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  1. I've used them for 3 years. We have more rain than snow here and once I put them in, I haven't had any issues from the rain.
  2. missieod

    C9 xenon strobes

    Bummer. That was the lowest I had seen strobes priced before.
  3. I'd love a copy too please. And thank you for your son's and your service! Princessemr75@yahoo.com
  4. missieod

    C9 xenon strobes

    I noticed 3G lighting has some that flash every 1-2 seconds on sale for 3.75 http://store.3glightingcreations.com/categories/Strobes/ I haven't bought strobes from 3G so only posting due to price. Others would need to let you know if they had any issues.
  5. Email sent with the Star-Spangled Banner by Madison Rising. Hope this helps
  6. I would like a copy too if it's not too late. Princessemr75@yahoo.com.
  7. Can I ask why not? Could it cause problems for the show or is it just a preference? His question is how to move people off the street quickly and it sounds like most if them want to see the war eagle sequence. So if he leaves it as is, he has the same problem and if he does a VoiceOver to tell them when it plays, he will need to have that play often enough to keep the traffic moving- about every 1 to 2 songs. If he is doing something that often, why not show what they came to see instead of telling them he's not playing it? If he tells them all to come back on a certain night, will it make traffic worse on that night because they all come back at once? I'm sure using it as a clean up will get a little old, but if he sees traffic slow down, he can go back to the original shows.
  8. Why don't you run it as a clean up sequence between every song? It's not too long, so it seems to me the people there just for that could see it quickly and drive away and those there for the whole show wouldn't be kept waiting too long for the next song. It would keep you from having to stay with your computer all night enabling and disabling shows.
  9. I found mine at lowes. Can't remember the brand but it comes in 9' lengths and was listed as indoor/outdoor.
  10. missieod

    FInal Count

    Wow- What a special dedication. I'm sure the families of our fallen will be very touched that you've done such a wonderful thing. I want to say more but I'm at a loss for words. Just thank you.
  11. Uh oh. Maybe he is just a christmas light enthusiast.
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