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  1. Scooch

    Pixel matrix not running in show

    I found a work around. I took a musical sequence from last year and just changed the length and sequencing for the matrix. Worked fine. Since I don't have the transmitter or other boxes out there is no problem. Thanks for your help.
  2. Scooch

    Pixel matrix not running in show

    I will try that. I'll let you know. That might be the missing link.
  3. Scooch

    Pixel matrix not running in show

    You are. Here is another question because, based in what you just said, I may be missing a step. Do I need to export the sequence from PE back to SE to get a usable sequence? I am attempting to run the sequence as it is saved from the PE.
  4. Scooch

    Pixel matrix not running in show

    I can control the matrix through the pixel editor. If the confit was off would I still be able to do that?
  5. Scooch

    Pixel matrix not running in show

    The matrix is the only prop. I am running through a router on E1.31 (I think). The controller is the Pixcon16.
  6. Alright, I have a pixel matrix that I am using for my second year. Worked fine last year as part of musical sequences. I am attempting to sequence out a short animation sequence for Breast Cancer awareness and am having a problem with the sequence playing through the show scheduler. The pixel editor controls the matrix without any problem and I have saved the sequence, as well as the intensity files. I build the show adding ONLY the animation sequence to the show. I have put the show into the scheduler. When I attempt to play an on demand show I get nothing. The control panel shows that it is playing a sequence with the extension of .las.lcs. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Scooch

    Christmas Can Can

    Davejones_136 would it be possible to get the face sequencing for the song? I don't mind sequencing the rest. upperglass@optonline.net
  8. Scooch

    Christmas Can Can

    If this is the sequencing for the singing faces, I would love to get a copy of it. upperglass@optonline.net
  9. Scooch

    Singing Christmas trees

    Thank you very much. I'll try that.
  10. Scooch

    Singing Christmas trees

    I have one other question. This is probably very simple but I have never done this before as I have always made my own props. I have downloaded the visualizer file. After opening it in the visualizer, how do I copy it so that I can insert the prop into my existing display file?
  11. Scooch

    Singing Christmas trees

    Thank you very much.
  12. Scooch

    Singing Christmas trees

    I am adding 4 of the singing christmas trees from Holidaycoro to our display. Does anybody have props made for them that they are willing to share?
  13. Scooch

    A gift to everyone. A Mashup Sequence

    I am adding singing faces to the display this year. I would love a copy. upperglass@optonline.net
  14. I am adding singing faces to this years display. I would love to get a copy. Thank you. upperglass@optonline.net
  15. Scooch

    Holiday Coro

    Does anyone know if Holiday Coro holds sales? I am looking to purchase some singing trees and don't want to pull the trigger yet if they have an annual sale.