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  1. Hi Bill would love a few too if you don't mind. Thanks angiepeddle@hotmail.com
  2. Hi there, did not do a show last year because my laptop crashed but the kids are begging this year. Wondering if anyone would mind sharing 16 ch sequences in hopes of getting it up and running? Thanks angiepeddle@hotmail.com
  3. I just purchased a song but its not showing up in simple show builder. I'm running the basic program and I've paired the two is there something i'm missing? it is showing up in existing sequences.. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys, may be stupid on my part or the port may be broken, but thought that I should post that by changing the port where the cat five cable went in fixed the problem. (instead of port in, I put it in the in/out). Should also state I only use one 16 ch controller.
  5. It's my third year running my show. Same sequences as previous year but they are not behaving like they should. No shimmering and sometimes not on at all. Please help!!! Thanks
  6. Must be my computer. Chrome not working for me either. Thanks for replying so fast!
  7. Would I be able to get the site these are located on? The link is not working for me, Thanks
  8. Angela1978


    Thanks. It was a misty night when we were setting up. That will be the next thing we will do, is to seal all the ends. Again thanks for your help.
  9. Angela1978


    This is my first year at LOR. My light show will run but will trip my gfi outlet. What could be causing this? I am using all led's. COuld it be the extention cords?
  10. I received my EDM transmitter this week and tested it tonight. With a little help from you guys, looking back through old threads, I think I got it just right. My controllers should arrive next week, i'm sure I will need lots of help then lol. Thanks
  11. Which EDM transmitter do I purchase and whats the difference? EDM-LCD-CS-EP / EDM-LCD-RDS-EP.
  12. ok I bought the starter package with the add on. sequence package. so now I need a fm transmitter, any suggestions. I heard of a few but one is sold out. Going to put it out there again before I go ahead and purchase something. You guys have been great so far. I'm sure I will be looking to you guys again when it all arrives lol.
  13. Thanks I'm just tying to decide how many controers to by 16/32. But I don't want to be too limited on what I can do. Just starting out!!!!
  14. looking to buy a starter kit, can I use a 32 sequence on a 16 controller?
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