck the "Separate Unit ID for each RGB string" box, I can create the model. I would appreciate any help as I know the model and channels must be absolutely correct before sequencing. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for the response. I now have another question if you don't mind....? 😊 I tried to create a matrix consisting of 256 strings, 50 nodes per string. When I select "Enter channel on first row, auto-number the rest" and I check the box for "Separate Unit ID for each RGB string", I get an error stating Invalid LOR unit ID on row 241. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  9. Hello! I have been asked by the organization I work for to help out with a large light display this holiday season. I used LOR in the past at my house with CBT16 controllers and incan lights, but have been out of the game for a couple of years. The display I'm being asked to help with is huge. They have 16 pixel trees (using 8 strands each tree) and a large matrix. I have been playing around with the LOR S5 software for the last couple of days to familiarize myself with it and I have a question regarding the Preview Design. When I create a Tree Prop, I'm choosing the following options: RGB Pixels for the lights 8 Strings, 50 nodes per string Starting location bottom left That all makes sense to me. However, I'm not certain how to properly set up the addressing. The controllers are Pixie 16D's. Should I choose Separate Unit ID for each RGB string, or not? I've attached a screenshot for reference. Thank you!
  10. Thank you!!! Yes, it was all one prop.....
  11. I just started using Visualizer this year, so I hope this is an easy fix. I created a fixture of lights on my house (roof, windows, door) as well as around my camper. Now it turns out I will not be lining my camper in lights, so I am wondering if there is a way to delete the portion of lights around the camper, but leave the house alone? Thanks!
  12. I will give that a try as soon as I'm able. Thank you!
  13. This is my third year using a couple of CTB16PC controllers. They have been very well taken care of (kept out of the elements, etc) and I've never had a problem. I pulled them out of storage to set up and test my Halloween show. All was working well until the other day. I plugged controller #2 into power and channel #2 immediately came on, but it was weak. I unplugged the unit, and plugged it back in and all was well. I chalked it up to solar flares and moved on. However, it has done it again and the unplug, replug is not working. Whatever is plugged into that channel will light up and then slowly fade and/or flicker. I ran hardware diagnostics, but the channel seems to power on/off just fine. Any advice on how to proceed from here? Thanks!
  14. Don, is SS limited to 50 channels per strip, or 150? I'm a total newb here, so please excuse my ignorance. The reason I ask is a 2CCR version covers 300 channels, so I'm assuming each CCR would be 150 channels. Is that correct? The strips I'm considering (from Holiday Coro) are 150 channels on each strip, so 150 x 12 = 1800 channels. The lowest version of SS available to cover 1800 channels is the 24_CCR version.
  15. I'm thinking of purchasing a Smart Pixel MegaTree Kit from a vendor. It contains 12 strips totaling 1800 channels. This is probably an obvious answer, but I'd like to confirm with some experts. If I purchase said kit, will I need to purchase the LOR SS 24CCR version in order to cover the 1800 channels? Thanks for the help!
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