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  1. Hi James. Please send faces for John Lennon's 'So This is Christmas' Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  2. Does anyone have the singing Christmas tree faces sequence?
  3. JR and J´╗┐ames are always willing to help us make our shows better by offering their sequences. Thanks guys! Happy Holidays!
  4. Hi James, I would really enjoy a copy of this parody. Thanks for your support now and in the past. Regards, Woody my email: riganti AT verizon.net
  5. Hi JR, I would appreciate a copy please. I would like to use it as a parody as in this video. Thanks for your offer to send!! riganti AT verizon.net
  6. Hi James. I would love to try this one. This would be my first New Years Eve song ever. Otis Day and the Knights. Thank you and happy new year! riganti@verizon.net
  7. Hello everyone. I am in need of singing faces for "Holiday Road" (1983 single written and recorded by Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham). In my search it seems no one has this, even the pay sites. I wish I knew how to do this myself but as usual I have no time in my hectic schedule to learn. Please let me know if you have this and here is where it will go (right above my garage). Thanks!
  8. Hey Sarge. I would love to get a copy of some singing tree faces. Thanks for all you do in helping others to improve their animated shows My email is riganti@verizon.net
  9. Hello Bill. I would appreciate a copy of the original Grinch song with the "Trees" in it. Thank you for your kindness. riganti@verizon.net
  10. Hi Bill. A great job on this. Please send a copy and I appreciate your efforts. riganti@verizon.net
  11. Hello Sarge, I enjoyed this and it would be a great addition this year, I would appreciate a copy riganti@verizon.net
  12. I enjoyed your sequence very much, great job! I would appreciate a copy if that's OK? riganti@verizon.net Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  13. Hey Earle! I'm fairly new to this but decided to build a spiral tree this year using 12ch of r-g-b-w for a total of 48 channels. Two colors are wrapped in one direction and 2 in the opposite direction. Now the tricky part...I built the tree but my sequences are very sad at best. I would love to get a sample of how to do the sequencing in opposing directions. Thanks, Woody
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