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  1. I imported a show from S4 and have assigned a preview to that show in S5, but I cannot get one channel to show up on the preview I see it on the preview but when the music is playing, all the other lights show working on the preview but that 1 channel does not show but I also notice that all the channels have a sunshine logo next to each channel but this one has an @ sign showing next to it I made sure that the LOR channels were the same on the preview and the S5 sequence
  2. i put a light bulb and got it on top of the sensor and set it on a timer started at 7 pm and turned off at 9:30 pm - the street light would come back on after the show worked great, except 1 neighbor who hated the traffic would call in the electric company and they would come pull down the light I would just put it back Bah Humbug
  3. Go to Google and search Christmas in Cypress by Josh Hall this will get you to the You tube video I do not think Light o rama allows the links
  4. If you want to see my final show I did last year. Here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoi6z89oRVE Christmas in Cypress This show was a custom mix and it is 25 minutes long. I synced 8 houses on the street (hard to see on the video) Strobe lights on all yards There are Fire machines - located at the 10 minute mark in the video Snow machines - set to let it snow song (hard to see on video, but the kids loved it) bubble machines Lasers - shot across the street one laser had Rudolf chasing a butterfly on the ground fog machines with scented fog (vanilla and strawberry) I will be selling the 8 fire machines with truss set ups for $3,000 - first come gets it just realized that the links do not work in this so go to youtube and type in Christmas in Cypress one will be a distant shot of the house by Josh Hall the other will be house view only by Louis Mayer same video, just different camera angles
  5. I have found that you do not need an expensive fog machine with DMX to do fog effects. By a $30 to $80 fog machine, then go by a $15 relay from the electronics store this relay should be a 110/120 volt that can connect to an ON position and then when there is no power it turns to an open/Off position for less than usually $85 a unit - you have Fog machines controlled by an LOR channel just make sure you do not do a gradient power fade or something - all on or all off Louis www.christmasincypress.com
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