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  1. Bryan, would love a cpy if you are still sending. Dan childrens@mediacombb dot net
  2. Could you fire a copy my way also please. childrens@mediacombb dot net
  3. Count me in. Thanks! childrens@mediacombb.net
  4. They shipped one out to me, comes in Monday.
  5. I opened a ticket since I just bought the controllers a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping for a quick fix but I will run this route so I don't blow the warranty if there is one.
  6. Put a board together and everything seemed to be fine until I put it in the yard and it started to disappear from the network intermittently. As I was checking the board I noticed that if I wiggled the transformer I would get a blinking red light. First thought, bad solder, easy fix. When I removed the board and checked the solders they were solid and in good shape. The transformer still wiggles. De-soldered and upon examination I have pins 1,3,4 and 6 that wiggle up and down in the transformer. Any fix? (faster than a replacement being shipped?)
  7. Count me in if it's not too much trouble. Thanks Dan childrens@mediacombb.net
  8. OK, 2 more in. http://youtu.be/OulpAt6Zy44 http://youtu.be/4DwapJwaTDQ As soon as I figure out a way to improve the quality I will replace the videos.
  9. I had our local metal fabrication shop radius bend them to be 18ft high and 16ft wide. Had 12 of them made. We spent a couple of days wrapping them with 9 segments of 100 lights each. Next year we plan on adding a few more. I rented a articulated man lift to raise our 32 ft mega tree so I used it to lift the arches up this year. Turned out alot simpler than manhandling them up like previous years.
  10. First Year and I did not give myself enough time to really get this all done the way I wanted. I find myself adjusting sequences every day even now. Is it the norm to be adjusting your sequences all the way to the day you take them down? I keep seeing ways to improve the display. Now I have to figure out the best way to record the display. The camera I have does 1024X720 video and the quality of the video is poor at best. The wind did not help matters at all. My cell phone does 1080P so I will try to to see if it's quality is better. So far I have 10 songs but only 2 on youtube so far.
  11. In the works. Have to convert then figure out where I can put them so they can be accessed/seen by everyone. Raised the house with a floor jack and bolted four 10" wheels under it and rolled it from the trailer into the 1 1/2 acre Static light side of the yard. Looks good. Once I figure out the video thing I will get it linked here.
  12. Home Depot will add match and throw an additional 10% with one stipulation: The item must be the same brand and quantity. It was just dumb luck that they both carried the same wire, cerrowire.
  13. Last buy was at Home Depot. They matched Lowes SPT-2 18gage $35.00 price for 250ft. They also will take off another 10% for the add match. Lowes Cerrowire sku38850 Home Depot Cerrowire sku 278130 Just had them pull it up on the internet at Home Depot with the Lowes sku. I know you asked about SPT-1 but at this cost it may make sense. Thicker insulation-longer lasting. Good Luck
  14. Honda EU300i 3000watt generator on the recomendation of folks here at the forum. Power was clean and not a single issue. Ran mostly LED's so I think I could have gotten away with a 2000watt but I had already reserved the 3000watt. Close to 4000 lights. The smoke machine was only 400watts. I had another 150 LED's on the tow van running on a inverter. Speakers easily overcame the generator noise because it was so quiet. I mounted the generator behind the spiral tree in the rear and covered it with a box wrapped as a gift. I wanted the generator's exhaust to be at the rear so the kids did not suck fumes. One thing I learned was that any songs used should really be good tempo'd ones. Folks along the side of the road don't have the luxery of seeing the whole song. Any points in the sequence that do not utilize alot of lights makes the whole float seem dark. I did make sure that both sequences heavily used the spiral tree since it seems most people liked to see it spinning around. The only other unforseen issue we had was that the city decided to let spectators watch the parade from the left side of the road. We have a divided road with a 30ft middle area running through town. The parade route has always been down the road 3/4 mile then turn left across the median then 3/4 mile back down the other side exposing just one side of the float to spectators. In all the previous years the city did not allow people to cross and watch the parade from the middle so we set the float up to be seen from the right side only. Suffice to say the people on the left side of the road got to see the back of the gingerbread house but no windows with kids. We will make adjustments next year.
  15. Parade went off without a hitch. <iframe src="https://skydrive.liv...AJIkdhjX2I52Cdw" width="320" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> Sequenced Amazing Grace-Tecno and TSO's Christmas Canon with the kids choir. Did 37 channels. The tree was a 16 channel spiral. Put a smoke machine in the chimney. All the kids rode in the house waving to everyone. They all had a great time. Thanks to all for your inputs and suggestions.
  16. Clarification: When I say on top of each other I mean obove each other to form the pole. If you wanted to add more channels you could create more strings as fixtures then add them to the hight of the pole.
  17. I made up a 5 channel pole/burst pole? I made it using single light strings in visualizer as fixtures then put them on top of each other into a single prop. Each of the 5 sections has it's own channel. If you want the prop file I will send it to you. Let me know.
  18. I looked at the LED's but because the flashes are so regular I did not like them for the Christmas display. Not really random enough to sparkle. I have heard that after a short period they will get out of synch with each other but the time it took them to un-synchronize was not fast enough for the effect I want.
  19. CDI's strobes are also listed at 130/min. Same ones, are they just being conservative? Found these that are listed as 130-180/min. About a buck more. http://www.christmas-leds.com/productinfo_v3.aspx?productid=XENON Better? Or ???
  20. Question for those of you that might know: How are these strobes? http://store.lightsmusicmagic.com/E17-Base-8W-Strobe-Light-Incandescent-130-Flash-Minute_p_9557.html At $4.90 each they are much cheaper than others. The page claims they are IP144 Waterproof. At 130 flashes per minute they are not quite as fast as some others I have looked at. (Problem?) Anyone used these before?
  21. Advantage on the Asus laptop is that is a great gamer if your into that kind of stuff.
  22. I run distributed computing projects 24/7 working on the cure for cancer, malaria and aids that use alot of computing power at the same time as I run sequences without difficulty. You are probably not planning on running software like that so someone else may have a laptop a little cheaper that will work just as good. The video card may need to be fairly powerfull but again I have not tried a video card with under 1GB RAM. Sounds like Funtobewith11 has a couple of specifications that will work for you. 4GB memory and 2.66GHz processor. Is it a single core or i3,i5 or i7 processor? Are you running anything special as far as the video card goes?
  23. Try the Asus G75VW. Not sure on your price range but that's what I am using. Can be had at circuit city for $1199.00. May seem pricey but it will run the visualizer and sequence without any lag. You can upgrade the unit later to 2TB of hard drive if needed but the 500GB hard drive and 12 GB ram will be fine as is. The laptop has a 17inch screen and easily runs another external monitor if you want. There are different price levels for the laptop but the entry level priced model is all that is needed. Some may say it is overkill but I keep hearing about sequences lagging when using the visualizer but I have never had the problem and I am running 160 channels in my visualizations. When you may be considering 2 computors (1 for creation and 1 for presentation) then this option may be close to the same cost in the end.
  24. Put me on the list if you get a chance Earle. First year here and getting overwhelmed with sequencing, any help with a spiral would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. Thats my plan too.... Next year??? Or maybe this year if the "try for free" goes well for me. I bought out all the warm white and multi LED's from about 10 Walgreens after last Christmas but regretfully they did not have any other colors. Bought a ton of LED icicle and dripping icicle lights at the same time but again all white. I have left a set of multi LED 5mm mini's in a tree here in Arizona for 3 years now and the colors have not faded. I agree with you Max-Paul that they are the way to go.
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