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  1. I can relate to what George is saying, although we did have a show this year, it really was not innovative, and just looked like prior years show. I'm re-energized this year however, and will be re-sequencing everything, completely reworking the house outlines, adding window outlines, reworking all the bushes, adding all the snowflakes I've collected over the years. I'm going for a "viral look". I'm not getting any younger.
  2. In regard to gas stations...I just used my card on Tuesday to fill up, and last night received calls from credit card company about fraudulent usage at a store. These were "card present" transactions. So they essentially not only got my card data, but created a card that can be used in a Walmart. Heard about skimming. Didn't realize it was that widespread and would occur at the station I use all the time.
  3. If you are going to do "whole house" effects, the denser the better. I'm currently at 10" but will be reducing that to 5" or less for next season just to ensure the whole house effects are visible.
  4. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that will be huge time saver. Now I can focus on new sequences.
  5. Just to expand the question a little bit...if I'm happy with my existing v4 sequences, can I just play them along side new v5 sequences, using the v5 show player, or do I have to convert all existing sequences to v5 format first?
  6. There is a very nice 16 strip minion opening sequence on ebay. Search for lightorama and minions.
  7. You should be able to click on the RDS.TXT file after each song starts which would then show what is contained in it. Lets first determine whether your batch files are executing correctly.
  8. Getting an error message on 5.0.14 when bringing in a V3 LMS file and LEE visualization. "A problem occurred while calculating intensity data. Please save your sequence and exit the program." "Index was outside the bounds of the array" repeats 6 times. Saved it, reopened, and same message again. I can send sequence and Viz file if needed.
  9. Assuming you are using the miniRDS software. If you are using MiniRDS on the TextSources tab, make sure that the checkbox for "SendOnChange" is checked on, which it seems you are saying it is. Then check to see if the rds.txt file is being updated from the sequences as they run. You should be able to see what is in rds.txt as the show progresses. That should give you indication of where the problem might be.
  10. If I don't have a deadline, it will never get done. + I couldn't stand running the show with only partial props.
  11. The ChristmasLightShow pole pin is the way to go along with black pipe from HD. With the proper 3 point guy wires in position, the tree is not going anywhere. Highly recommended.
  12. I've never attached them to PVC, but I've successfully attached to 3/4" pallet strapping material. I used 3M #5952 VHB double sided tape after prepping both surfaces cleaning first with rubbing alcohol and then final prep step with 3M #94 Primer. Going on 3 years now and only needed to repair 1 strip that lost adhesion but I'm going to chalk it up to poor surface prep. Been very easy to store as I can just roll up the completed strips in large loops and put away for the season in a Rubbermaid container. Its a lot of work to put it together, and you need a lot of floor space. It's been difficult to find anything that will more permanently bond with the silicone sleeves. I agree on roughing up the surface first.
  13. +1. I use lower port density controllers and place them with the element it is running. Makes debugging easier, programming easier, and if a controller goes out, its only that element which takes the hit,
  14. Took the entire family to the Detroit show last night. They all were blown away, and my wife said that was the best concert she has ever attended (it was her first TSO show). 2-1/2 hours of TSO, who could really ask for more!
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