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  1. By the way, I am presuming you want to ultimately use the low voltage LEDs with one of the LOR's DC controllers (http://store.lightorama.com/cmdedcca2.html ) to control the lights in your display.... right?
  2. Ok, so I therefore presume these are low voltage lights something like 24v or 31v since they have a transformer. I have only done this with 24v and 31v lights so the following only applies to low voltage lights. You will want a switch mode power supply that will have an AC 240v input but will output a DC voltage somewhat similar to the output voltage of your lights (i.e. a 24v or 30v switch mode power supply). You don't need the transformer that came with the lights so put that aside. There are usually three wires going from the string of lights to the controller, So cut the lights between the light string and the controller to get rid of the controller. Of those three wires you are left with, two will need to be joined/ soldered together and will connect to the negative low voltage output of a switch mode power supply and the third will connect to the positive. You will need to try different combinations of joining two of the wires together but when the lights glow, you've found the right combination. Getting the wrong combination doesn't seem to hurt the lights. Just be careful doing this with whatever switch mode power supply you are using as although the output from it is low voltage, on many of the power supplies people are using, the high voltage (240v) is right next door. (e.g. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/AC-DC-Switching-Power-Supply-with-85-to-265V-Input-Voltage-27V-350W-output-CE-approved/701799_431656111.html ) I did my testing on a power supply that had a sealed cord for the input 240v with only the low voltage output terminals exposed which was much safe but not entirely necessary if you take the usual electrical safety precautions. (e.g. http://www.jaycar.co.nz/products_uploaded/productLarge_13307.jpg ). Once you have your two negatives joined together and your single positive, then you will be able to connect your lights to the positive and negative terminals of your DC LOR controller . One other thing I found out from the Auschristmas forum is that many of the transformers that come with the LEDs output a low voltage AC rather than a true DC and in that situation, the switch mode power supply you use to power the lights will need to be set at a little higher voltage DC current, i.e. if the transformer that came with the lights is outputting 24v AC, the you will need more like 27 to 30v DC to make the lights glow. Many of the switch mode power supplies that you can get from Ray Wu have a little plastic screw dial thingy which you can vary the voltage by about 10% so my 30v power supply is dialled up to 33v to make my lights glow. Hope this all makes sense and ..... Please don't electrocute yourself. The above is easy to do but you just need to keep safe as the power supplies used for the DC lighting still have high voltage 240v inputs.
  3. I have done this with many multifunction lights here in NZ but they tend to be lights that have some sort of transformer, either separate or as part of the multifunction controller so although they input 240v, they output something much lower voltage DC ( 24v or 31v for example). Do your lights have a transformer or are they true 240v lights?
  4. So here is a vid of my first ever display. Small compared to most but gotta start somewhere. Total of 56 channels used, all with DC boards and went straight into DMX and RGB ( which I new nothing about only a few short months ago). Rest of the property and house ( not in video) is the static part of the display. As you can prob see from the video I am having a little trouble with one strip on my roof so work to be done there. Any, I'm pleased with my first go at musical blinky :-)
  5. Looks great. And only 16 channels! You've managed to make it look like a lot more channels - well done. I'll be happy if my first show this year looks half as good as that.
  6. I ordered mine in the short extended period of the sale and my tracking status shows it arrived in the country today ( way down here in NZ) so maybe contact LOR to see what has happened.
  7. Churchfamilyfarms, welcome to the fun. I'm new this year too and starting out small scale this year ( 32 to 56 channels depending on how far I get) so I'm not sure it's too late to get started if your expectations are realistic ( although I think you did say you we're more geared towards 2013) . I think some people who have been doing this for years have huge displays that take a long time to setup but we new guys aren't at that point yet so we don't necessarily need 12 months to get going. There is some really helpful advice on this forum but unfortunately I think that some forget that we all have to start somewhere and when you are completely new, questions can be vague.... that's because we are newbies. I have read till the cows come home and still have difficulty getting my head around a lot of this stuff. It's just a bit of a shame that I think some people do forget that we all have to start somewhere and by asking questions, and admitting your electrical inexperience, you are trying to be safe. It's unfortunate that, whilst trying to be helpful, some responses can be very off putting to the noobs. You can also try the auschristmas.com.au forum which also has lots of great advice and read fasteddys AusChristmas light manual 101 ( unless someone has already mentioned that) http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/board,51.0.html?PHPSESSID=244e43e652f8ee6bce5430d7847615fd I'm starting small year 1 and then hope to go crazy year 2!!!!! Enjoy, have fun.... I know I am.
  8. It's pretty good but I find it takes forever ( and sometimes not at all) to load images or videos that people post. Even some straight forward links sometimes don't connect and I have to go back to the forum via the web browser to see the linked items. Anyone else found this?
  9. Given that its for Halloween, "sinning" as a typo seems appropriate :-)
  10. I posted a short vid in this part of the forum - It's just a quick sample of the first song I've sequenced.
  11. I found this post really useful and stole.... I mean, borrowed your idea. It works really well. I've just been gathering ideas on how to secure the lights and leads to the pegboard and have had suggestions of Glue gun or silicone.
  12. Ok, thanks for the suggestions. I have also had someone suggest silicone so I've got a couple of helpful ideas now. Thanks.
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