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  1. I hope some one can help me with this. I've got a rope light Nativity set. with a burned out section. with a couple of colors out. It has different colored semi- tranparent coverings. (k Kinda like shrink wrap tubing). Any Ideas where I could some??? Thanks, Rick
  2. Greg, I'm open to any help. It's a litte over my head right now. I'm just going to dumb strings out this year ( a pair of small Christmas tress). with some dumb modules. in a couple of other things. But next year I would like to Smart string around the house. With a Cosmic Ribbon tree. I'm I going about this the wrong way? Rick
  3. Just ordered 4 Controllers, spk-st Generic Starter Package Advanced Software, iDMX1000 , RJ-XLR-3PIN-MALE, RJ-XLR-3PIN-FEMALE, pair of CMB16D-QC boards, and a lor/dmx Crossover adapter. I'm wanting what eles do I need to run a few rgb dumb stings this year . E1.31 next year. I'm in need of some guideance. Thanks all,
  4. Ok, I'm a newie. I'm looking to buy my 1st system within a week or two. This might be a dumb question but.. I saw a post about Try For Free promotion What is that about?
  5. Yea, Tim You're right about the size. I'm making it a foot high. Order the coro yesterday, I'm hoping I can do what I'm wanting to do with it.
  6. I'm thinking about making a NOEL out of coro With RGB lighting I was thinking 4 or 5 inches high maybe 2 1/2 deep. All block letters.. any thoughts or suggestions?? Or ....
  7. I'm just beginning. I'm going to ask some dumb questions.. I'll be ordering my controllers soon. Interested in DMX RBG lighting. Here is my first Question Read somewhere and can't remember where, that I needed a LOR/DMX Adapter. I not sure why now. Any help would be great. Thanks, Rick
  8. I found a site to built one. I'm passing it along for any one eles. http://www.shannonclaus.com/CCR%20Spiral/CCRSpiral.html
  9. I've seen a few CCR sprial trees on video. How do one make one? or Buy one?
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